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Chapter: 1166

The Photos Made Their Ways To The Internet

Chapter 1166: The Photos Made Their Ways To The Internet  Long Hui sent Yu Qi to work after they had breakfast together. He dropped off Yu Qi right at the entrance. A lot of people were looking at Yu Qi and Long Hui at the moment.  Yu Qi exited the car and Long Hui also came out. 

"Are you working the night shift tonight?" Long Hui asked.

"Nope." Yu Qi shook her head.

"Then, I will fetch you later." Long Hui said.

"Hmmm...." Yu Qi responded.

Long Hui stepped closer to Yu Qi and kissed her forehead. "Happy working."

Yu Qi nodded and smiled. When Yu Qi disappeared from his sight, he left. As for Yu Qi, she was surrounded by her colleagues, especially the females.

"Doctor Yu Qi, your fiancee is so romantic."

"I felt like I was watching a romance drama."

"Hahaha... Me too."

"When he kissed your forehead... It really looks like it came out of a drama."

"Did he just return from work?" Nurse Shin Tu was also here.

Everyone knew that Long Hui was in the military.

"Yeah. Yesterday." Yu Qi said.

"You must be happy." Nurse Shin Tu teased.

Yu Qi coughed several times before she said. "I will go first. I have some experiments to conduct." 

After sending his beloved Qi Qi to work, Long Hui returned home. He planned to have an online meeting with Liang Mo Han regarding Yu Qi's rumor. He sat in the office room. It was Yu Qi's suggestion to have their office room inside the house. It would make things easier if they had one inside the house.

He called Liang Mo Han. At the first ringing, the call had been answered. Liang Mo Han sat straight on the chair.

"Second brother. You are back." Liang Mo Han grinned as he smiled at Long Hui.

"Hmm..." Long Hui said.

Liang Mo Han was smiling but in his mind, he was crying. 'No wonder, yesterday, I got goosebumps out of nowhere.' 

"So, I will begin my report." Liang Mo Han was about to open the file but Long Hui stopped him.

"No need for that. I have another thing for you to do. More important than that." Long Hui said.

Liang Mo Han looked puzzled when he heard Long Hui. Long Hui immediately told Liang Mo Han about what happened to Yu Qi. 

"What?" Liang Mo Han was surprised to hear that.

"I have sent the pictures to you." Long Hui said.

Liang Mo Han immediately checked his phone. Like Long Hui said, except for the two pictures that showed the full face of Yu Qi, the others did not show Yu Qi's face at all. Some of them only showed the back of a woman.

"Investigate this matter. I want to know ASAP." Long Hui said.

"Okay." Liang Mo Han nodded.

Long Hui ended the call. The incident happened in Capital City. It was easy for Liang Mo Han to investigate the matter since he was also there. 


Since Grandma Wei told her friends about Yu Qi's matter, many people knew about this since not everyone could keep their mouths shut. Yu Qi became a little famous recently due to Song Su Jin. 

Her matter was spread to the internet. No one knew who posted it but it blew up the internet. A lot of people criticized Yu Qi.

"She already has a handsome fiancee but still goes after another man. Disgusting."

"Has a beautiful face but..."

"Girl, if you don't want your fiancee... you can give him to me." 

"Tropical beautiful girl."


"Why did she have to cheat on such a good man?"

"She must be a slut since she can not hold herself after the man when her fiancee is away."

Chi Yuan looked at the comment, smiling alone. Yu Qi's reputation indeed was ruined right now. She wanted to know what would Yu Qi do right now. She really wanted to be with Long Hui. So, she would do anything to be with him. She would make Long Hui see that there was no one in this world suitable for him except for her. 

Wei Ding Ye also exploded when she saw the comments that told awful things about Yu Qi. She was at the cafe when she saw those comments.

"Fuck! Those people only know how to run their mouth without knowing anything?" Wei Ding Ye snapped.

"Why are you so angry?" Her friend asked Wei Ding Ye.

"Someone wants to ruin my friend's reputation." Wei Ding Ye showed her the comment.

"Wow... Calling someone a slut on the internet is a little bit harsh." Her friend said.

"The person who made this news wants this girl to feel shame." Her friend added.

"It must be her." Wei Ding Ye narrowed her eyes.

"So, you know who is behind this?" Her friend asked curiously.

Wei Ding Ye gritted her teeth. 

It was not only Wei Ding Ye who was angry about this. Feng Yue also read the news. This was her best friend. She immediately called Yu Qi. 

She could feel that Yu Qi was very calm when she heard her voice. At first, she thought that Yu Qi did not know about this news. However, when she told Yu Qi about the news, Yu Qi told her that she already knew about it.

Yu Qi also asked Feng Yue not to worry about it. Since Yu Qi said so, it meant that she already planned a counterattack. Feng Yue was relieved after knowing this. Otherwise, she did not know what she would do.

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