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Chapter: 540

"I don't know if you are very brave, or very stupid," Emperor Leonidas commented as he appraised the young man in front of him. "I think it is the latter."

William chuckled as he faced the Emperor with a devilish smile. "That is also what the Elves thought, before they got massacred. They thought of me as a stupid country bumpkin that only knew how to rear sheep in the countryside. Jokes on them, I'm not someone that they can step on lightly.

"You should have seen the look on their faces, Your Majesty, when their Demigod…"

William didn't finish his words and left it hanging in the air. His words carried confidence and even a subtle hint that he could do the same to the Demigod of the Kraetor Empire, if they went too far and annoyed him.

Naturally, this was just a bluff.

He was only able to capture Sepheron, the Demigod of the Elves, because Takam had helped him seal him for a period of time. If the pocket cube alone had been used against a Demigod, it would immediately be destroyed, and the capture would automatically fail.

If Takam didn't partake in Sepheron's capture, William would have had no way to deal with the Demigod of the Silvermoon Continent. He would probably run back to Lont, and hug Vlad's legs and ask him to deal with the Demigod who wanted to bully him.

'This boy sure knows how to cause a scene,' Evexius was starting to regret his decision of accompanying the Emperor to attend Princess Sidonie's Birthday Party.

"The last time someone threatened me, they suffered terribly before they died," Emperor Leonidas said.

"What a coincidence," William smirked. "I'm good friends with the dead. Do you want me to meet up with my friends, Your Majesty?"

William subtly opened the portal that led to the Undying Lands. Eight powerful auras descended inside the ballroom which made everyone gasp for breath. Before he came to the party, he visited the Undying Lands and asked Malacai if the Demigod could help him with his bluff.

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After the war ended, Malacai had stepped into the Ranks of the Demigods, but he was still unable to break the chains that bound him. He would have to wait for a year or two before he was freed of his shackles.

Malacai agreed with William's request because he was feeling bored. Since there was nothing to do within the Undying Lands, scaring a Human Emperor was a good way to pass the time.

Emperor Leonidas had heard from Evexius that several powerful Undead helped William in the war against the Elves. Since he didn't see it personally, he was unable to estimate how strong these undead were.

The Emperor of the Kraetor Empire felt a chill run down his spine when he sensed something sinister among the eight auras that leaked into the Great Ballroom.

He wasn't too worried about the other Seven Powerful Auras that were being released. Although these auras belonged to the peak of the Myriad Beast Category, they were no match for the Demigod that watched over the Kraetor Empire.

What unnerved him was the eighth aura that he had perceived. This aura clearly belonged to a Demigod, and a very powerful one.

It was a presence that was stronger than the Protectors of the Empire and the Demigod that ruled them all.

"Your Majesty, I want to visit Aamon's Temple," William said. "You're going to give me permission, Yes?"

William was sick and tired of waiting for the Emperor to give him permission to meet with Aamon. He didn't come to the Kraetor Empire to enroll at Silverwind Academy, or to play mind games with the Royal Family.

Also, he still had to go to the Misty Sect for his promised battle with Rebecca that would be happening on the Founding Anniversary of her sect.

Since the Emperor wasn't taking him seriously, he had no choice but to show Emperor Leonidas that he was someone that the Royal Family didn't have the leisure to ignore.

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William closed the connection to the Undying Lands because everyone in the ballroom, except for Princess Sidonie, Chiffon, Ian, Emperor Leonidas, and Evexius, were already gasping for breath.

The Half-Elf had shielded his two lovers, and the little girl that was holding his hand, from the effect of the Undead Auras.

For someone of Malacai's level, his Aura was several times more powerful than Ezkalor's Dragon Fear that could easily paralyze anyone below the Adamantium Rank (Centennial Rank).

"Since today is my Fiance's birthday, I will wait to receive his Majesty's answer tomorrow," William said as he gave Emperor Leonidas a curt nod. He then guided Chiffon towards the table of Class F who was looking at him as if he was a monster.

Morgana had entered her fan girl state as she cheered for William inside their shared mindscape.

Princess Sidonie, on the other hand, had a complicated look on her face as she gazed at her lover from afar.

'Will, you took things too far.' Princess Sidonie sighed.

William had already told her his frustrations about the lack of reply from Emperor Leonidas in regards to his request. She had also helped William and talked to her grandfather once, but the latter brushed her inquiry aside and changed the topic.

Princess Sidonie smiled bitterly because she also understood this. It is because she understood, that William's action made things complicated.

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'Grandfather is not someone who takes threats lightly,' Princess Sidonie said. 'Although he will give Will his permission to visit Aamon's Temple, our lover's relationship with the Kraetor Royal Family will not be the same again.'

Morgana replied to her other half with a smirk.

Princess Sidonie's eyes widened in realization. She had completely forgotten that she was only visiting the Kraetor Empire because she wanted to help William meet with Aamon in his temple.

Her other half was right. She didn't belong in the Kraetor Empire. Wherever Wiliam would be, that was where she would belong.

'Thank you for reminding me, Big Sister. I had practically forgotten that this was not the place I was born due to the VIP treatment that we are receiving.'

Evexius walked towards Emperor Leonidas and stood by his side. He had served the Emperor for many years, and knew his personality. Deep inside he was even anticipating what was going to happen in the future.

'Congratulations, your Majesty,' Evexius said through telepathy. 'You succeeded in probing one of William's Trump Cards.'

The corner of Emperor Leonidas' lips raised slightly. Just like what Evexius had said, he was only probing William. He wanted to know how the Half-Elf would react if he faced him directly.

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The Emperor of the Kraetor Empire wanted to know where William's confidence was coming from.

'You're right, Evexius,' Emperor Leonidas replied. 'I underestimated him. With this, I have gained more confidence in the plan we have in mind. We are going to proceed as planned.'

Evexius briefly nodded his head to acknowledge his Emperor's command. 'As you wish, Your Majesty.'

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