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Chapter: 398

William found himself being used as a hug pillow by two beautiful ladies inside his Sea of consciousness. They decided to stay for a night in the Armstrong Duchy, before going to the town of Hartlepool in order to start their Dungeon Expedition.

'I can get used to this,' William thought as he held the two beauties in his arms. He listened to the soft, sleeper, breaths of the two girls that loved him as he basked in their warmth and softness.

Ashe's Spiritual Energy transfer was still in effect even when she slept. Wendy's Magical Powers traveled through her, before being transmitted to William's body as Spiritual Power. Both of them were nourishing his body and speeding up the recovery process of his Spiritual World.

For William, these two girls in his arms were very precious. He had long decided to do his best to make them happy and return the love they were showering him with in full. When Belle said that she would allow him to have nine wives, he thought that she was kidding.

Now that he was holding not one, but two girls in his arms, he started to realize that there might be some truth in the words of his star-crossed lover, who was still thinking about him from Earth.

'Nine,' William mused. 'There's Est so that's already three…'

William recalled all the ladies that he had a close relationship with and felt a minor headache. Aside from his three lovers, there were several other girls that came to his mind. One of them was the Princess of Freesia who had openly declared that she wanted his babies.

'I should stop thinking about this.' William sighed internally. He still had to deal with the problems at hand and had no energy to think about his future wife candidates. For the time being, he decided to just focus on his three lovers. In regards to the other six possible wives, he decided to cross the bridge when he got there.


After breakfast, William, Ian, and Wendy wasted no time and teleported to the town of Hartlepool using the teleport gate in the Armstrong Duchy. It had been many months since their last visit, but Wendy still unconsciously flinched when she saw the entrance of the Goblin Crypt.

"Don't worry," William said as he firmly held her hand. "I'll protect you."

William cringed internally after he realized that he just said one of the cheesiest lines in existence. In the past, he would snort whenever he read this line in a light novel or heard it in T.V shows. Why? Because all of them sounded unrealistic. He just didn't expect that he would be saying the same words in this lifetime.

"Thank you," Wendy replied as she returned a firm squeeze on William's hand to tell him that she was really fine.

William nodded and closed his eyes. It was now time to form the teams that would explore the dungeons.

Erchitu, along with the minotaur race, would take care of the Goblin Crypt that was connected to the Thousand Beast Domain. The Half-Elf was confident that the Millennial Beast would easily bulldoze through anything that stood in its way. 

As for William's own party, there was Ian, Wendy, Ella, and the goats. Psoglav, Kasogonaga, and the Cercopes Monkeys also joined in for fun. Kasogonaga sat on top of Chronos, because the rainbow-colored Anteater had become good friends with the denizens of the Thousand Beast Domain.

Aside from its hatred for the Elven Race, Kasogonaga had no problem getting along with anyone. Although it was not part of William's Legion, it decided to accompany the Half-Elf during his war against the Elven Prodigies, who were just outside the Hellan Kingdom's borders.

William knew that with the lineup he had prepared for the two dungeons, a mere Goblin Crypt wouldn't be able to stop them.

Ten minutes later…

The goats ran straight towards the lower floors of the dungeon and ignored senseless killing. Since William had already acquired the maps, he just focused on reaching the lowest floors as fast as possible.

The same thing was happening to the Goblin Crypt where Erchitu was stationed. According to Takam, both dungeons must be conquered within twenty-four hours after setting foot inside them.

The Hobgoblin Leader didn't even last five seconds after it appeared in the Boss Room. As soon as the boss landed on the ground, it received a Mega Kick from Ella which sent it slamming towards the wall head first. 

Ian hurriedly opened the chest and grabbed the pair of Windborne Boots and stored them inside her storage ring. Last time, she had surrendered the Windborne Boots to Est. This time, she wasn't planning on compromising.

Even now, William still wore the boots that he had acquired inside the Goblin Crypt. They had an auto-size function and were very sturdy. Because of this, the Elf didn't think about replacing them with other footwear, unless he was wearing the Golden Armor that was forged from the Golden-Scaled Crocodile that attacked Lont when he was still young and powerless.

Wendy didn't know the meaning behind the boots, and only thought that Ian was taking them in order to not waste the treasure chest. 

After that short interlude, the group travelled straight towards the Fourteenth Floor where the Goblin Shaman spawned. 

When they came across a party with a Goblin Shaman, William didn't bat an eye and immediately skewered it with a Glacial Lance. Although this creature, that had once terrorized him during his childhood, was no longer a threat to him, he still didn't want to take any chances and killed it on the spot.

"Don't worry, I'll let you fight one later," William said as he held Wendy's waist. He knew that his lover had a vendetta against Goblin Shamans, but he was under a strict time limit. The Half-Elf was confident that he wouldn't need twenty-four hours to clear the dungeon. Even so, he didn't want to be careless so he dealt with the immediate threat before things got out of hand.

An hour later, they arrived at the Twentieth Floor where the second Boss of the Goblin Crypt was waiting for them. 

This was the first time that William would see the Boss on the Twentieth Floor of the Dungeon. William didn't want to admit it, but he had always wondered what the second boss would be like.

Soon, the torches in the arena blazed and a two meter tall goblin appeared in front of them. William raised his brow when he saw the boss that was flanked by two dozen Hobgoblins composed of Shamans, Warriors, and Hunters.

William's Appraisal Skill buzzed as the information of the boss appeared on his Status Page.

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