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Chapter: 539

William looked at the mirror while fixing his hair. It was six in the evening, and the party in the Academy's Grand Ballroom was already in full swing.

The Half-Elf didn't intend to go early because he didn't want to become the center of attention. His short exchange with Prince Jason had been a juicy gossip among the nobles, and many were looking forward to seeing how he would conduct himself at the birthday party.

If he had his way, he wouldn't bother joining the festivities. However, Sidonie had asked him to go, so he had no choice but to go.

William looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled.

"Ladies, prepare to get heartbroken," William said as he made a suave pose in front of the mirror. "This Sir, is already taken."


Ian, who was in the same room as William, shook her head helplessly. She already knew that William could be childish at times, and she was helpless against it.

"Let's go," Ian said as she approached the red-headed teenager who looked very handsome in his suit. "Sidonie and Chiffon are already there. Let's not keep them waiting."

William nodded. He glanced at the mirror one last time before heading out of the room.

Ian played her role as William's retainer, and walked a few steps behind him. They had already agreed upon a few things on what they would do at the party, and one of them was lobbying a certain Prince that was trying to get his hands on Princess Sidonie.

It didn't take long before they arrived at their destination. Several royal guards patrolled the surrounding area to ensure that nothing out of place would transpire during this important event.

As soon as William stepped inside the Ballroom, Chamberlain announced his name, which made everyone look in his direction.

William walked with grace, that wouldn't lose to the members of the Royal Family. He had already equipped the Sun Knight Job Class, which greatly enhanced his charisma, making the ladies that looked at him giggle in delight.

Princess Vanessa looked at the Half-Elf from where she was seated with a serious expression. She had also heard what had happened in the tavern after she and her twin brother had left.

The Princess couldn't believe that someone would treat her beloved that way, and it made her dislike the handsome Half-Elf who seemed to be enjoying the attention that everyone was giving him.

'Brother, do you know anything about him?' Princess Vanessa asked her brother, Prince Rainier, using telepathy.

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Princess Rainier glanced at William's direction before answering her twin. 'I know very little of him. The only thing I know is that he is from the Southern Continent. He was the one that led the resistance against the Elves, who tried to conquer his Kingdom."

Since they were born as twins, they shared this unique ability to communicate with each other, as long as they were within five miles away from each other. This was quite similar to how Ashe could talk to William using the gem that was embedded in his chest.

The only difference was that Ashe could contact William even though they were miles away from each other. As long as both of them were in the same continent, the two lovers could talk to each other wherever, and whenever, they wanted.

Princess Vanessa nodded her head. She also didn't know much about the Half-Elf, but one thing was clear.

'He is Big Brother Jason's enemy,' Princess Vanessa thought as she looked in the direction where the Fifth Prince of the Kraetor Empire was currently at.

Prince Jason was at the opposite table, along with Prince Maximilian, Prince Kevin, Princess Sidonie, and the girl that everyone in the academy referred to as Trash Eater.

The pink-haired girl was wearing a pink ballroom dress that brought out her cuteness. She was like an adorable doll that made everyone attracted to her.

Fortunately, this doll didn't know how to smile. If she did, her charm would probably be as destructive as Princess Sidonie's.

The birthday girl was wearing a red princess ball gown, which enhanced her natural beauty. Her reddish-brown hair was neatly arranged, like that of a bride that was about to be married off to a Prince of the neighboring kingdom.

A tinge of myrth appeared in her mesmerizing hazel eyes, the moment she saw her lover walk in her direction.

From within their shared mindscape, Morgana squealed in delight because the Half-Elf was wearing the clothes that she had personally chosen for the party. She had already memorized William's body size, so it was very easy for her to pick a suit that suited him perfectly.

'That's OUR taste in men, Big Sister.'

While the two were giggling inside their Mindscape, William finally arrived at their table and bowed courteously.

"Happy Birthday, Princess," William said as he looked at the princess with gentle eyes. "May you always find happiness in your life for many more years to come."

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"Thank you, Sir William," Princess Sidonie replied. "Please, enjoy the party."

"I shall, Your Highness," William bowed his head once more before shifting his attention to the adorable pink-haired girl seated beside Princess Sidonie.

"You look very cute in that dress, Chiffon," William grinned.

"Really?" Chiffon asked half in doubt.

It was Princess Sidonie that had picked the dress that she was wearing at the party. At first, she refused to dress up and insisted on only wearing her uniform. However, when the Princess mentioned that William would definitely praise Chiffon if she dressed up, the latter reluctantly agreed to Princess Sidonie's arrangement.

"Yes, you're very cute." William nodded in affirmation. "Well then, shall we go?"

William extended his hand to Chiffon, and the latter subconsciously reached out her hand as well. She had always been with William most of the time, and holding his hand felt natural to her.

"I'll be taking her for now, Princess," William said with a smile.

"Okay." Princess Sidonie nodded.

However, before William could leave, Princess Sidonie took the initiative to ask him for something that made Prince Jason frown.

"Sir William, can I reserve you for my first dance?" Princess Sidonie asked in a teasing tone.

Prince Jason looked at the princess before glaring in William's direction. He had already planned on asking her out for the first dance, but it seemed that his beloved cousin planned to avoid his advances.

"Naturally," William nodded. "Afterall, I am your fiance. It is only natural for me to have your first… and last dance."

The way William said the words had a deeper meaning in it. The beautiful princess and her seductive other half immediately understood what William was talking about, and they couldn't help but blush because of his boldness.

"I will look forward to it then, Sir William," Princess Sidonie replied and gave William the "You're not getting any sleep tonight" wink.

This playful exchange between the two made Prince Maximilian, and Prince Kevin give each other a knowing glance. They didn't expect that William was capable of doing such a feat, especially when he was in the presence of the Royal Family.

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"You think too highly of yourself, Shepherd," Prince Jason commented from the side. "Know your place."

Prince Jason wasn't planning on saying anything, but the moment he saw the blush on his beloved's face, his jealousy burned within his chest.

Everyone was paying close attention to what was happening at the table of the Royal Family. Although the nobles kept their distance and were chatting with each other, their ears, and eyes, had locked in to the conversation that Prince Jason and William were having.

William frowned as he glanced at the Prince who was staring daggers in his direction.

"Who are you again?" William asked. "Sorry, but I only know important people."

Princess Sidonie's, Prince Maximilian's, and Prince Kevin's bodies stiffened at the same time. They didn't expect that William would openly provoke Prince Jason in front of everyone in Silverwind Academy.

The three princes wanted to slap the Half-Elf because he intended to have a repeat of what he did in the tavern, which was so close to becoming a brawl between William and Prince Jason.

"Oh? This is interesting. Someone in my Empire doesn't know the name of one of my Grandsons."

A deep and powerful voice said from behind William.

William turned around as he respectfully bowed his head in greeting.

"Good Evening, Your Majesty." William greeted Emperor Leonidas.

Emperor Leonidas gave him a brief nod in acknowledgement before repeating his question.

"Tell me, do you really not know his name?" Emperor Leonidas inquired.

Evexius who was standing not far from the Emperor sighed internally. The Emperor of the Kraetor Empire was someone that protected the reputation of the Royal Family. Anyone who dared to step on its dignity would be sent to the prison to be tortured for an entire week, before sending them to the gallows to be executed.

"Sorry, but I don't really know who he is," William replied fearlessly. "Why would I bother to know the name of the person that is eyeing my fiance with lusty eyes?"

All the students, including the Professors inside the Great Ballroom, sucked in a deep breath after hearing William's words. Although they were surprised that the Half-Elf dared to talk back to their Emperor, they were more surprised at the bomb that William had thrown at them.

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Their gazes landed on the Fifth Prince of the Kraetor Empire who had a calm expression on his face. If what William said was true, Prince Jason's reputation would take a beating, and he would be the subject of the most juicy gossip the Kraetor Empire had ever heard in a long time.

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