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Chapter: 421

After leaving the Hokage Office, Kuroto did not go directly go to his home, rather he sneaked into the Uchiha Clan. The purpose was obviously to meet Shisui.

Shisui greeted him, then asked, "Kuroto-san, everything in Kirigakure went as planned?"

Kuroto nodded, "Mm-hmm, yes, the problem of Kirigakure has been resolved so there shouldn’t be any more issues. And what about your search in the Land of Demons, did your team find any trace of Akatsuki in the Land of Demons?"

Shisui shook his head, "No, we searched almost the entire country but there was no trace of Akatsuki, it is likely that the Akatsuki’s base is somewhere else."

Kuroto nodded, then asked, "And how is the situation of the Land of Demons?"

Shisui looked a bit saddened at the mention of the ‘situation’ of the Land of Demons, calming his emotions, he said, "As per the reports, the Land of Demons truly has become underworld, every type of criminal from some small-timers to the cruelest and brutal ones can be found hiding somewhere in that country."

Kuroto was silent and looked down.

Most of the populace and authorities of that country were annihilated by Yomi and Shinno. Since there is no one to manage that nation, so the criminals who have escaped from all the nations gathered there. And now it has become a den of dangerous criminals from all over the world hiding in that country, a Land of Demons in the truest sense.

The five great nations also don’t have enough means in their hands to solve this issue, because there is no end to this problem, they can clear up the criminals there, true, but how many times? Once, twice, thrice, but after that? A time will come when they will stop caring and let those criminals gather in one place, rather than causing trouble all over the world.

Therefore, the five great nations have come to a unanimous decision to let that country be as is, and closely monitor it. But with all those criminals in that country, it is also possible that Akatsuki’s new base is located in the Land of Demons.

This is why Sandaime assigned a mission to Shisui’s team to search for the location of the new base of Akatsuki in that country.

But it seems that these efforts were proven to be fruitless, as Akatsuki’s base is unlikely to be in the Land of Demons.

Kuroto sighed, and changed the topic, "Anyway, I was here to inform you about the Hashirama Cell Implantation, just give me two days, within these two days, I have to take care of some matters after that the implant operation can be done."

Shisui nodded, "I have discussed the problem of my blindness with Sandaime-sama and told him that the problem can be solved but I would need some time, so after some consideration, Sandaime-sama agreed to give me a holiday."

Kuroto nodded, and asked, "You made sure to not mention anything about Hashirama Cell Implantation, right?"

Although Kuroto knew that Shisui would not be foolish enough to mention it, he still needed to confirm, after all, we are talking about the same Shisui who disclosed Kotoamatsukami to Sandaime-sama.

Shisui nodded, "I did not mention anything about Shodaime-sama’s Cell Implantation, I said that it is secret Uchiha Jutsu."

Kuroto nodded, this was necessary, then looking at Shisui’s expression, he asked lightly, "Worried that the operation will fail?"

Shisui nodded slightly.

When it comes to matters of life and death, it is natural for people to feel a bit uneasy. Truth be told, Shisui is not afraid of death, fighting and dying for the sake of the village and peace would be worth it, but dying on an operation table? It’s the last thing he would want.

Kuroto said in encouragement while lightly ruffling Shisui’s hair, "No need to be so worried, before, I may have been a bit uncertain about the probability of the success, but now I can guarantee, this operation will hundred percent be successful."

"Hundred percent guarantee?" Shisui muttered with Surprise, then asked, "If the operation is successful, will my visual prowess really return?"

Kuroto folded his hands over his chest, and nodded, "Not only will your visual prowess return but it will be enhanced as well, moreover, once the implantation is successful, a lot of future prospects will also be opened that you can choose to increase your strength for the path ahead."

Kuroto is not just giving assurance to Shisui, this is his confidence.

After awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan, Shisui himself possesses a very potent Yin Chakra, and once the Hashirama is successfully implanted into Shisui and he acquires the Yang Chakra of Hashirama Cells then the Yin and Yang will bring a qualitative increase in Shisui’s strength, which will not only increase Shisui’s ocular power but also increase his physical strength significantly.

In both cases, Obito is a clear example.

On the night of Kyuubi’s attack, he was able to control Kyuubi with just one Mangekyou Sharingan, and Kuroto obviously knows that Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan is not specialized in Genjutsu like that of Shisui or Itachi, or Fugaku’s, and yet he controlled the Kyuubi.

And it must not be forgotten that the Kyuubi that Obito controlled on the night of Kyuubi’s attack was the complete Kyuubi, not the half Yang Kyuubi that Yondaime sealed inside his child Naruto, and he did all that while battling Yondaime Hokage.

This feat alone shows just how much visual prowess Obito had acquired.

Then there is the matter of increase in his physical strength and defenses.

The Yang Chakra obviously enhances physical strength, and because of this, Obito was able to bear the damage from Rasengan. Yondaime-sama’s Rasengan, as well as, Naruto’s Kurama Chakra enhanced Rasengan in the face and hand, and yet only suffered slight scratches so overall, he was perfectly alive and kicking.

After listening to Kuroto, Shisui did not have any exciting expression, he just muttered with an eerie calmness, "If that is the case, then I hope so too." After a pause here, he continued, "But Kuroto-san, in the off chance that the implantation operation fails, and results in my death, then I hope that you can pass on my Mangekyou Sharingan to Itachi. Because of bearing the Tenseigan, Mangekyou Sharingan is of no use to you, but they may be useful for Itachi."

Kuroto thought a little, then nodded.

Although Kuroto is certainly confident that the operation will be successful, so there is no harm in agreeing with Shisui’s request.

Besides, Kuroto also knows that even in the Canon, Shisui entrusted his Mangekyou Sharingan to Itachi, in fact, he did not just entrust his Mangekyou Sharingan, he even entrusted his will and the hope of protecting the Village, Uchiha name, and peace to Itachi.

Therefore, Kuroto wasn’t surprised when Shisui said this to Kuroto.


After some more talks with Shisui, Kuroto left Shisui’s home.

Within these two days, he has to complete a lot of things, firstly Kuroto has to sell the Byakugan he obtained from Ao to the Hyuga Clan, then use the money he will obtain to pay off Tsunade-sama’s debts in various gambling houses all over the Land of Fire, then he has to also buy some pieces of equipment for his further experiments.

Originally, such trivial matters were not so problematic and could be resolved pretty easily using the Black Market.

However, because of Amatsukami and Akatsuki Organization, the five great shinobi villages have almost paralyzed the underground markets in the five great nations and the surrounding countries. So, Kuroto would have to put some effort into it.



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