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Chapter: 590

Flames surged forth.

It descended from the sky, and bathed the land in a perpetual blaze.

The citizens of Asgard, and the remaining Aesirs fled from their homeland, and went to Ithavllir, for it was the only place that would not be affected by the flames of destruction.

In order to allow them to escape, the bulk of the army of Asgard held back the giants of Jotunheim, along with the giants' allies, in the plains of Asgard, which was now akin to hell.

Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, and several other Gods had already fallen into battle. All that remained was death and destruction.

In the middle of this chaos, several beings were still fighting. One of them was the Giantess Chiffon, who was the smallest of all giants. She was branded a traitor by her race, and yet, she didn't bat an eye as he faced them in battle.

As she held back the flames of destruction with her bare hands, which had now started to burn, Chiffon offered a prayer to whatever God that could hear her.

'Regardless of the price, I will accept it in full,' Chiffon prayed with all of her heart. 'All I ask is a chance. A chance to…'

As the flames ate away her flesh, she heard a soft, yet reassuring whisper that held promise.

"I will grant your wish."

A voice filled with pity reached her ears.

"No matter how many lifetimes it takes, I will grant your wish without fail," the voice assured her. "That's why, go. Show that arrogant God the power of mortals!"

Chiffon smiled. Although her hands, arms, and the rest of her body had started to burn, she didn't feel any kind of pain.

With a powerful roar, she tossed aside the Giant Flaming Blade that was meant to slay her beloved.

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She stomped on the ground, and jumped towards the God of Destruction fearlessly.

"In this dark and chaotic night,

Fear grips me with all its fright.

Now that my end is right in sight,

I will destroy you with all my might!"

"Shatter the Void!" Chiffon roared. "Blood Wing Tempest!"

A resounding cry of pain echoed across the blazing battlefield. This was the first time that the God of Destruction had been injured since the start of the battle, and it wouldn't be the last time he would suffer under the hands of the mortals whom he looked down upon with scorn.

Chiffon's eyes fluttered open and found herself in a protective embrace. She raised her head and saw William with his eyes closed. The Half-Elf looked exhausted as if he had just fought a hard battle.

The pink-haired girl then shifted her attention to her surroundings. She didn't want to leave William's embrace because it felt warm and comfortable, so she just turned her head to look around.

Several craters, that extended tens of meters wide, could be seen all around them. With a single glance, Chiffon could tell right away how intense the fighting was.

She tried to recall what happened during the battle, but, no matter how hard she tried, her memory stopped at the part when both of her arms had been dislocated by the two High-Rankers that held her in place.

As if sensing that the girl in his embrace was already awake, William opened his eyes and stared at the little girl who seemed to be deep in thought.

A few hours earlier, he waited for Chiffon's berserked state to fade away. However, contrary to his expectations, the Giantess was still very lively, and doing her best to coax William to come down to the ground, so that she could eat him.

Back then, the Heroic Avatar only had ten minutes remaining. William knew that if he still waited until the last minute, there was a high chance that he would end up in Chiffon's stomach, before she regained her sanity.

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Using the remaining time afforded to him. William tried to dispel Chiffon's berserked state by fighting against her. Naturally, he only attacked her because he was confident that he could heal her using his Life Mage Job Class.

The two exchanged several blows, and it ended up in a stalemate. William didn't want to use the full power of Ruyi Jingu Bang because he might accidentally kill Chiffon if he wasn't careful. Fortunately, at the last minute, Chiffon's berserked state wore off and she returned to her original size.

William firmly hugged the girl, keeping her close to his chest, as he sat down to rest. He didn't want Xander's subordinates to use this opportunity to take revenge on her, while she was currently unconscious.

Due to William's deterrence, none of them attacked and decided to retreat. Only Xavier and his group remained, but even they had been scared by Chiffon's unexpected transformation.

Because of this, William told them that they should head back to the Residence of the Tristan Family in order to start the succession ceremony.

Xavier agreed with William and took all of his subordinates with him. However, before he left, he left a parting message to William, inviting him to stay and rest in their main residence for a few days.

William accepted the offer and promised to find them after a day or two. This battle had been quite fierce, and he didn't want to challenge the other floors of the Tower right away.

"Does it hurt anywhere?" William asked. "Are you hungry?"

Chiffon tilted her head to the side before reconnecting the sense of pain in her body. The moment she did, a cry out pain escaped her lips, as the pain that she had been oblivious about came back to bite her.

"Don't worry." William smiled as he placed his hand over Chiffon's head. "Heal."

Each time William used his power to heal her, the pain she felt lessened little by little, until it had gone away completely.

"Thank you, Big Brother," Chiffon said softly. "I feel better now. I no longer feel hurt."

"That's good to hear," William replied. At the same time, a red lollipop appeared inside his hand. William focused and stacked the effects of the red lollipop until it had reached its limit.

After that he casually placed it inside his mouth to help him heal his injuries. For some reason, William was unable to heal himself using the power of the Life Mage. He didn't know if this was yet another restriction that the Guardian of the Floor had reinforced in order to make things difficult for him.

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Soon, the bruises in William's body disappeared without a trace. Chiffon looked at the lollipop inside William's mouth and gulped.

This action of hers didn't escape William's eyes and the latter hurriedly made a chocolate lollipop, which he unceremoniously unwrapped and placed inside Chiffon's mouth.

Clearly, he was afraid that the pink-haired girl would have a relapse and once again turn into a Giantess that was very fond of eating humans.

Chiffon leaned her head on William's chest as she happily ate her lollipop. Although she wasn't feeling hungry, the delicious chocolate taste had become one of her favorite flavors.

"Big Brother, what happened?" Chiffon asked after a few minutes of silence.

"You don't remember anything?" William asked back.

"No." Chiffon shook her head. "The last thing I remember is having two High-Rankers sneak attack me from behind. They used me as a hostage to make you submit to their demands. That was as far as I can remember. Everything seemed to be covered in a dark haze, and I was hoping that you could tell me what happened to the battle."

William nodded his head in understanding, but deep inside he was sighing in relief. He didn't want Chiffon to remember the things that she did when she was still in her giantess form.

"Alright, I'll tell you about it," William replied.

He then started to narrate everything that happened, except for the fact that the one that had killed Xander and his subordinates had been her.

Chiffon listened seriously as she took them in her memories.

The end of William's tale was about Xavier being able to turn the entire situation around, and came out victorious.

William didn't mention anything about Chiffon turning into a giant and eating people. Instead, he praised Xavier for being able to fight against his Big Brother and deliver a decisive blow that ended the family feud, which had lasted for years.

Chiffon nodded her head in understanding. She trusted William's words completely, so he didn't even question his ridiculous tale of single-handedly fighting against the High-Rankers and beating the crap out of them.

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"You're amazing, Big Brother," Chiffon said after William's tale ended. "I wish I had been there to help you."

William chuckled. However, if someone paid attention, they would recognize that William's chuckle was not out of happiness, but out of nervousness.

Clearly, the Half-Elf was still shaken about Chiffon's transformation, and his worry of being eaten by her in her sleep, had increased drastically.

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