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Chapter: 1167

Many Believe On Her

Chapter 1167: Many Believe On Her  Some people from Tang Private Hospital had also read the news. But they did not believe it. 

"This post can not be trusted."

"Yeah. This morning, we saw Long Hui send the princess doctor to work. He sent her right to the entrance and even kissed her."

"He probably does not know yet."

"I guess the commenter above must be a part of this post."

"Why do you guys like to ruin other people's relationships?"

"Here is the picture of him sending her to work."

The commentator uploaded the picture of Long Hui kissing Yu Qi's forehead. It was very sweet pictures. The way Long Hui kissed her and the way she was shy when people kept looking at them. There was no way Yu Qi was cheating on him.

"These pictures were taken this morning." 

The people from Tang Private Hospital who saw the news discussed this but they did not see Yu Qi anywhere. 


Tang Jin Wei also read the news when a nurse showed it to him. No wonder when he joined his little sister for lunch, she said some people wanted to play with her. It was about this news. 

He wondered what his little sister wanted to do with these people. She already knew that those people would spread this rumor. 

Since he had no appointment, for now, he went to his little sister's room but it was empty. He saw a table of schedules hanging on the door. It was his little sister's schedule. 

It indicated her location. So, if she was not in the room, people who were looking for her would know where to find her. 

It showed that she was in the research room. She must be experimenting with something. Tang Jin Wei respected Yu Qi's mentality. Normal people would be worried about what to do if they were confronted with something like this, But his little sister was still in the mood to do some experiments. 

He was about to leave when he saw Tang Han Lee walking toward him. He knew that Tang Han Lee must have wanted to see Yu Qi too.

"She is not inside?" Tang Han Lee asked.

"Nope. She is most likely in the research room." Tang Jin Wei said.

"I see." Tang Han Lee nodded.

"I think she already knew about the news when we were having lunch together yesterday." Tang Jin Wei informed his brother.

"What did she think about the matter?" Tang Han Lee asked again.

"She did not tell me much about it. She just told me that someone wanted to play with her but with a cruel smile." Tang Jin Wei told his conversation with Yu Qi.

"So, she must already know by then about the news." Tang Han Lee nodded several times. "If that is so, she must already have planned everything. We need to wait for her to discuss what she wants to do next." 

"Yeah." Tang Jin Wei also came to the same conclusion.

"Since a lot of people already know of the post, our family must know it too. Explain to them that we need to wait for Yu Qi. Don't do anything first." Tang Han Lee said.

"Okay." Tang Jin Wei nodded.

As Tang Han Lee predicted, Ming Yue called them to ask about the issue. She went to History Spa to meet up with her friends. Then, her friends brought her up to speed on the matter. 

Ming Yue was very furious when she heard it. She denied everything that was written on the internet. She felt Yu Qi must be stressed about it too. She tried to call Yu Qi but no one answered. So, she tried to call her son. Fortunately, Tang Jin Wei answered her call.

"Don't worry about it, mom."

"Little Sis is okay."

"She is doing some experiments."

"She was already aware of the news."

"Yes... Yes... Just wait for her. She has probably planned everything."

Tang Jin Wei told her everything about what he and Tang Han Lee had discussed earlier. Ming Yue was relieved that Yu Qi was feeling okay. 

Ming Yue rushed to return home and told Su Xiao about the matter. Su Xiao reacted the same as her. 

"I don't think Father knows about this." Su Xiao said.

"Yeah. He usually does not go online." Ming Yue said.

"Should we tell him?" Su Xiao asked.

"Hmm... Not yet." Ming Yue said.

Grandpa Tang did not care much about the Internet. So, he did not know about the news regarding Yu Qi. If he knew, no one knows what he would do. He already regarded Yu Qi as his granddaughter.  Any negative news about Yu Qi would make him furious. 

Yu Qi was successful in making the new medicine that would be used in surgery. With this new medicine, the after-surgery treatment would be shortened. This new medicine stimulated the cells to regenerate faster and heal injuries at a faster rate.

"After this, we will apply for the patent." Doctor Pei Ruiying said. 

He was also involved in these new medicine experiments. 

"Yeah." Yu Qi nodded.

She looked at her watch. 15 minutes before 5 p.m. Luckily that she had finished earlier. Otherwise, Long Hui would wait for her. 

"I will go first." Yu Qi said.

"Okay." Pei Ruiying nodded.

When Yu Qi was going to her room, the nurses and doctors who walked past her, said something like...

"Doctor Yu Qi, we believe you."

"Doctor Yu Qi, stay strong." 

"Doctor Yu Qi, we know you don't do such a thing."

"Doctor Yu Qi, don't lose to that rumor."

"You and Colonel Long make the best couple."

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