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Chapter: 396

William and the Titanic Trollhound, along with its pack, arrived at the First Peak of the Kyrintor Mountains. Just like always, the leader of the Trollhounds had a unique dislike for Humans. However, it still gave William a chance because the Half-Elf said that he was going to fight against the Organization that was responsible for their torture and suffering.

The Half-Elf thought that this was already in the bag since Takam and him were on the same page. However, what greeted him at the Peak of the Kyrintor Mountain was…

"Can you please repeat that one more time?" William's eyes were almost bloodshot as he stared at the Oracle of the Kyrintor Mountains.

"The Sovereign is currently taking a number two," Olivia, the Oracle of the Kyrintor Mountains, said with a calm expression on her face. "His Excellency explicitly told me that he is not going to receive any guests until he is finished with his business."

William almost laughed out loud due to anger after hearing the bullsh*t excuse of the Demigod that refused to meet with him.

"Lady Olivia, do Demigods take a dump?" The corner of William's lips twitched as he used all of his willpower to stop himself from cursing out loud. 'What kind of bullsh*t excuse is that? Even if you kill me, I won't believe that a Demigod takes a dump!'


"Are you for real?"

"Young Will, don't you know? This is general knowledge," Olivia stated as if it was a very obvious thing. She even gave William a weird look as if he had no common sense.

The Titanic Trollhound stared at the red-headed boy with contempt as if mocking him for his lack of knowledge. This made William want to give it the middle finger because it had easily been hoodwinked by the straight-faced Oracle who was in cahoots with the Demigod she served.

In order to get a second opinion, William transferred his consciousness inside his Thousand Beast Domain and asked Kasogonaga if Demigods actually pooped.

"Are you stupid?" Kasogonaga asked. "How can a Demigod poop? Something must be wrong with your brain!"

"Come out with me for a second," William pleaded. "Help me explain to the Oracle and Titanic Trollhound that they are behind hoodwinked by Takam."

The rainbow-colored Anteater pondered for a bit before firmly shaking its head. 

"There are rules between Demigods. It is the rule of non-interference," Kasogonaga said with a serious expression on its adorable face. "Since we are inside this Demigod's Domain, I can't just randomly come out because it would think my action was a declaration of war. Right now, I am not at my peak.

"Also my instincts are telling me that meeting this Demigod in my current state is not a good idea. Although the chances are low, I don't want to risk giving it an excuse to capture me and lock me up. I just regained my freedom. There's no way I'm letting any Demigod imprison me again."

Kasogonaga was firm as it stood its ground. William could tell that it wouldn't go back on its word, so he couldn't expect any help to come from it.

After that short discussion with Kasogonaga, William finally understood that Takam wasn't meeting him on purpose. Perhaps the Demigod had a reason for doing so, but it made things difficult for William.

"Then, when will his Excellency finish his business?" William had no choice but to compromise. Whatever sick joke Takam was playing, he decided to play along for now. This was to ensure that the Titanic Trollhound would join him in his fight against The Organization.

"I don't know," Olivia shook her head. "Sometimes, it takes weeks to months before his Excellency finishes his business. If you want to wait, you are welcome to wait on the Peak of Enlightenment."

"I-Is there no other way to communicate with him?" William insisted. "He only needs to talk to this… wonderful Trollhound by my side for a few minutes. It won't take too much of his time."

Olivia frowned as if William's proposal was very difficult to achieve. At that moment, a scroll appeared in front of the Oracle.

The one who serves the Sovereign of the Kyrintor Mountain reads its contents before looking at William with a smile. 

"His Excellency said that it will take a while for him to finish. However, he added that if you are in a hurry to meet him, you should read his letter first."

William sighed as he took the letter from Olivia's hands and read its contents. He didn't know what the Demigod was up to, but Takam had always been good to him, so he decided to just play along and see what was written in the letter.


Dear Little Will,

If you are reading this letter, it means that I am currently busy with you know what. It will take a while for me to finish, so while you wait, why don't you visit the Goblin Crypt in the Town of Hartlepool first?

Clearing a Low-Level Dungeon is not that hard. So, why don't you clear two Goblin Crypts at the same time? Make sure to press your father's keepsake over the Dungeon Core when you reach the last floor.

Also, it might be a good time for you to raise the ranks of your army. I think I'll be done with my business after you have cleared the two Goblin Crypts, and raised five of your beasts to the Centennial Rank.

Best of luck to you,



William read the contents of the letter with a dumbfounded expression. First of all, he was surprised because Takam knew that there were two Goblin Crypts. Of course, William thought that the Demigod was just teasing him.

However, the words written on the letter were too precise to ignore. The next thing that confused him was the fact that Takam also knew about his Father's keepsake, which was the Ring of Conquest. 

The last part about having five Centennial Beasts also made him painfully aware that he currently didn't have any Beasts in his Legion that had stepped into the Centennial Rank. This reminder was like a bucket of cold water poured over his head.

William contemplated as he went over the information of the two Goblin Crypts that he had explored in the past.

His own Goblin Crypt consisted of Twenty Floors, while the Goblin Crypt in the Town of Hartlepool had Thirty Floors. 

William had already gained the floor map of the upper floors, so it was only a matter of time before he could clear this condition. He believed that with the current forces under his disposal, clearing the two dungeons simultaneously would be easy. 

"Fine," William decided to take a step back and run Takam's errand first.

He was also very curious about what would happen after he cleared the two dungeons at the same time. His instinct was telling him that this was not a random errand that the Demigod was sending him on because he was bored. 

'Could it be?' William thought a possibility appeared inside his head. 

The Half-Elf looked at the Ring of Conquest which had once belonged to his father. It was the keepsake that his mother had given him when they parted ways and it had remained with William to this day.

Like the final piece of a puzzle falling in place, William clenched his fist as he looked in the direction of the Hellan Kingdom. Although it was exhausting to travel back and forth between the Kyrintor Mountains and the Capital, he was willing to do it as long as he could gain the power and allies that would help him accomplish the task he needed to do.

'I just hope that my hunch is correct.' William caressed the ring on his hand in anticipation. 

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