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Chapter: 1169

Being Blocked Again

Chapter 1169: Being Blocked Again  "Don't smile." Yu Qi ordered.

Long Hui automatically displayed his normal expression. Not only that, Yu Qi held Long Hui's hand showing her ownership of Long Hui. 

"Hey, I recognize them."

"Are they celebrities?" 

"No, but look at this."

"What? Is this true?"

"I don't know."

I don't think it is true. If it is true, why are they still okay?"

"The man probably does not know about the news yet."

"Should we tell him?" 

"I think so. We should not let him be cheated on by someone like her. He needs to know the truth."

"Yeah. I guess so." 

The two walked toward Long Hui and Yu Qi. They stopped Long Hui. 

"Colonel Long..." One of the two women is called Long Hui by his title. 

Long Hui looked at them and knew that they were not from anyone that he knew. He wondered the reason why they stopped him. Yu Qi also waited for these two women to speak about their purpose for calling Long Hui. 

"Colonel Long, you should not trust this woman. She has cheated on you with a random man." The girl said as she pointed at Yu Qi with a disgusted look. 

"Since you have already cheated on him, please leave him. He should not be with you." Her friend added.

They did not notice Long Hui's expression as they accused Yu Qi. After they finished their statement, they looked back at Long Hui. Once they laid their eyes on him, they stepped back and fell to the ground with scared expressions on their faces.

Long Hui looked at the two women as though they were dead bodies. 'How dare they say something like that about my beloved Qi Qi?' 

Long Hui already restrained himself from killing someone when he read the post on the internet. These women offered themselves to be slaughtered when they accused his beloved Qi Qi like this.

Yu Qi pulled Long Hui's arm. "Brother Hui." She needed to call Long Hui since the bloody murderous aura leaking from Long Hui was very heavy. He needed to cool down. 

Long Hui realized where he was right now. He retracted his aura again. The women who sat on the ground felt the burden on their bodies had been lifted off. 

"You should not believe 100%  of what is on the internet." Yu Qi managed to say something to the two women before she and Long Hui left the place to pay for their purchases. 

After paying for everything, they returned to their car. 

"You have read the post?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes." Long Hui nodded.

"What do you think about it?" Yu Qi asked again.

"There is no way you will cheat on me with him." Long Hui said confidently.

"Why?" Yu Qi tilted her head as she was curious about Long Hui's confidence.

"He is not as handsome as me and does not have a great body like me." Long Hui stated the reason proudly.


Yu Qi did not know what to do. Well, those might be two of the reasons. But hearing Long Hui say these reasons arrogantly made her think that this was what Long Hui thought about her.

"Are you saying that I am with you because of these two?" Yu Qi's eyebrow lifted.

Long Hui looked away. "Well... it is the truth though. I am good looking, have a great body, make a good salary, good at cooking, good at coaxing and teasing you, but the most important reason is, our bodies had a greatly compatible."

Yu Qi coughed. Long Hui quickly rubbed her back to calm her down. 


Once again, Yu Qi was made speechless by Long Hui. 

"You don't need to worry about the post on the internet." Long Hui said. "It is been investigated. We will soon have the culprit."

"What if the culprit is someone that you know? What will you do?" Yu Qi said his opinion.

"Since they have the nerve to say something like that, they have to pay consequences of their doing. I will not be soft-hearted." Long Hui stated himself. 

"Okay. I understand." Yu Qi smiled.

"Let's go home. I am hungry." Long Hui nagged.

"Okay... Okay... Let's go home and have dinner." Yu Qi smiled.

As for those two women, they finally could stand by themselves. They were seriously scared of Long Hui. 

"I suddenly don't think that that girl cheated on her boyfriend." The girl said.

"Why?" Her friend asked. 

"With that scary boyfriend, I don't think she dares to cheat. If she is cheating, do you think she would still be safe as she is now?" The girl let her friend imagine.

After thinking for a while, her friend also nodded. "I think so too. If she is cheating, her scary boyfriend might kill her."

"Yes, that man wanted to kill us just now. We are lucky that his girlfriend called his name and made him calm down. Otherwise, we might be meeting King Yama right now." The girl still felt afraid even though everything was okay now. 

"Let's forget about the topic. It is not related to us anyway. We should not interfere." Her friend said.

"Yeah... Yeah... Let's go." The girl said.

The citizens still discussed the topic.  But the two involved never stepped forward to declare anything. The citizens wanted to know what would happen next. Would they break off the engagement? What would Tang Family do next?

Only one from Tang Family which was Tang Jin Wei supported Yu Qi by saying he would sue everyone who slandered his sister. Others were just silent. 

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