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Chapter: 262

"Just because you are a Princess doesn't mean that I will treat you favorably. I am a very strict teacher, are you sure you want to become my apprentice?"

"Yes! Please, make me your Disciple, Lord Owen."

"Very well," Owen nodded in a righteous manner. The charisma that was oozing from his body was that of a Master that had faced great battles and had lived to tell the tale.

William couldn't stop his lips from twitching as he stood at the side, watching this Master and Disciple pair.

He wanted to grab the old man and shake his body so badly while shouting, "Where is the real Owen? You impostor! Tell me where did you hide that old pervert who only knows how to boast about how he mastered the 444 positions that would make a woman go crazy!"

When he saw Princess Aila kneel and pay her respects to her new Master, William almost spat on the ground. The old pervert winked at him and gave him the "Now you know how awesome I am!" expression while Aila wasn't looking at him.

William's reply was simple.

He gave Owen the middle finger.

This brief exchange between the two came to an abrupt end when Princess Aila raised her head to look at her new Master.

Owen extended his hand to hold her hand, which was the procedure of accepting a Disciple among the Life Mages.

Princess Aila stood up with Owen's assistance, completing the ceremony of apprenticeship.

"Rest for now," Owen said in a tone that was befitting of a monk that had abstained from worldly desires. "Our training will start tomorrow. I'll pick you up when the sun rises."

"Yes, Master," Princess Aila bowed respectfully before walking back towards the Ainsworth Residence.

William and Owen watched her retreating back in silence. The moment the girl disappeared from their sight, Owen's exalted form, and aura, disappeared completely.

"Will, I'm going to tell this to you now, you'd better not extend your filthy hands onto my disciple," Owen said in disdain.

"Excuse me? I'm not an old cow that preys on young grass. Just look at how handsome I am! Do I even need to put an effort into making the ladies fall in love with me?" William snorted. "Old man, you'd better behave and not do anything untowards to your new Disciple, or else I'll tell your wife."

Owen summoned his staff and immediately whacked William's head. Even though he had already mastered a lot of skills and had grown stronger over the years, Owen's strike cleanly landed on William's head which made the boy cry out in pain.

"Fool! Do not say such stupid things," Owen reprimanded. "Life Mages don't do those things, especially between Master and Disciple. You'd better not spout any of that nonsense, especially in front of Aila."

"You've finally shown your true colors, old man!" William grumbled. "What Great Archon? What Legend? Pitui! You're just a lecherous old man who likes to eat young grass!"

Owen was about to whack the boy again when the door of his house opened, revealing his young and beautiful wife, Sarah.

"Darling, lunch is ready," Sarah said with a smile. "Little Will, it has been a while. Do you want to have lunch with us?"

William and Owen smiled as both of them patted each other like they were the best of friends. Sarah smiled sweetly at the two and was very happy that the "boys" were getting along. 

"Thank you for the invitation, Big Sister Sarah," William replied. "However, I have guests back at the residence and I need to entertain them. Perhaps next time?"

"Alright." Sarah nodded. "Make sure to visit us again Will and study properly at the Royal Academy."

"I will, Big Sister."

"Darling, let's go and eat while the food is still warm."

"I'm coming, Honey," Owen said. "See you later, William."

"Bye bye, Sir Owen."

After the couple closed the door behind them, William shook his head helplessly as he walked back towards the residence. 

'That old coot must have saved a planet in his past life to have Sarah as his wife,' William thought. 'Then again, Princess Aila becoming Owen's Disciple is also a good thing. Grandpa and Owen are not fools. They will be able to monitor Princess Aila and see if she has any hidden agendas in the Hellan Kingdom.'

The group stayed the night in Lont before going back to the Capital the next day. Although William could stay longer, he had many important matters to attend to. After two days of travel, they finally arrived at the Capital and immediately headed towards the Royal Academy.


Two hours after arriving at the academy, William was summoned to the palace. He took Brianna with him, because he intended to discuss with the King about making Brianna the fiance of Prince Ernest. 

Although there was no certainty that Great Chief Evander and his sons would be able to retain their position as the leader of the Tribes, William thought that it would be best to officially declare Brianna as Prince Ernest's fiance since the two kids seemed to have feelings for each other.


Thirteen days.

That was the amount of time that had passed since William had left the Royal Academy and many things had happened while they were away.

The Academy was busy preparing for the Inter-Division Battle, and all the Divisions were training seriously for the chance to become this year's champion. Of course, aside from the students, Carter had also been very busy.

With the help of Charlotte, and the children that had been affected by the suggestion spell, the candies had made their way to the First, Second, and Third Years of the Magic Division. He didn't dare try to ensnare the Fourth Years because there were strong individuals like Matthew and Leah who had very strong perceptions.

Carter didn't want to jeopardize his plan, so he focused on these three divisions. Right now, he had successfully corrupted 70% of the student body and the rest would be fully under his control a few days before the Inter-Division Battle started.

"So, Wendy and the Knight Commander have returned to the Academy?" Carter's face brightened when he heard Charlotte's report. He had been waiting a long time for Wendy's return and had prepared a special variety of candy just for her.

This candy was more potent than the rest and it would only take three to four days for the spell to mature inside his target's body.

"Yes," Charlotte replied happily. "Right now, Wendy is resting inside her room. Do you want me to give her the candy you specially made for her?"

"Yes, please." Carter handed the pouch to Charlotte with a smile. "I'm counting on you, My Love."

Carter drew Charlotte close and hugged her. "This weekend, invite her to have lunch with you and bring her here, to my room. That will be when we will discuss our… marriage and invite her to become my second wife."

"Sounds like a good plan," Charlotte nodded. She really wanted to have Wendy as Carter's second wife because she only wanted those who were close to her to share the love of her beloved man.

Carter was planning to have a special time with her and Wendy on the day of the Inter-Division Battles. All he needed to do was wait two more weeks before he could leave the Southern Continent.

He would conduct a massacre then take the talented girls of the Hellan Royal Academy back to the Demon Continent. After that, he would receive the rewards that the Demon Lord promised him.

Carter could feel the heat in his loins, but he endured it for now. He returned to his laboratory to make more candies. This was a crucial time, and he couldn't afford to keep thinking about the young beauties that would soon be brought back to the Demon Continent. 

'Just wait, my beloved little pets,' Carter mused. 'Soon, I will take all of you to the peak of pleasure and make you forget your lives in the Southern Continent.'

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