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Chapter: 103

"Um, Master, what are you doing?"


"Writing what exactly?"

"Make a wild guess," Celine said as she used a brush to write runic characters on William's arm.

The boy was currently in a state of paralysis and only his head could move. Perhaps, Celine had known this would happen, so she decided to take this opportunity to "practice" her runic calligraphy on a living, breathing, canvas.

After finishing the runic writing on William's arms, Celine proceeded to write on William's chest. The black rose tattoo in the center of the boy's chest served as the centerpiece of the beautiful elf's runic writing.

Celine's brush strokes sent a tingling sensation down William's spine. It was as if every stroke contained some kind of ancient power that was slowly being embedded inside his body. With every rune that finished, William could feel some vague changes inside him that he couldn't explain.

These changes were more on the spiritual side of things that made him feel unbalanced. After writing on his chest, Celine proceeded to write on his legs, until she reached the boy's feet.

This writing session ended after two hours and a half hours. Celine stood up and admired her masterpiece with a satisfied smile. William's body was covered with blue runic letters that were glowing slightly. After making sure that everything was in order, the beautiful elf placed her right hand over the rose tattoo on William's chest while softly saying a chant.

William was not familiar with the language that his Master was using, but for some reason it was making him feel drowsy. Soon, the boy dozed off as the runes on his body started to glow brightly.

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"Absorption," Celine said with a serious expression.

All the glowing runes floated in the air for a few seconds before falling back onto William's body and disappearing under his skin.

Beads of sweat streamed down the sides of Celine's face as she finished one of the most complicated reinforcement spells that was taught to her by her own Master.

Oliver appeared inside the room with a worried expression as he stared at Celine who was still panting for breath.

"Mistress, are you alright?" Oliver asked. "Should I bring you a rejuvenation potion?"

"That sounds wonderful, Oliver," Celine replied. "I'd like to have one, please."

"Give me a moment." Oliver lifted his talon and drew a circle in the air.

A medium-sized bottle that contained a purple liquid appeared in the air. It slowly floated towards Celine, and the latter caught it with a shaky hand.

'The toll it took on my body surpassed my calculations,' Celine mused as she drank the potion in her hand.

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The sweet invigorating liquid entered her lips and a soothing feeling washed over her body. It made her feel drowsy, so she decided to lay down on the bed beside the sleeping half-elf.

The pitiful William became Celine's hug pillow, as she, too, fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Oliver watched the Master and Disciple pair with gentle eyes.

'Little Will, you're so lucky that you chose my Mistress as your Master,' Oliver thought as he left the room. He calculated that the two would wake up at around lunch time so it was up to him to prepare the food for the two hungry people who would wake up in a few hours.

When William opened his eyes for the second time of the day, he found his face pressed against something soft like a marshmallow. It was also at that moment when a flowery fragrance entered his nose, which put him into a daze.

It didn't take long for him to realize his current situation and he didn't know if he should be happy or not with the unexpected development.

'At least Cup C,' William thought as the soft mounds pressed against his face.

Celine was currently using him as a hug pillow and her deep sleeper breaths tickled William's ears.

If the lady lying next to him was not his Master, William would no doubt appreciate his situation more. Unfortunately, it was his crazy Master, and William couldn't predict how she would react if she discovered that the young boy's face was currently resting on her proud peaks.

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Before William could think of a way to escape his predicament, Celine's eyes opened without warning. She stared at William still half asleep before covering her lips to yawn.

"G-Good morning, Master," William greeted.

"Mmm, Good morning," Celine replied.

She then loosened her grip on the boy's body as she slowly propped herself from the bed. She raised her arms to do some stretching exercises, before she left the bed to go down to the dining room to eat.

William felt complicated as he watched the door of the room close. Half of him was disappointed that the softness disappeared, while the other half was sad because Celine treated him like a child and not a man.

'I'm so stupid,' William thought as he rubbed his face with both his hands. 'My body is still that of a twelve-year-old kid. Of course, Master will not think of me as a man with my current age.'

William's stomach chose that moment to remind the boy that it was hungry. The boy placed the stupid thoughts at the back of his mind and joined his Master for lunch.

"Will, what do you know about Aura?" Celine asked after she finished eating her lunch.

"Aura?" William frowned. "Sorry, Master. I don't know anything in regards to Aura."

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"I see." Celine propper her beautiful face using the palm of her hands. "I had a feeling that Dwayne didn't have the time to add Aura training in your exercises due to the limited time frame. However, don't worry, I'll make sure that you learn how to use your aura as a substitute for your lack of Magic Power."

William tilted his head to the side as he looked at his Master. 'Is Master talking about those aura's that enveloped Super Sayanz in Dragonbone Z? If yes, that would be so freaking awesome!'

Celine didn't know what the young boy was thinking because she was preparing to explain what an aura was to her disciple.

"Will, an aura is the energy that surrounds a person's body," Celine started her explanation. "Sword Masters call their aura, Sword Aura. The Sword Aura allows their sword to become harder, sharper, and even allow itself to block magical attacks to a certain extent.

"Once a Sword Master has become proficient in the control of his aura, he then trains his Sword intent. The Sword Intent allows him to manipulate the Sword Aura to execute energy based attacks, and other feats that are impossible for those who have not yet awakened their Aura, like cutting a mountain in half."

(A/N: In short Sword Aura is super sayanz mode, but with weapons. Sword intent is Bank*i mode in bleach.)

Celine paused to allow William to digest her explanation.

"You can even say that what separates the rookies from the expert warriors is the ability to use Aura. It's like a form of graduation for them. From a swordsman, to a knight, to a templar. Knights can use Sword Aura to a certain extent, but it is only at the beginner level.

"Templars on the other hand are stronger and can perform powerful sword strikes that can cut reinforced steel in half like a hot knife cutting through butter."

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Celine gave William an arrogant look before continuing her explanation. "The purpose of the runes I inscribed on your body earlier was to increase your sensitivity by a hundredfold. This will help you feel the flow of Aura in your body, and allow you to understand how to wield it."

William patted his shoulder then his hand. He couldn't feel the "increased sensitivity" that Celine was talking about.

Celine watched William's actions with an amused expression. "You need to say a special word that serves as the password to activate the increased sensitivity in your body. I will not tell you this word now, because I still haven't prepared the right environment for our training. It would be far too dangerous if you activated it at this point in time."

"Then, when will we start our Aura Training?" William inquired. His eyes were sparkling in anticipation because he wanted to experience what it was like to become a Super Sayanz.

"Tonight," Celine replied with a smile. "You are free to wander around for the time being, but be sure to return before sunset. You still need to cook dinner."

Celine stood up and walked towards the stairs leading to the basement. "I will prepare the venue for our training. Make sure not to disturb me unless it is important."

Yes. Celine needed to prepare the venue for their training. Learning how to form Auras would usually take two to three years, but she and William didn't have that much free time on their hands.

What she needed to do was use the special artifact that was given to her by her Master before she left the Northern Continent once her training had finished.

'Master, did you give me this artifact in preparation for this day?' Celine thought.

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Her Master was a powerful sorcerer who was also proficient in future sight. Although she didn't say anything about why she handed her prized artifact to Celine, the beautiful elf had a nagging feeling that her Master had peeked into her future.

'Master, I miss you,' Celine sighed as she held the golden pendant that was hanging on her neck. It was the gift that she received from her Master when she officially became her disciple. The beautiful elf wished that there would come a time when she would be able to see her beloved Master once again, before the Elven Prophecy came to pass.

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