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Chapter: 619

Chapter 619: It’s Up To You Whether To Believe Me Or Not

Lilith didn’t reply to the arrogant lady’s words. Instead she chuckled as if what Ephemera said was the biggest joke of the year.

The Amazon Princess walked towards the arena with a spring in her step. Ephemera’s battle had fanned the flames of rivalry in her blood, and she was very eager to show everyone what she was capable of.

Kenneth sighed internally. "Looks like winning this tournament isn’t going to be easy."

His gaze landed on Ephemera for a brief moment before landing on Lily’s sun-kissed body. He already knew that the two ladies were powerful, but both of them were still keeping their trump cards hidden.

Kenneth understood that he had to go all out if he wanted to win. However, by doing so, it would expose a few things that he wanted to keep hidden.

"Fortunately, Will isn’t here," Kenneth muttered. 

Of all people, he didn’t want William to see him going all out. Since the Half-Elf was not around, he could fight to his heart’s content without worrying about the consequences.

‘I will win,’ Kenneth declared in his heart. ‘Not only will I win, I will also complete the promise I made to my Master back at the Silvermoon Continent.’

As the silver-haired teenager made a vow in his heart. Princess Sidonie and Ian observed Lilith closely.

"Are you sure?" Ian asked. 

"Yes," Princess Sidonie replied.

The Princess of Freesia was one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They had the inborn talent to sense the presence of other sins in their immediate vicinity. 

"That girl carries a Sin," Princess Sidonie stated. "A very troublesome Sin."

Ian snorted from the side. "All the Sins are troublesome. I don’t know if it’s my good or bad luck to be surrounded by ticking bombs that could explode at any moment."

Princess Sidonie smiled sweetly. She also agreed with Ian. All the sins were troublesome. Even she didn’t think that she would get the chance to meet the members of her faction so soon after arriving in the Central Continent. 

Princess Sidonie nodded. The Amazon Princess was a troublesome character. If William was here, he would definitely be in danger. After all, the Amazons were always in the lookout for strong individuals to mate with them.

Since Lilith was the Princess of the Amazon Race, her standards were very high. Princess Sidonie and Morgana thanked their lucky stars that William was currently inside the Tower of Babylon.

They even wished that William would stay there until the Amazon Delegation had left the Kraetor Empire. That was the only way to prevent Lilith and him from meeting each other.

Empress Andraste who was seated not far from Emperor Leonidas took the initiative to ask her acquaintance a question. Her informers had come out empty handed these past few days that she had spent in the Kraetor Empire. Because of this, she thought that Emperor Leonidas was purposely hiding someone from him.

It was not only the Empress of the Amazon Race that came empty handed. What happened on the Southern Continent might have been kept confidential from the masses, but the rulers were quite aware of what had transpired during the period of time when the Southern Continent was closed off from the rest of the world. 

They had come to the Kraetor Empire with the intention of scouting the Half-Elf that was born between the union of the Dungeon Conqueror and Saintess of the World Tree.

"Emperor Leonidas, I believe that there is a red-headed teenager that is currently residing in your domain," Empress Andraste said with a smile. "I believe his name is William. If possible, I’d like to meet him."

Emperor Leonidas glanced at his acquaintance with a calm expression. "William? Are you talking about the fiance of my granddaughter?"

"Yes. Where is he?"

"He’s not here."

Empress Andraste frowned. She thought that Emperor Leonidas would pretend that he didn’t know about William’s existence. The Amazon Empress was prepared to hear her peer’s excuses, but instead of lying, the Emperor answered her without hiding anything.

"Where is he?" Empress Andraste asked. "I am very interested in the boy. If possible, I want to invite him to my Empire for a vacation."

The rulers who heard Empress Andraste’s words cursed her internally.

Invite him to your Empire for a vacation?

More like you were planning to invite him in order to participate in an orgy!

All of them had known the Amazon Empress for a long time. They knew that she would not bat an eye to drug, drag, and incapacitate any promising men that she could take back to her Empire in order to mate with her Amazon warriors.

"William? He’s busy clearing the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon," Emperor Leonidas replied.

Empress Andraste, Zagarl, and the other rulers of the Central Continent all snorted in disdain. 

Clearing the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon?

What a joke!

If it was that easy to clear the Devil’s Floor, all of them would have cleared it long ago. 

"You should make a better excuse next time," Empress Andraste snapped at the old bastard. "Stop making things up and just spill the beans. Where is the boy?"

Emperor Leonidas smirked as he looked at the annoyed Amazon Empress. 

"I already said that he is clearing the 51st Floor," Emperor Leonidas answered. "It’s up to you whether to believe it or not."

Emperor Leonidas knew that even if he explained, none of his peers would believe him. All of them had long given up climbing the tower, so the Rulers’ reactions were understandable. 

Unfortunately, he was telling the truth. 

Even he wanted to know what is currently happening to the boy. Just like everyone else, he didn’t believe that William could conquer the 51st Floor. 

All of them had failed, so how could a teenager, who had just come of age, possibly be able to do what they couldn’t accomplish?

Emperor Leonidas shifted his attention back to the arena. It was no use thinking about things that were outside of his control. 

Whether William would be able to return or not was up to the Gods. it was not his place to question the things that were going inside Aamon’s head.

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