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Chapter: 399

-- Dungeon Boss

-- Goblin Overlord

-- Threat Level: Class B (High)

-- The Great Chieftain of the Goblin Race is known for its wild and chaotic side. It is very accustomed to bullying those who are weaker than it and will often go on warring expeditions against other Goblins in order to assimilate them into his tribe.

-- The Goblin Chieftain also likes to pillage Human villages in order to capture the women and young girls to serve as his tribe's broodmares. They are well-known for being lustful creatures and have always been on the list of Top Ten Creatures that the Adventurers should eliminate at all cost.


With a guttural roar, the Goblin Chieftain charged towards William like a mad beast. It became jealous of William because there was one beautiful girl by his side. As a lustful beast, it wanted to capture the girl and have its way with her.

William snorted and was about to fight the Goblin Chieftain head-on. However, he wasn't able to do that because Ian and Wendy, who stood by his side, had already charged at the Goblin Chief with their weapons drawn.

Ian's sword whip and Wendy's spear collided with the double scimitars that the Goblin Chieftain was wielding. Ashe transformed into her mermaid form at the same time that Wendy unleashed her Magic. 

The two girls worked together in order to keep the monster at bay, while the rest of the goats cleared up the Goblin Chieftain's subordinates. 

William knew that Ashe and Wendy were not fragile flowers that had to be locked up in crystal vases to be admired. Both of them were warriors, and they had their pride as warriors. The two girls were giving William a subtle hint, and the Half-Elf understood their intentions.

'We will not just watch from the side and let you do all the fighting,' Ashe said internally as the sword in her hand transformed into a whip made of water. 

Wendy firmly gripped her spear as she prepared to use one of her powerful attacks in order to deal with the Goblin Chieftain who had entered a berserked state. 

'Watch me, Will. I'll show you what I can do!' Wendy channeled her Magic Power to the tip of her spear and exchanged a glance with Ashe before going in for the kill.

"Rain Cutter!"

"Infinity Spear!"

The water whip in Ashe's hand blurred as it lashed out towards the body of the Goblin Chieftain, leaving deep gashes in its chest. 

Wendy thrust her spear forward and several steel spikes embedded themselves in the Goblin Chieftain's body.

Both girls were still not finished with their merciless combination and pummeled the berserked Goblin Chieftain over and over until it drew its last breath. 

Both girls were at the initial stages of the Gold Rank, while William was in the initial stages of the Platinum Rank. Originally, the two of them were only at the peak of Silver Rank. However, due to their desire to become stronger during the war, they trained hard and absorbed Magic Crystals in order to finally advance to their next rank. 

This happened while William was still in a coma and he was pleasantly surprised to see that girls had increased their fighting prowess. 

"Great job, both of you," William praised the two girls who were panting for breath.

The Goblin Chieftain was a rank higher than both of them. But due to their combined efforts, they were able to neutralize its threat by bombarding it with spells that made it unable to utilize its strength to the fullest.

Also, there was a certain red-headed boy who was using subtle dark magic spells to weaken the Goblin Chieftain without letting the two girls find out. As someone that had trained with Celine for many years, the boy had learned a few tricks from her.

Oliver, who was hiding in William's shadow, nodded his head in appreciation. He had been with William many times to act as a bodyguard, so he was well aware of the red-headed boy's personality.

His actions to help the two girls made Oliver realize how much William cared about them. The Parrot Monkey sighed in his heart and wished that his ward, Celine, was there to see how much the boy had grown.

He was also starting to doubt if William was really the Prince in the Prophecy. At the beginning, Oliver wanted William to be the Prince of Darkness. Why? Because if that happened then he would definitely choose Celine over Celeste when that time came.

However, after being with him for so long, he wished that it were not true.

After all, in order to become the Prince who wielded the power of Darkness, William must allow himself to be corrupted by darkness and accept it wholeheartedly. 

Celine and the Parrot Monkey had already seen William's state when he had lost all hope for Humanity. Both of them didn't want to see him like that ever again.

'I'll just let nature take its course.' Oliver sighed for the second time. 'There's no use worrying about things outside of our control.'

Oliver watched as the two girls exchanged a high five before looking back at William with smug expressions on their faces. William smiled and looked at his two lovers with gentle eyes.

The Parrot Monkey hoped that the time would come when someone would also look at Celine with eyes filled with love and affection. 

'If William isn't the Prince then so be it,' Oliver thought. 'However, if any other bastard Prince dares to harm my Mistress, I will rip him apart and feed him to the fishes. I don't care if he's the Prince of Darkness or Prince of Blackness. Anyone who makes Celine cry will die in my hands.'

It was still a few years before the prophecy was to be fulfilled. Until then, Oliver would watch over his Prince Candidate and see for himself if the red-headed boy, whom he had personally trained, would fall into despair and allow himself to be corrupted by Darkness.

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