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Chapter: 726

726. Father daughter reunion side Trento


The fourth big bowl jumped toward Aro-sama.

At the very least, Allo-sama, this centipede... has a B-rank!

"It's okay... looks like it's not that fast"

While floating in the sky, Aro-sama made a big gesture of his claws.

"I think it's a typical physical ability type. So if you're much slower than me, you're not that strong."

Lord Aro unfolded his magic circle and floated a sphere of black light on his hand.

It was a magic skill called Dark Sphere.


The Daewoo attacked again to take down Aro-sama before he could release his magic, but Aro-sama lightly avoided it.

She went straight to the blind spot and released the [Dark Sphere] from close range.

There was no way to avoid it, and it hit Daiyu's body directly.


Daewoo spurted blood and flew off, rolling down the ground.

"W-Wow, that monster in an instant..."

A cursed girl from the Litvell tribe gazed at Hall of Aro and said so.

You don't have to worry anymore! If you're injured, I'll heal you!

As I moved my wings, I called out to the curse girl.

"O god of awe...?" It's an unfamiliar shape, and I've never been able to talk to her before.... "

Gods of awe...?

I tilted my neck.

Speaking of which... this forest is home to a dwarf named Laran, who glows vaguely in green.

There was no doubt that my appearance did not resemble that of me in my current wooden spirit state.

I have heard that Lord Aro hath spoken of them, that they call them God-fearing.

Well, that's where it is.

I stretched my chest as I answered.

"I-I see... you're one of the Gods of awe with power." Um, what the hell is that woman over there... "

After seeing Aro-sama, the Cursemaster Girl looked behind her and immediately changed her expression.

"No, no, that Daewoo... he's still alive!"

The big bird wakes up with a shivering body and says, "Ahhhhhhhh!" He shouted.

"Tougher than I thought..." From speed to strength.... "

Lady Aro immediately approached Daewoo and waved his arms.

The tip of her hand deformed into a big claw and torn the body of the big claw.

This time, Daewoo was desperate.

Apparently, the Litvellers weren't aware of Lord Aro.

Lady Aro has evolved over time, and her appearance has changed dramatically.

The dress is not from the Litveal tribe, but from the power of Warpurgis.

It is not surprising that I don't know.

"Those four-eyed guys... when they're critically wounded, they call their people." You must have heard the voice of the four eyes around you. Travelers, escape to our base! "

The curse maker called out to Lord Aro and me.


Suddenly, with the sound of footsteps, the screams approached.

"Hee! We have to hurry...!"

No need. [Dark Kaleidoscope]

Aro-sama was enveloped in black light, his outline became irritated, and he split into three figures.

This skill was obtained by evolving into a [Warpurgis].




What appeared was the fourth great mantle, the same as the one that had been defeated.

There were three more enemies.

The three Aros pointed their fingers at the opponent at once.


The black light flew beautifully to the chest of the three pelicans.

Thinking that I could hear the sound of my heart pulsating loudly, the three pelicans collapsed into place without raising their voices and became immobile.

{I see... I think I'd better defeat you. "I won't have to call my people..." As expected of Aro-sama!

I nodded in admiration.

Immediately, the contours of the two [Dark Kaleidoscopes] Aro Hall collapsed into a mass of light that was sucked into the original Aro Hall.

At this pace, it didn't seem so difficult to defeat the fourth of the Demon Beast King's subordinates.

It seemed that they had the power to call on their kind.

Now that there are four members of the Litveal tribe, it seems that Lord Allo has discontinued the battle at [Death], but after returning them to the village, we may be able to use this property to exterminate them.

"Oh, you're not human... who are you?"

A bloody man stood up and stood up to Aro-sama with a spear.

"I'm the benefactor, this one!" the hostility..... "

"It's a high-ranking monster that can be turned into a person for a long time!" Besides, it's not even a beast, it's a demon... I can trust it! That's right, that big fool may be the culprit behind the forest! "

It seemed that somehow the Litvellers were fighting over the treatment of Lord Aro.

It seems that I, who resembles a god of awe, believe that Aro-sama, who manipulates strange magic, cannot be trusted.

"Oh, no disrespect! That's your attitude toward your benefactor, Lord Aro!" If you say no more, I will never forgive you, god-fearing Trent! After recovering for the time being, I'll slap you with my wings!

I move my wings to the left and right, shaking, shaking the universe.

"I thought it was supposed to be different because it doesn't fit my age... maybe it's Aro...?"

The man who was most seriously injured stood up loose with his spear instead of his staff.

Tatark-san, please don't move poorly due to that injury!

The cursemaker hurriedly supports his body.

Aro reacted to the name Tatark with a twitch.

A man flutters and falls forward away from the Cursemaster's hand.

Lady Aro greeted and supported his body.

"Ah, ahh... definitely!" No, you're really an aloha! I always thought it was something that disappeared at that time...! "

Lord Tataruk, the father of Lord Aro, went straight to the front of Lord Aro.


However, another Litveller released a spear at Allo.

Get away from the tartar, demon!

Lady Aro returns a part of her body to the black light, creates a hole in her body and hits her with a spear, and takes a distance from Lady Tataruk as well.

"Hey, what are you doing!" My daughter... it's Aro! Definitely! "

"Your daughter is dead! Either the wicked demon who cheats on your daughter or the Undead, who have returned from the land of the dead! Either way, it's not easy! Wake up, Tataruk!"


"I don't even know how Lord Aro feels, it's all selfish!" I will never forgive you again!

I tried to get to the man, but Lord Aro stretched out his arm and stopped it.

"... sure enough, I'm not human anymore." That's why I knew I shouldn't see you. My father and mother said that I had returned to heaven... and I thought it would be better for them to think so. That's why I met your dad here again, and I confused him... and it turned out to be a bad thing. "

Lord Aro...

"But still... it's good to see you again, after all."

Lady Aro wiped away all the tears from her eyes and said to Lady Tataruk.

The man who tried to attack with his spear also saw the face of Lord Aro, and his hand holding the spear trembled.


Tataruk-sama stretched his arms out to Aro-sama.

Lord Aro's body penetrated through Lord Tataruk's arm.

As it was, Aro-sama's body moved into the light and returned to its original state in a distant place.

"I'm sorry, Dad, I don't have time right now."

That's what Lord Aro said.

It was a quiet, gentle voice, or it was waving slightly.

It's all about calm.

Though the situation was different, Lord Aro was no longer human.

There is also a culture of the Litvale people.

It is likely that Tatark, who is not a very good father, should not be allowed to imitate himself in such a way as to incite his own mistakes.

"...... Mr. Trent, please heal them all."

Yes, yes.

After saying so to me, Lord Aro turned his face to the Litvells.

"Everybody go back to the settlement. It's okay... we'll take down the fourth beast. That beast's boss... I'll definitely drive the Demon Beast King out of this forest. No matter how they change their appearance or how they are treated, I will protect the forest for the Litvellers. It's my hometown, where my father and mother are."

Lord Aro said without any hesitation.

The other man had pointed his spear at Aro during this period, but when he heard her, he finally dropped his spear from his hand.

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