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Chapter: 728

728. King of the Forest and God of Fear side Trent

"The sound of magic bullets shooting, listening to Coeta." We'll see how it goes. You guys, who are you? "

Zhu Yan came down from Lalagwolf and spoke to him like that.

I glanced at the monkeys' faces.

It seems that their purpose is to protect this forest from the Demon Beast King and the Four Eyes Beast.

I mean, it matches us.

I'm here to stop the Demon Beast King.

Aro-sama speaks.

"Demon Beast King... Areka." You guys are like Kid, Dunikanalt? "

Zhu Yan raised his face and looked toward the Demon Beast King.

"Oleno's subordinates, what kind of beetle are you?" Attack, all of them. Wounded. Sister poison arrow sauce, effective. Kanakatta "

Sister's poison arrow...?

Zhu Yan nodded to my question.

"The remnants of the senpai are poisonous." Very poisonous. Daga, dagger, dagger, nakatta. Ten-thousand-measure Kita "

I see...?

I don't know, but [Sister] seemed to have some powerful poison.

The Demon Beast King had strong resistance to state abnormalities, and his defense itself seemed terribly high.

"After a few days, the Ryujin-sama should be here." If you were a dragon god, you wouldn't be able to beat such a monster. Until then, I want to protect my people from the Demon Beast King. "

Aro said so to Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan nodded.

"Narhod, Ano tribe..." Irtohas Enai. Daga, you, Ore Yori, Haruka Crab strong orgasm. Soleni, Olemo, and Dragon Ha. Strange edge feeling. Jill. "

Zhu Yan looked at the face of the dragon engraved in the bucket he held.

What's that dragon's face...?

"Orellano, boss. King Oreja Morino, deputy. Boss, Zutt returns to Konai. Demo, raw kitel. Ole, Xinzitel. Boss, color" Nunakoto Etecreta "

Zhu Yan narrowed his eyes and stroked the bucket of dragons in his hand.

"We, the helmets," said Nanda. "Luto, boss, I'm out of courage."

In response to the words of Lord Zhu Yan, the red monkeys under his command also took off the bucket and stared at the dragon's face nostalgically.

"It was a helmet..."

Aro-sama muttered in a whisper, and Zhu Yao-sama cried out.

"I-I 'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Hall Aro bowed his head to Hall Zhu Wei and the others.

I was relieved that I didn't have to speak up.

I was wondering why he was wearing a bucket.

"I have a favor to ask of Zhu Yan." Protect the Litvellers. "

That's what Lord Aro asked me to do.

However, Zhu Yan shook his head to the left and right.

"We can't afford it." Promise Hadekinai. Four eyes, very troublesome. "Forest Beast, Waremakuttel"

"Of course, it's not unconditional. We will reduce the number of the fourth beast even further. However, I want you to prevent the four-eyed beast that you leaked from raiding the Litveal tribe."

In order to protect the Litveal tribe, we must continue to devour the Fourth Beast.

I want to gather information about the Beast King and hopefully find a way to prevent him from invading.

But in the meantime, we can't protect the Litvale tribe.

Lord Aro wants to entrust them with the task.

If this passes, it should be much easier for us to move... "

You can focus on the measures of the Fourth Beast and the Demon Beast King without being divided into the Litvells' bases.

"...... Boss, humans, good kidadata. We, the bosses, respected Sitai. God-fearing, Hingengkala Faith Saretel. Hummingbirds, Hard Sikhanai"

"If that's the case...!"

Zhu Yan shook his head left and right again.

"Four-eyed killer, Tadano-Omaye." Removal and removal, Naranai. Ole, King Morino. Forest, Shoule. Mission throwing. Cité, Hingendakeni shoulder into Redekinai. Patronus Mo Tongzi Kaue "

Zhu Yan turned to Lalagwolf.

Lalagwolf nodded quietly.

Their aim is only to protect the forest.

Although it is within the scope of protecting the Litveal tribe, it seems that as many other monsters are exposed to the threat of the fourth beast, only the Litveal tribe cannot be prioritized.

Lord Aro bit his lip and shut up.

He has a look of regret.

It's not impossible.

I thought it was a help I couldn't hope for, but with Zhu Yan and the rest of us, the purpose was slightly missed.


One of his subordinates, the Red Monkey, slapped him on the shoulder.

She seemed to be persuading the boss that she could take it.

Zhu Yan did not shake his head vertically.

Should we make a deal?

Aro-sama spoke as if he was trying to be careful.

"Consider hassle. It's free, we can afford it." "We obeyed, the beasts...... the fate of Morinomi-no-bears." Lightly shikkatsu Kerarenai "

"If you can protect the Litveal tribe... I will attract the Beast King and leave this forest." While I am attracted, the forest will not be edible, and the four-eyed beasts spreading in the forest will not increase. "


Zhu Yan's eyes widened.

Indeed, that fourth beast should have been produced by the Demon Beast King.

If the Demon Beast King himself leaves the forest, the four-eyed beasts in the forest will not increase in the meantime.

I was grateful for the chance to protect the forest.

But... but it's too dangerous.

I ran away from legendary monsters.

"Certainly that giant doesn't look very fast, but..."

"I can only do this if I have certainty that I will be able to protect the Litvells. If you can't protect the Litvale tribe, I'll have to escort them on their journey. It must be a deal."

Yes... at the current pace, the Demon Beast King would eventually reach the Litveal's base.

In order to protect the Litveal tribe, we have to move the forest full of four beasts from tribe to tribe or do something about the Demon Beast King.

With a plan to move the base, we can't avoid losing a lot of people, even if we escort them.

However, if it went well, the damage would be greatly reduced, but I don't think it would be very easy, but I don't think it would be safe.

In the first place, there was too little information about the Demon Beast King.

Unlike the Lord, I was able to confirm all the information of the opponent I confronted.

I'm not even sure if I can catch my attention and run to buy time.

Lord Aro...

I tried to say that I should calm down a little... but the words didn't last.

It is inevitable that there will be catastrophic damage when the base is moved.

Besides, I can't enter into a cooperative relationship with Zhu Yan as it is.

Although it was dangerous, it was true that escaping from the forest with the attention of the Demon Beast King was the best way to contain the damage.

Above all, if you adopt the plan to move your base, you will be sacrificed by non-combatants of the Litvail tribe who do not have the means to defend themselves.

Even if we take the time, I don't think Lord Aro would appreciate a compromise that would be based on the sacrifices of the weak in his hometown.

As far as I'm concerned, I can say.

The plan is too reckless, you should stop.

Even if I didn't force him out of the forest, the Lord would come after only a few days... "

I want to protect the homeland of Lord Aro, but Lord Aro is much more important.

However, if I were Lord Aro's position, the sacrifice would be unacceptable.

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