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Chapter: 100

"Little Will, I missed you terribly," Celine caressed the side of William's face. "I also missed your cooking. Can you prepare something good to eat for dinner?"

"Of course, Master," William replied. Celine's soft hand lingered on his face for a few more seconds before she patted the boy's head.

"I'm looking forward to dinner," Celine winked. "Do your best, Little Will."

Celine left it at that and went towards the stairs.

William watched her go until she was no longer in sight before hurrying towards the Parrot Monkey who was looking at him with a smirk.

"Second Master, Master is scaring me," William said. "Is she planning something sinister for me?"

"How could that be?" Oliver replied in an exaggerated manner. "You know that the mistress cares for you very much. How can she probably do something sinister to you?"

'Being poisoned, cursed, and tortured everyday is not considered sinister?' William wanted to spit on the Parrot Monkey's face, but he needed allies right now.

When Celine acted like a spoiled, rich, young lady, it meant that she was planning to do something that was enough to give William a fright.

"Second Master, just spill the beans," William pleaded. "Is the Master upset? Is she angry at me? Should I look for a gift to make her happy?"

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"Well, regardless of what Mistress is feeling, giving her a gift is only right and proper since you are her disciple," Oliver answered. "As for whether she is upset or angry at you, I don't think that is the case. Make sure to do your best in cooking dinner. Perhaps, the Mistress will be so pleased that she will not do anything tonight."

"Okay." WIlliam nodded. "It has been a while since I used my culinary skills. I'm going to get Master addicted to my cooking."

"You do that." Oliver nodded his head. "Also, prepare an extra portion for me."

"Leave it to me, Second Master."

"I'll look forward to your performance."

That night, the three had a sumptuous dinner. William did his best and Celine and Oliver were quite satisfied with the dishes that he had prepared for them.

Celine asked William about his training and the boy replied honestly to her every question.

"Dwayne must really like you if he asked you to call him your Third Master," Celine said as she eyed William. "You know, although that bald monk is an alcoholic, he is someone that is very hard to please."

"It's all thanks to you, Master," William replied with a smile. "I was able to perform well because of the discipline and mindset that you imparted in my training."

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"Mmm, as expected of my one and only disciple." Celine replied. "You speak the truth."

Celine stood up from the table and walked towards the stairs. The young boy thought that he had managed to dodge the bullet, but Celine paused and turned to look back at him.

"William, after you finish cleaning up and washing the dishes, take a bath," Celine ordered. "Make sure to scrub yourself properly then come to my room afterwards."

The beautiful lady gave William a wink before climbing up the stairs. The red-headed boy looked at the beautiful lady's retreating figure with a dazed expression.

'S-She wants me to take a bath and go to her room later?' William's heart started to beat faster. 'Is this one of those special events where the protagonist is able to climb the stairs of adulthood thanks to their Master? Is this what Cu Chulainn experienced when he made Scathach his Master?'

(A/N: Cu Chullain is a Great Hero and a Legendary figure in Irish Literature. The same can be said to his teacher Scathach who was known as a Legendary Martial Arts Teacher who lives in the Fortress of Shadows.)

William's mind wandered as he completely forgot that he was currently only twelve years old. Although his mind was that of a teenager, his body was still that of a child.

Oliver, who was watching the boy, smirked in understanding. He already knew that William's mental age didn't match his physical age, so he was quite amused by the young boy's reaction.

"You better hurry up kid." Oliver decided to fan the flames. "Make sure to clean yourself properly. Don't keep the Mistress waiting."

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"Yes! I will clean myself properly!" William hurriedly wiped the table and went to wash the dishes. His current state of mind was in chaos because he was too caught up in his fantasies.

William bathed himself using cold water from the well in order to calm his wildly beating heart.

After making sure that he had scrubbed every nook and cranny of his body, he washed it one more time before drying himself with a bath towel.

He then wore the cleanest night shirt that he could find from his storage ring and combed his hair properly. Of course, he didn't forget to brush his teeth, not once, but thrice!

An hour later, he was finally standing in front of his Master's door. William took deep breaths before knocking on it to announce his presence.

"Come in." A soft and silky voice came from inside the room.

When William opened the door, he saw Celine lying on the bed wearing a black one-piece night dress. The young boy gulped as he walked inside the room, closing the door behind him. Afterward, he stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do.

"What are you standing there for?" Celine asked in a teasing tone. The beautiful lady patted the side of her bed in invitation. "Come here."

"Yes, Master," William replied as he stiffly walked towards the bed with mechanical movements.

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William sat on the bed with his back turned towards Celine. His face was already beet-red from the stimulation.

"Don't be afraid," Celine said as she slowly guided William to lie on the bed. "It will hurt at first, but then you will get used to it."

"M-Master, it's my first time," William stuttered. "Please, be gentle."

Celine chuckled. Her laugh was like the peeling of bells which made William's heart tremble.

"I can't promise that I will be gentle," Celine stated as she held the side of William's face with her soft and delicate hands. "But I can promise you one thing. This will be a night you will not forget in your lifetime."

Celine bent her head until her forehead came very close to William's. A flowery fragrance assaulted the boy's senses, and it made his already flushed face a shade redder.

"William, do you trust me?" Celine asked.

Her lips were merely two inch away from his.

"Not really," William replied. "But this time, I'll choose to trust you, Master."

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"Very well, now close your eyes," Celine said softly. She chose to ignore William's earlier reply. "Just relax and let me take the lead. Surrender yourself to the feeling until both of us become one."

"Y-Yes. I will surrender myself to Master and let her take the lead."

"Good boy."

William closed his eyes and relaxed his body. However, he still puckered his lips and waited for Celine's next move.

The beautiful lady saw his expression and almost laughed out loud. She just calmly placed two slender fingers to block the boy's lips as she pressed her forehead against his.

"Synchronization," Celine muttered.

William felt his body shudder as he lost consciousness. However, at the very last second, before his senses faded, he felt something soft and warm touch his lips. This was the last thing William remembered before his world was suddenly engulfed in darkness.

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