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Chapter: 154

"So this is the Goblin Crypt…," William muttered as he looked at the entrance of a big cave. He also noticed the sign hanging near the entrance that had the information of the dungeon.

Dungeon Name: Goblin Crypt

Grade Level: B

Number of Floors: 30

Overall Assessment: A dungeon where only Goblin Type Monster Spawns. It is highly recommended to explore it with a party of six starting from the Fourteenth Floor onwards.

"They even highlighted the Fourteenth Floor… how considerate," Est said as he read the information near the entrance of the cave. "Will, are you sure you don't want to challenge the Fourteenth Floor?"

"If possible, I don't want to challenge it," William replied as he gazed at Wendy. "Hobgoblin Shamans shouldn't be underestimated. I hope you reconsider your plan to challenge them."

"I-It's fine," Wendy stuttered. "I have my Big Brother, as well as senior Brutus and senior Bruno with me. I am also strong, so I think we can handle it."

William nodded his head in understanding. Even so, he sighed internally. He was just like her in the past. Naive, and thought that everything would go his way because his Mama Ella was strong.

'System, place a tracker on Spencer and Wendy.'

'Yes. Please.'

'Thank you.'

The Tracker Tool of the system allowed William to put a special mark on anyone. This allowed him to know their general location as well as their current health condition. The maximum number of trackers that William could deploy at any given time was ten and it consumed two God Points per beast or person.

It was one of the Special Functions of the system that was unlocked when William had acquired the Cavalier Job Class.

It was a function meant to mark "Wild Monsters" that could be hunted down and tamed to become a mount for the Cavalier Class.

Ironically, the system made the mark universal and allowed William to use it on people as well.

"I guess this is where we part ways," Est commented. "Wendy, Brutus, Bruno, take care. Remember, your lives are important. Don't take unnecessary risks."

""Yes, Head Prefect!""

The three replied in unison.

William patted Spencer's shoulder, "Keep your sister safe. If she gets hurt, I will give you a punishment."

"I'll do that even if you don't tell me to, Head Prefect," Spencer replied grumpily. "You should worry about yourself. I've heard that there are certain adventurers who go out of their way to harass new faces that they see in the dungeon."

Spencer glanced at William's slave collar and put on a serious expression. "Everyone should be careful, there are instances where adventurers are captured and sold as slaves. Although the Goblin Crypt is under the jurisdiction of the Hellan Kingdom, there are still scumbags that are always on the lookout for pretty girls and boys that will fetch a high price in the black market."

"That's very good advice," William smiled. "So, make sure to protect your sister as well."

William unconsciously caressed the slave collar on his neck while staring at the entrance of the dungeon. Wendy's, Brutus', and Bruno's expressions changed when they realized that the collar on William's neck was a slave collar.

They initially thought that it was just an accessory, but Spencer's words made them give it a second look.

Feeling their gazes, William smiled wryly. "I can guarantee that being a slave is not a fun experience. That is why, all of you should be more careful, especially you, Wendy. Someone as beautiful as you will definitely be sold for a high price."

"I'd like to see them try," Wendy said in a tone laced with anger. "Head Prefect, if you want, I can buy your freedom for you."

Wendy looked at William with genuine concern, which made William feel warm inside.

"You don't have to worry about me," William replied. He decided to change the topic by pointing at a store that was not far away from the entrance of the cave. "Let's buy some maps first. It will be a good idea to have a general outline of the dungeon that you are going to explore."

William didn't wait for any kind of reply and walked towards the store at a steady pace.

He wanted to tell them that he had already regained his freedom, but decided not to say anything. The reason why William kept the collar on his neck was to remind himself that slavery existed in this world. Also, the collar doubled as a means of protection.

Since he was already wearing a collar, it meant that he had an owner. Human Traffickers would no longer attempt to enslave him because a slave collar could only be removed by their owners. Unless the owner of the slave died, the enslavement spell would remain in effect.

There were powerful Slave Traders that are on par with the experts of Lont. William had no chance of winning against them if he met them on his journey, so having the collar on his neck added a layer of protection.

Aside from Elves, and Beastkin, Half-Elves were always high in demand in the auctions on the Black Market. With William's looks, he would be a very attractive target for the slave traders who were looking for some new goods to sell.

When William arrived at the store, he immediately bought all the Floor Maps that were available. This cost William ten gold coins, but he didn't care. He was more curious about the differences between the maps in his hands and the maps that were recorded in his system.

'System, scan the maps and tell me your initial findings.'

'Slightly different?'

Two maps of the first floor appeared inside William's status screen. On the left side was the Goblin Crypt that he could access from the Ring of Conquest. On the right was the map that William had just bought from the store.

'Wait, this is…'

'Tell me your thoughts about the matter.'

William stood in a daze as he looked at the map inside his status screen. His group had already arrived by his side and taken a peek at the maps that were in his hands. They thought that the red-headed-boy was just taking a close inspection of the map before they entered the dungeon.

"William, is there a problem with the maps?" Est inquired. William had been staring at the map for too long that he thought it was strange.

"No. There is no problem," William answered as he gave the maps to Est. "Carry it with you. I have already memorized it so I don't need it anymore."

"Then I will gladly accept your generosity." Est inspected the maps one by one and tried to memorize them.

Spencer didn't want to waste anymore time and decided to buy maps for their own party as well. Wendy could see the impatience on her Big Brother's face, so she decided to reluctantly bid her goodbyes to her two idols.

William watched Wendy's retreating back as she entered the cave along with her party.

"She is a good girl," William said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yes. She is a good girl, so stay away from her." Ian scoffed.

"What's wrong? Are you jealous?" William gave Ian a teasing glance. "I'm just worried that Wendy will bite off more than she can chew."

"You don't need to worry about her," Kenneth commented from the side. "Spencer, Brutus, and Bruno are strong. She'll be safe as long as she doesn't go to the lower floors or meet some strong adventurers along the way. Besides, she's wearing the uniform of the Hellan Royal Academy. Even if the bad guys had guts, they would still need to think twice before making a move on her."

After Kenneth finished his explanation, Est looked up and cleared his throat. "I've memorized the maps from Floor One up to Floor Fourteen. Since we are only planning to go as far as Floor Thirteen, I think this is enough for the time being."

William nodded his head in agreement. "Lead the way, Party Leader."

"Okay." Est smiled as he walked towards the entrance of the cave.

William had passed the leadership role to Est because his only intention was to see the differences between his version of the Goblin Crypt and the dungeon in front of him.

After walking deeper into the cave, William and his party met many parties who were busy killing Goblins on the First Floor.

'The goblins here are more numerous compared to my version of this dungeon,' William thought as he scanned his surroundings. 'The system is right, this place is indeed bigger.'

As they walked towards the Second Floor, William noticed a single goblin standing in the distance. He immediately summoned his bow and quiver before pulling an arrow out from behind his back and taking aim.

The goblin wasn't even able to cry out in pain as its body fell to the ground. A few seconds later, it turned into particles of light leaving a single ear on the place where it died.

William's eyes widened when he saw the notification that appeared on his status screen after killing the goblin.

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