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Chapter: 424

Chapter - 424 - The Curse of the Kaguya Clan

"A frog in the well who has yet to gain even a bit of understanding of how this shinobi world works…" Takashi said while shaking his head as he looked at Kimimaro rushing at him again and again, despite being knocked out countless times, then said to Jugo, "Hey… the monster kid, what was your name again, Jugo? Stop him, will you? Else I don’t mind killing him…"

But it doesn’t seem that Takashi’s words went through either of them, as both of them rushed at him again.

Takashi sighed helplessly, ‘If I kill them, then Kahyo would literally freeze me, but if I don’t kill them, they won’t just stop… Looks like I have no choice, if I injure them enough to immobilize them but not kill them, maybe it will work well.’

"I guess I will do just that." As Takashi muttered so, his face took a sadistic look, and bones started to come out of his body.

Bones pierced out from his palm, elbows, knee, as well as back. The large swords of bones were so sharp that they could pierce iron and steel with just little effort.

Kimimaro still had a stoic unsurprising look despite noticing the change in Takashi, Kimimaro crouched a little, and muttered, and instantly the same changes started to happen to him as bones from several of his joints started to come out too.

"What……?" Takashi’s sadistic expression changed into a surprised one.

For Kimimaro to be able to easily manipulate his osteoblasts and osteoclasts to such an extent at such a young age is terrifying, and even sadistic Takashi can’t help but be surprised.

‘Kimimaro maybe half my age, but his talent is truly terrifying, no wonder the Patriarch was so afraid of him… He needs to be nurtured, that way, he might be able to restore the glory of the fallen Kaguya Clan… If it’s the last thing I do before my death!’ with this thought in his mind, Takashi resolved himself not to kill Kimimaro, and said, "I am truly amazed, and I think I must show you what true Shikotsumyaku is like…"

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

As soon as he spoke, Takashi rushed towards Kimimaro at top speed, his speed so fast that several afterimages were left behind.

Kimimaro did not say a word, he greeted Takashi.

Boom! Boom Boom Boom!

Bones from their bodies collided, at this moment, Jugo allowed more Natural energy to gather inside him, extended both his arms, and coiled them around Takashi like sturdy chains in order to stop Takashi’s movements.

Kimimaro did not let go of that opportunity, and instantly extended several of his bones, all with one objective, ‘Pierce his heart!’

Tuk tuk tuk

But it seems that Kimimaro probably overestimated his current abilities, or maybe underestimated the opponent’s abilities because before his bones could pierce the opponent’s heart, many bones extended from Takashi’s body like the spikes of a black sea urchin, as a result, Takashi not only protected himself from the incoming attack but also damaged Jugo’s chain-like arms in the process.

‘That was a very good opportunity… it seems he is much more strong than I imagined him to be.’ Thought Kimimaro as he started to realize the difference between his strength and that of the opponent.

And for the second time, another battle started between Takashi vs Kimimaro and Jugo.

Without a doubt, whether it is the Taijutsu or Shikotsumyaku, or any other attack, Takashi is able to singlehandedly overwhelm both Kimimaro and Jugo, and this is also natural. Because despite possessing incredible Kekkei Genkai and talent, both of them are fairly young and lack experience, on the other hand, Takashi is an experienced veteran, who has also survived the third great Shinobi war.

Plop plop

As a result, both of them were beaten back and blue, and heavily collapsed on the ground.

"Got anything more left in you?" Takashi crouched down and looked at the two, who were gritting their teeth in frustration.

"I will show you!" Kimimaro said and immediately jumped up, Jugo did too, but this time Kimimaro did not rush at Takashi. Instead, his expression condensed as he focused on the Curse Seal on his body.

"Curse Seal of Earth: First Seal: Release!"

Instantly, an orange energy pulse came to life, and black lines started to appear on Kimimaro’s skin. The Black lines spread all over Kimimaro’s body, including his chest hands, legs, and face.

Jugo also went full body Sage transformation, as a result, his murderous side grew instantly.

Takashi had a thoughtful look on his face as he observed the further changes of the two, and the violent chakra fluctuations in their bodies, ‘Their Chakra increased significantly as soon as those markings appeared on them… what sort of Jutsu is this?’

"Curse Seal of Earth: Second Seal: Release!"


Immediately a heavy Chakra pressure descended upon them, and Takashi surprised look changed into one of horror, ‘The increase in Chakra this time is at least ten times…’

Kimimaro revealed himself, only this time his appearance has changed completely, skin color grew dark, the color of the sclera in the eyes changed, even the hair darkened, and several giant bone spurs had appeared out of the back. Finally, there is one additional tale sprouting from his tail bone.

"What have you become?" Takashi asked.

Kimimaro did not care about Takashi’s words, and said calmly, "If these are your last words, then please be on the road!"

Takashi sighed, "I do not know what Jutsu you are using… but even I can feel the increase in your strength. Unfortunately, you don’t have much longer to live."

Kimimaro said, as he got ready for the battle up ahead "The one dying today won’t be us, it will be you."

Takashi shook his head, "I am not talking about killing you or anything, I am talking about something that you should know and will face as the descendant of the Kaguya Clan, no matter how much you try, you too will never be able to escape it."

Kimimaro asked with an indifferent look, "And what is it?"

Takashi said with a bitter expression, "It’s about the curse of the Kaguya Clan…"

"Do you mean how those of the Kaguya Clan lose their mind and become insane?" Kimimaro asked.

Takashi shook his head, "No, that’s just a passive adverse effect of our Kekkei Genkai. The more we use our Kekkei Genkai, the more war-hungry we become, although, I am surprised that despite using our Kekkei Genkai to such an extent you have been able to remain calm."

Takashi wasn’t only surprised, but even amazed at Kimimaro’s calmness, this is because the more use of Kekkei Genkai, the more irritable and mad those of the Kaguya Clan becomes, the greater the strength, the more unstable their mentality, almost everyone above the level of a Chunin is a warmonger.

Kimimaro asked, "Aren’t you the same?"

Takashi shook his head, "I am not calm, but I am restraining myself."

There are very few shinobi of the Kaguya clan who can control their emotions, and Takashi is indeed one of them. This is also the reason why he chose not to participate in the rebellion of the Kaguya Clan, instead took the sides with Kirigakure. Because he knew what would be the end result.

Kimimaro said, "It’s the same thing in the end, anyway what’s this Curse of the Kaguya Clan that you speak of?"

Takashi said, "It’s not the same thing. As for the Curse of the Kaguya Clan, it is a disease we of the Kaguya LCan suffer from. I don’t really understand it much either, but what you should know is that the more we use our Kekkei Genkai, the earlier we die, with your talent and usage, it would be a surprise if you were to survive past the age of 15, at least not without the Secret medicines, and Blood Exchanging Ritual."

Kimimaro’s expression changed upon hearing the opponent’s words, even the murderous Jugo’s laugh and cursing stopped midway.

Kimimaro hasn’t spoken anything about it to anyone, but he has indeed started to feel a little uncomfortable for the past few months. He always thought that is only because of overusing his Chakra during training sessions, and because of the physical tiredness, but despite how much he rests this uncomfortable feeling just doesn’t go away, which has started to bug Kimimaro and make him realize that something is wrong inside him.

And now that Takashi, who says something about the Curse of the Kaguya clan, which says something about the disease those of the Kaguya Clan suffers from…

Takashi continued, "Ordinary members of the Clan, those who haven’t awakened the Kekkei Genkai do not need this secret medicine and Blood Exchanging Ritual. In fact, even the ordinary Genins and Chunin Class do not have any specific need for it. But after that, the need develops, and increases as the strength reaches higher.

In fact, even the Secret medicine, and Blood Ritual can only delay death for some time, we need a constant supply of Blood Exchange, otherwise, there is no stopping our deaths, and even if we do get the medicine and use Blood Exchange Ritual, there is still no stopping our death.

This is the cost of using our Kekkei Genkai. And this is why, despite our superior bodies, and advanced Kekkei Genkai, we were never invincible. It’s all because of the Curse, we of the Kaguya Clan suffer from."

Kimimaro shook his head, and said, "Whatever the medicine and Blood Ritual may have been, I do not need them."

Kimimaro has absolute trust in Orochimaru, he believes that there is nothing that Orochimaru can not do.

Jugo was silent, he wanted to speak something, but looking at his resolute eyes of Kimimaro, he chose to be silent.

"Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you all this because I have any intention of helping you. I am just giving you a prewarning to be prepared for the incoming death. There is no stopping it, no matter what you do, death will ring your door by the time you are 15 or 16. I too will die sooner or later, even if I don’t want to, the reality is cruel.

In the entire history of the Kaguya Clan, there has never been a shinobi who has crossed the age of 35. Even if we do not die in battle, we die of our illness. So there is no changing it." Takashi said, then thought with a regretful look, ‘Besides, even if I want to, I can not help, because I am already quite close to my death.’

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