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Chapter: 1164

Leave The House

Chapter 1164: Leave The House  Gu Muxue, Wei Ding Ye's mother rushed over when she heard her mother-in-law shouting so loudly.

"What happened, mother?" Gu Muxue asked.

"Ask your daughter!" Grandma Wei pointed at Wei Ding Ye.

Gu Muxue turned to Wei Ding Ye. Wei Ding Ye did not want to speak anymore. She was about to leave the living room. 

"Stop right there. Take back what you just said." Grandma Wei ordered.

"I don't want to." Wei Ding Ye turned back. 

"If you don't want to take back what you just said, leave my house." Grandma Wei shouted again.

Mother!!!" Gu Muxue was shocked to hear that.

Everyone else was also surprised.

"Sure. I will pack my stuff. You can ask your beloved bitch Chi Yuan to live with you, then." Wei Ding Ye snorted. 

After saying that, she went upstairs. She was serious about leaving this house. Gu Muxue went to follow her daughter. When she arrived in her daughter's room, she saw her daughter packing up her things.

"Ding Ye, what are you doing?" Gu Muxue asked.

"Mum, you heard what Grandma said just now, she asked me to leave this house." Wei Ding Ye said.

"What she said was only in the hit of the moment. She will forget about it soon." Gu Muxue wanted her daughter to calm down.

"Mum, I have had enough of Grandma. She doesn't like me. She often compares me with that bitch Chi Yuan. But I don't care much about that. But I can't accept the fact she is telling everyone that Sister Yu Qi is cheating on Brother Long. She knows that it would ruin Sister Yu Qi's reputation but she does not care about that. In fact, she would be happy. I don't understand her." Wei Ding Ye revealed everything in her heart. 

Gu Muxue sighed. She also knew that her mother-in-law would often compare her daughter with Chi Yuan. It would probably be best for them to live separately from her mother-in-law. 

"Okay, my dear. I will allow you to move out of this house. But you have to live in the house I chose." Gu Muxue said.

"Sure. Wherever is better than this place." Wei Ding Ye nodded.


Yu Qi returned to Long Hui's house since Long Hui would be returning tonight. She got another message from Wei Ding Ye telling her that her grandmother already knows about the pictures. Grandma Wei even told her friends that Yu Qi was a cheater. Wei Ding Ye also got into a fight with Grandma Wei because of that matter. 

It seemed Chi Yuan wanted to ruin her reputation little by little. She became curious about the pictures in Chi Yuan's hand. After cleaning up and eating dinner, she opened her laptop. 

Yu Qi sent a message to Wei Ding Ye asking her if she had Chi Yuan's contact information. Wei Ding Ye immediately replied that she did not have it but she could get it from Wei Su Kee and asked Yu Qi to wait for a moment.

About 10 minutes later, Wei Ding Ye replied back with Chi Yuan's contact information. Yu Qi thanked Wei Ding Ye. Wei Ding Ye asked what Yu Qi wanted to do with the contact information, asking whether Yu Qi would want to confront Chi Yuan about the matter. 

Yu Qi replied by answering she would not do such a thing. Chi Yuan would not admit that she wanted to ruin Yu Qi's reputation. It would be a waste of time asking something like that.

Yu Qi told Wei Ding Ye that she would know about it later. Then Yu Qi hacked into Chi Yuan's phone using the contact information given by Wei Ding Ye. As a normal citizen, Chi Yuan's phone security had pretty normal protection. 

It was not too hard to hack into Chi Yuan's phone. Yu Qi had access to Chi Yuan's phone in less than 5 minutes. She immediately went through Chi Yuan's phone.

The pictures of her having an affair with another man were right inside Chi Yuan's gallery. Yu Qi narrowed her eyes as she looked at the pictures. Her eyes flashed a cold glint. 

She remembered only two of the pictures. It was when she went to eat lunch with Li Yan. And it was not like they were eating in a private room. They were eating in the hall where everyone could see each other faces.

As for the pictures that showed a woman like her going inside a hotel room… The clothes, and the bag, really copied Yu'Qi's style on that day. Well, the style was easy to copy since Yu Qi just wore a plain t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and short shoes. And even the height of that woman was pretty similar to Yu Qi" 

"You have really prepared a lot. It must have been hard work to find someone similar to me." Yu Qi chuckled.

Yu Qi began to dig more about this matter. As for the hotel, like Wei Family's investigation, she did not find much about that, other than a CCTV camera at the receptionist's counter. 

The hotel did not use a system on the computer to record the guests. They just manually wrote the name's guest in the book's guest. So, Yu Qi suspected that the man used a fake identity to check into the hotel. 

Yu Qi checked the CCTV footage and looked at the time and date where the man and woman checked in and checked out. Seeing this, she smiled.

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