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Chapter: 1170

Went To Meet Grandpa Long

Chapter 1170: Went To Meet Grandpa Long  Grandma Wei could not hold back anymore. Since Grandpa Wei did not want to arrange the meeting with Grandpa Long, she would do it by herself. 

When she called Grandpa Long, Grandpa Long was coincidently in the Capital City. It made things easier for Grandma Wei. Grandpa Long said that he had some time in the afternoon, so, Grandma Wei could come at that time.

Chi Yuan heard the conversation and wanted to accompany Grandma Wei. She wanted to show herself in front of Grandpa Long. She knew that Grandpa Long was the person that Long Hui respected the most. 

Long Hui would not dare to refuse what Grandpa Long wanted him to do. She was sure that Grandpa Long had already been disgusted with Yu Qi and wanted to break off the engagement. 

Grandpa Long would want Long Hui to get married sooner or later. If that was the case, she would help Grandpa Long. 

Grandma Wei was happy when Chi Yuan wanted to accompany her. She also wanted to introduce Chi Yuan to Grandpa Long.

So, both of them went to Long Residence in the Capital City. No one knew that they went there. Grandma Wei did not tell anyone even her husband, Grandpa Wei. 

On their arrival, they were welcomed by a maid. She brought both of them to the living room.

"I will inform Sir Long." The maid said. 

A few minutes later, Grandpa Long appeared. Even though his age was older than Grandma Wei, he looked much younger than Grandma Wei. 

His aura was the same as, if not higher than, Long Hui. He sat in front of Grandma Wei. 

"You said you have something to discuss. What is it?" Grandpa Long asked.

Another maid came in and served some drinks to the guest. Grandma Wei let the maid leave first before talking.

"It is about Hui's marriage." Grandma Wei began to speak.

"What's about it?" Grandpa Long asked.

"We should break off the engagement between Hui and that Tang Girl." Grandma Wei pointed.

Grandpa Long's right eyebrow was lifted. "Why?" 

"That Tang Girl had slept with another man. What if she gets pregnant and marries Hui? Hui would take care of another man's child. We should prevent that from happening to Hui." Grandma Wei told Grandpa Long.

"Is that the truth?" Grandpa Long asked again.

"Of course, it is true. We also have the evidence." Grandma Wei took out her phone and let Grandpa Long look at the pictures. 

Grandpa Long looked at the pictures with an indifferent expression. Chi Yuan could not guess what he was thinking right now. 

"Oh... then, you should tell Hui about this, not me." Grandpa Long said.

"What?" Grandma Wei was dumbfounded. 

She did not expect Grandpa Long was so indifferent about this matter. She thought Grandpa Long would be angry with Yu Qi and force Long Hui to break off the engagement when he heard that his only grandson was cuckolded. 

"If I tried to talk to Hui, he would not listen to me since I am just his maternal grandmother." Grandma Wei said. "You have power over him. If you talk to him, he will listen to you." 

"You know how he is. If he has decided to do something, it will not be so easy to make him change his decision." Grandpa Long said. "And I don't think Yu Qi is cheating on him."

Both Grandma Wei and Chi Yuan frowned. Another thing that they did not expect. Grandpa Long seemed to believe Yu Qi. 

"Why does Grandpa Long think so?" Chi Yuan could not hold back and asked Grandpa Long.

"You are...?" Grandpa Long looked at Chi Yuan.

"Oh... It is Hui's childhood friend. She was close to Hui back then. She is worried about Hui getting cheated on. So, she accompanied me here." Grandma Wei introduced Chi Yuan to Grandpa Long.

"I see." Grandpa Long nodded. "As for your question earlier, I know Yu Qi and her grandfather. She would not do something like this." 

"I know that Grandpa Long knows her grandfather. But she is not his true granddaughter. No one knows her real family." Chi Yuan said. There was a slightly mocking tone in her voice.

"So, you are saying she is an orphan? But I remember that Miss Chi is also an orphan." Grandpa Long attacked Chi Yuan.

"Long Fei Yi!" Grandma Wei glared at Grandpa Long.

Chi Yuan became pale. She was shocked when Grandpa Long suddenly touched on the topic. 

"I am sorry." Grandpa Long said. 

Grandpa Long noticed that this young girl disliked his granddaughter-in-law. Meaning she also had feelings for that brat. And this young girl wanted Long Hui to break off the engagement the most. 

Even though he had only met with Yu Qi a few times, he knew that Yu Qi would not do such things. He would believe his instincts. 

Chi Yuan heard that but she did not sense any apologetic tone in his voice. It seemed Grandpa Long liked Long Hui's choice. 

"I will not do or say anything to Hui. He probably knows about this news but he has not said anything to me yet. This means he would stand by his fiancee and does not believe what is said on the internet. Just let him handle the matter by himself." Grandpa Long said.

Grandma Wei and Chi Yuan were silent. Their purpose for coming here was to make Grandpa Long stand by their sides. But he did not.

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