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Chapter: 589


"Giant! Kill her!"

"Kill her first before she kills us!"

Xander's forces focused their attack on Chiffon who had just eaten her third victim.

Naturally, William didn't allow anyone to gang up on her, and swatted anyone that came her way, sending them flying hundreds of meters away.

The Half-Elf didn't want Chiffon to eat humans, because he was afraid that it might cause her lasting harm when she regained her consciousness.

The giantess, on the other hand, didn't know, or care, about William's intentions. In fact, she was getting annoyed that the one she planned to eat for last was getting in her way. After several attempts of trying to seize the puny humans to be eaten, the Giantess became irritated by the Half-Elf that kept on sending her food away from her.

Chiffon grabbed Ruyi Jingu Bang, and threw it away, along with the red-headed teenager that was firmly holding it in his hands.

After dealing with the pest, Chiffon scanned her surroundings and found an injured man lying on the ground. The man was none other than Xander, who suffered from William's earlier attack.

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The Giantess chuckled as she unceremoniously picked up the man beside her feet and threw him inside her mouth. Cracking sounds were heard as the pink-haired giantess ate Xander like a potato chip.

After eating her prey, she once again looked for new targets to eat. The ones that had caught her eye were the five High-Rankers that had attacked William earlier. Chiffon didn't like other people stealing her prey (William), so she decided to attack the five High-Rankers who had grouped themselves together.

"Don't be afraid!" one of the High-Rankers shouted. "Don't let her looks fool you! She's only big, but she is not that strong. We can kill her if we fight together!"

What the High-Ranker said was true. Although Chiffon was in her giant form, she wasn't that strong. However, what he didn't know was that the pink-haired giant's red gauntlets weren't just for show.

Heroism activated which increased Chiffon's stats by 50% if she was fighting against someone stronger than her.

Right now, Chiffon's rank was that of a Millennial Beast (Mid). In Human Rankings, she would be a Black Ranked Fighter. This rank was only a level below Saint, but thanks to the Heroism Passive Skill, Chiffon was now a Pseudo-Saint.

But, since her Devour ability had been added to the equation as well, her fighting prowess was akin to a Myriad Beast in its initial stages.

Myriad Beasts would always be stronger than Saints. This was the difference between beasts and mortals.

"Young Master, let's go!" one of the High-Rankers protecting Xavier grabbed his arm, dragging him away from the Giantess who was still in her berserked state.

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Xavier didn't resist, and allowed himself to be carried away to safety. Inside his heart, he was thankful to Chiffon. Xander was still his brother. Killing him with his own hands would have left a bitter aftertaste.

Fortunately, he no longer needed to do that because Chiffon had already eaten his older brother. This also marked the end in the feud of the Tristan Clan that ruled the Floor of Partings.

The members of the Tristan Family also retreated from the battlefield, leaving the High-Rankers of the Agnis Family to their Fates.

"Chiffon, stop!" William reappeared in the battle field and used Ruyi Jingu Bang to block Chiffon's path. Although he hated the High-Rankers who were tasked to hunt them down, he was more worried about Chiffon's mental state after she regained her consciousness.

The Giantess roared in anger at the Half-Elf who had once again prevented her from eating the trashy rankers that she had set her sight on. In the end, the two fought against each other, with William playing the defensive role, keeping Chiffon at bay.

When the High-Rankers of the Agnis Family saw this, an evil plan appeared in their mind, and that was to attack William while he was busy dealing with Chiffon. That way, the Half-Elf would get injured and would be the one who would be eaten by the Giantess next, since she couldn't tell friend from foe.

As William fought off against Chiffon, the Five Saints activated their weapons and charged at William in every direction. They even chose the time when Chiffon and William exchanged blows, to prevent the Half-Elf from blocking their synchronized attack.

When Chiffon saw this scene, she stopped her attack, and opened her mouth wide. The five High-Rankers found themselves being sucked up inside her gaping mouth.

Screams filled with fear and unwillingness escaped their lips as they closed in on the Giantess' mouth. All of them regretted their decision to backstab William, while he was fighting against Chiffon.

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If they had decided to escape and wait until the Giantess had lost her berserked state, there was a higher chance that they would have been able to capture both teenagers. Regret flashed across their eyes before their sight was covered with a row of teeth.

William gritted his teeth when the Saints were eaten in front of him. He didn't attempt to stop Chiffon from eating them because they didn't deserve to live. Also, Chiffon's devour skill was quite powerful.

The moment Chiffon opened her mouth wide, he immediately distanced himself, in fear of being devoured as well.

William had made the right decision. If he was only two seconds late, he might have also been sucked inside Chiffon's mouth and eaten alongside the High Rankers of the Agnis Family.

After eating the pesky High-Rankers, Chiffon's bloodshot eyes focused their gaze on William. Drool flowed at the corner of her lips as she looked at the main dish that she had saved for last.

"Come," Chiffon made a gesture as if she was coaxing a child. "Let me eat you. I promise it won't hurt."

The corner of William's lips twitched when he heard the Giantess' attempt to trick him into becoming her snack. The Half-Elf had no doubt in his mind that the moment he arrived within Chiffon's devouring range, it would be the end for him.

Since that was the case, he summoned a cloud and flew towards the sky, leaving the Giantess on the ground calling out to him.

As someone that had been subjected to Dark Magic since he was young, William knew that Chiffon's berserked state wouldn't last for long. He decided to wait it out until she returned to normal.

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He just hoped that when the time arrived, the pink-haired girl whom he had cared for would not be traumatized by the events that had happened while she was in a berserked state.

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