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Chapter: 38

"*slurp*, chu, ero.......fuh, .......n.......n.......master, ......aa .......*slurp*......"

The sound of illicit slurping can be heard in the carriage, and each time the carriage bounces on the uneven road, both of their lips intertwined even more lewdly

For the second time, the maid's lips were soft and lush, and there was a sweetness to them.

I put my arms around her slender back and pressed my lips against hers, biting and brushing our tongues together, as she wanted me to, imprinting her lips with the taste of kissing.  licked around her cheek, tasted the back of her teeth, her tongue, and even brushed against her upper jaw. Then I let her swallow my saliva.

 Katherine's narrow brown eyes squeezed shut and she let me violate her mouth. Her slender fingers caught my arms, clutching and holding me.

When our lips parted, leaving behind a long strand of saliva, her nearly expressionless face revealed some color even if only slightly.

Her eyes blurred and her lips slightly opened .......

A creeping, squirming, feeling crawls up my spine.

"Katherine, open your lips and stick your tongue out."

"Yes, Master........ Ah ......."

The little pink tongue that slithered out was so slimy and lewd.

"Hm, slurp, slurp......."


Evidently, she was breathing hard. I bit the tongue that was served to me, licked and sucked on it, causing her to naturally entangle herself with me. I pulled her chin and let her lips point upward and poured my saliva into it.


"............ nnn."

"Next, I want you to make me swallow your saliva."

"...................Then, Please excuse me."

When she brought her face on top of mine, she did the same with me and proceeded to pour her saliva down on me.

 --So tasty. So sweet, the taste of sin.

"Keep going, and kisses me."


 With a hot, sweet breath she did as she was told by me. And now she inserted her tongue into me.

"Mmmm, ......n, mmmm ......."

To be honest, it was too much to swallow.

 She flicked her tongue around inside my mouth, watching my reaction as she served Master's mouth. She made me swallow her saliva, sucked my tongue, and when I gave her some saliva as a reward, she pressed her lips tightly against mine and sucked them up. --It seems that under the mask of a first-class maid, there was something very dirty and sultry hidden underneath.

Frankly speaking, with that observant eye, I could easily be manipulated if I taught her the sexual art. I could not help but feel a sense of danger.

"Hah, master ......."

Her sultry breath suggests that she was begging for more.


When I sucked on her neck and bit her, she shivered faintly and remained obedient to me. I start to remove her apron dress, pressing down on her as I do so.


I have already had the opportunity to disrobe and dress women many times with my own wife, as well as with maids' uniforms. With the skills I have developed with my rightful wife, I attack her childhood servant.

That particular Madam had already agreed to it, and it was her maid who asked me for this. Moreover, she hid the fact that she was coming with me until my departure today and then asked to be subjected to sexual art.

"You are such a bad maid.  Sneaky and crafty."

Says the man who licks all over her skin, which smells and tastes sweeter than his wife's.

"Sorry .......unn......."

When I sucked her harder, she shuddered like a flower in the wind. Making the clothes brush against her skin, my tongue crawls toward the small swelling bids. I love the feel of her smooth skin against my tongue and the way her silky skin gets wet with my saliva.

Charlotte and I are certainly in such a state of fruition that it's absurd to even compare the two. Even so, Katherine's breasts are shiny and beautiful. I dared not take off all of her clothes but enjoyed the scent of a woman rising from the gap between her form-fitting maid's uniform and the softness of her slightly revealing tits.

 I rubbed her small breasts with my hands on her maid's uniform.

"Oh .......Master... the way you rubbing me is so .......hmmm .............."

"You talk back to me?" I sucked her harder.

"Haah ...... no, I didn't mean it ...... oooh ......."

She can't contain her expression as she was overwhelmed with pleasure.

No matter how much my wife condones this kind of thing and insists that this is not a cultural injustice, a part of my brain still complains that it is wrong. some screams and howls that women should not be humiliated and should behave as they wish.

And then there are the ones who, like this maid, now have a gentle hand rest behind my back and make me suck her skin, squeeze her little fruit.

I unbuttoned her shirt and let the maid's clothes slide down her body.

The moment the fruit appeared, even though it was small, it looked like a jewel. What's more, they were.


"Yes, I always wear this color of underwear .......Is master also getting excited by underwear?"

Her brown thin eyes are the same as usual, but with a hint of moisture that makes my heart palpitate. I mean, this maid is still very perceptive.

"It isn't only about underwear, but - you're right."

" say that it depends on the color, shape, situation, and who is wearing it?"

"............ you are indeed very intelligent."............ --Phew, scary.

"Thank you. And Master was excited that I was wearing black underwear........"


I answered.

"I'm so fortuitous"

"------"   Just for a moment. her mouth lift up like she was smiling.

But my pure excitement is quickly pushed aside by an unexpected impure thought.

"I would like to know if there are any other colors or shapes of underwear that would make Master excited. Let us call the village lingerie maker and have them arrange it for you. Likewise, if you tell Madam, Madam will be rather pleased to adapt to the Master's tastes."

"Oh..... I can choose the color and style?"

"Presumably so. But You'll have to discuss it with the lingerie store."

"............ please get to it as soon as I get back."

"Yes, Master. then."

 Katherine glanced down. Then I saw her black underwear as it was being caressed by her fingers. The contrast between the black cloth and the white skin was wonderful, such a masterpiece that it would have been a shame to remove it.

Eros is like a forbidden fruit after all.

"Is something wrong?"

She asked as I dug my fingers underneath the cloth. I enjoy the warmth of her small, but very nice pair of breasts as they are squeezed by the black cloth.

".......Umm .......I'm going to take it off, why......."

In this world without eroticism, Katherine still doesn't understand yet why I am interested in such things, although she is beginning to develop an interest in it.

"You'll understand" -wait, this is better.  "I'll make you understand."

" Hmmm.........."

I gently rubbed the plumpness under her cloth, and she flinched slightly.

"Are you feeling it?"

" Well, not that I don't feel it, but I think I'm responding more to the idea of how it will make me feel........umm......"

I directly fondled the small fruit wrapped in a black cloth without removing her bra. I squeezed and kneaded it, and although Katherine was still mostly expressionless, I could see a slight blush on her cheeks and her sweet, heated breath.

There is no doubt that the flames of lust are beginning to ignite.

"Master you are truly fond of breasts"

"............That's right."

I had found her nipple. It was beginning to rise from the areola, even in its delicate outline, like when her mistress was aroused, albeit in a different size.

"Hmmm, you like my breasts?"

"If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have rubbed it so much."

" Hmm!"

I pinched her nipples causing her to exhale sharply.

"Do you hate it?"

She sounds unbelievably cute, and I can't stop myself from enjoying her. my trousers are already swollen to the point of ripping, and it hurts.

"No," Katherine shook her head quietly." I'm pleased, I think."

She had a faint smile on her face.


"..... yes?"

 Too bad that smile faded.

"I said you are cute. You have a very pretty smile."

"... Please don't flatter me. Mistress is much better than me ..."

"I don't deny that Charlotte is beyond cute. But it is an undeniable fact that you look so lovely at the moment that I, who am crazy about my wife, am bewildered."

"Such thing is......."

"It's true. I want to see your smile again."

"Ah .......Master......."

I whispered into her ear and then licked around that shapely earlobe. Not forgetting to fondle her tits and squeeze her nipples, Katherine was now writhing even more than before, I took her tender hand and guided it to my crotch.

"So hot ......"

Her hands start to move without hesitation. The sweet sensation of pleasure invaded my core, and I could not help but wonder if I had let this skilled maid touch me too soon, but my pent-up lust was making me want to be touched by her.

 I took off Katherine's bra. At the tip of her beautiful white twin mounds, a light pink bud was puffing out lovingly and seductively.

"Hah, Master, I am sorry, I know it is impolite to say this as a maid. But please, I beg you. I would like to ask you to lick and suck my nipples as you do to mistress. Please,  ....... Oh, I'm so happy ...... mmmm ......."

 I munched and licked around the tip of the little pulpy thing. The maid's slender limbs jumped and jerked as I tangled my tongue around them, and when I bit and sucked on them, a faint, sweet voice leaked out.

"*slurp*, *slurp*, ero ............"

"Fuuuu, ha.......hah.......master......."

She stroked my crotch as she was in a lustful state. It was such a luscious sensation that my hips began to twitch.

I can't stop sucking on my wife's servant's breasts. I was beginning to taste something salty.

" Ahhhh, ahhh, umm........."

 Katherine was holding my head and pressing it against her own breast.

The carriage bounces and shakes on the bumpy road, mushing the voices in the vehicle as it heads onward.

I think it is wrong to do this, but the more I think about Charlotte, the more excited I feel. She is the only woman I can compare her to. So I'm using what I developed with my experience with her to her own maid.

Since this was approved by my wife, it should be fine - as long as I get plenty of naughty punishments later on. But to think that such things as the affair were a part of the culture and with married women, Then, I think I have no choice but to be obliged to it too.

--I know, I know, it sucks, Still.

I cradled the maid's back and down to her sinful, erect bud.


I suck on it.

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