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Chapter: 624

Chapter 624: The Semifinals [Part 2]

Prince Jason summoned his sword and took a fighting stance. He believed that he didn’t have to use his artifact in order to win against the Amazon Princess.

Lilith, on the other hand, didn’t use her sword and shield. Instead, she summoned a War Axe that was almost as tall as her body. 

Prince Jason’s expression immediately changed when he saw the confident smile on Lilith’s face.

This was the first time the Amazon Princess had used this weapon, so no one knew if she was proficient in it or not.

Empress Andraste smirked when she saw the War Axe in Lilith’s hands. Her daughter was proficient in all kinds of weapons. It was a blessing that the Royal Family of the Amazon Race received from their Patron God.

The God whom the Amazons prayed to was the Goddess of War and Sexuality, Astarte.

Her blessing gave the Amazons incredible strength and the ability to wield many kinds of weapons. 

Because of this, the Amazon Empire rose in prominence and very few dared to challenge the might of the female warriors. 

"That’s a large axe," Prince Jason commented. "Are you sure you can lift that up, Princess?"

Lilith smiled as she leaned her body on the War Axe that was embedded on the ground. 

"Of course I can," Lilith answered. "Come, Prince. Show me how strong you are. Who knows? I might take a liking on you and let you follow me around as a subordinate."

"Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested."

"Such a shame."

After that brief exchange, Prince Jason took a step forward and the ground under his feet shattered. A few seconds later, several steel spikes jutted all over the arena. 

Lilith didn’t do anything and simply leaned on her War Axe. The smile on her face turned into a smirk as she looked at the handsome blonde boy who had erected a wall of steel spikes to prevent her from running around the battlefield.

"Oh my, so this is how you deal with the ladies," Lilith said in a teasing voice. "Not bad, but not all women like clingy men."

Prince Jason ignored her and took another step forward. This time, he disappeared from where he stood and reappeared right in front of Lilith, stabbing her with his sword.

When the sword was only inches away from the Amazon’s Princess amorous chest, the tip of Prince Jason’s sword suddenly pointed upwards.

It happened so unexpectedly that the Prince wasn’t able to fully dodge the Amazon’s Princess’ counterattack, which was a kick that was aimed at his manhood.

At the last minute, the Prince was able to twist his body to the side. Because of that, Lilith’s kick connected with his hip, sending him skidding on the ground.

The Amazon Princess clicked her tongue as she ran towards the Prince, leaving her War Axe behind. 

Prince Jason didn’t expect that Lilith’s physical strength was greater than his. He had heard that the Amazons were strong, but he didn’t expect that they were this strong!

Before he could even stand up from the ground and muster a defense, Lilith’s foot kicked the side of his body sending him flying to the air.

The crowd gasped at the unexpected display of skill that the Amazon Princess didn’t show in her previous battle. The Prince of the Kraetor Empire was kicked repeatedly in the air like a soccer ball.

Empress Andraste giggled when he saw this scene. In the past, she had wanted to do the same to Emperor Leonidas, but she didn’t get the opportunity to do so. Now that her daughter was beating the crap out of the Emperor’s grandson, she felt like the years of frustration that she had held inside her chest for many years, had been repaid in full.

"Are you regretting the bet now?" Empress Andrasted asked in a teasing tone.

Emperor Leonidas didn’t even glance at her as he continued to watch the one-sided beating of his grandson in the arena.

"The match is not over yet," Emperor Leonidas said. "It’s too early for you to feel smug."

Empress Andraste chuckled before shifting her gaze to the arena. 

‘The match isn’t over yet? That’s what you think, old fool.’ Empress Andraste sneered internally. ‘The moment my daughter stepped on the Arena, your grandson was doomed to lose.’

With a loud shout, Lilith delivered a powerful palm strike that connected with Prince Jason’s chest. Although he was wearing light-weight armor, the power of Lilith’s strike ignored his defenses. 

A loud cracking sound was heard, and the Prince of the Kraetor Empire slammed on the arena, creating a small crater.

Two of his ribs were broken by Lilith’s strike, and blood seeped out at the corner of his lips. He forcefully used his magical ability to hold the broken bones in place as he glared at the Amazon Princess who was looking at him with a devilish smirk.

"I admit that I underestimated you, but you made a grave mistake," Prince Jason said as he raised his right hand. "You should have finished me when you still got the chance!"

The Prince activated the artifact that was given to him by the Oracle of Aamon’s Temple. He had decided to return the Amazon Princess’ favor in full. He would break her arms and legs and make her beg for mercy. 

After that, he would humiliate her in front of everyone, by stripping her clothes. That way the arrogant Princess wouldn’t be able to act arrogant and raise her head in front of him ever again!

Prince Jason waited for the overwhelming power to surge inside his body, but it never came. He wondered if something happened to the artifact, so he looked at the bracelet on his arm to see what was wrong with it.

His eyes widened in shock, and his expression paled when he didn’t see the bracelet on his wrist. That was the Trump Card he was planning to use to win the tournament, so he couldn’t afford to lose it at all cost!

"Are you looking for this?" Lilith asked as he held up a crimson bracelet in his hand. "You should take better care of your treasures. If you’re careful enough, the things that are important to you might get stolen right under your nose. Just like this."

Lilith casually placed the bracelet on her wrist and sneered at the dumbfounded Prince who thought that he could win against her just by relying on a divine artifact.

"You Wench! Give that back to me!" Prince Jason shouted as he charged at Lilith with fury.

Lilith smirked as he ran towards her War Axe that had remained stationary at the center of the arena. 

"I think it’s about time I give you a taste of your own medicine," Lilith stated. 

She activated Aamon’s bracelet and a crimson armor covered her entire body. Lilith wasn’t able to stop herself from moaning in pleasure at the incredible power that was flowing inside her body. 

Prince Jason’s eyes became bloodshot as he swung his sword with fury, with the intention of cutting the Amazon Princess in half.

Unfortunately, the moment he lost the bracelet, his chances of winning had already become non-existent.

A metallic sound reverberated in the arena as Prince Jason’s sword was stopped by Lilith’s thumb and index finger. No matter how much Prince Jason struggled to free his weapon, Lilith’s hold didn’t budge.

"Time to end this farce."

That was the last thing Prince Jason heard before he found himself hurtling into the air. 

Lilith had casually tossed him outside of the arena as if she was just throwing away a piece of trash. She didn’t even need to turn around to see the expression of disbelief in Prince Jason’s face.

Just like Empress Andraste mentioned earlier, the moment Lilith stepped on the arena, Prince Jason’s fate was already set in stone.

The Amazon Princess grabbed the War Axe that she hadn’t had the opportunity to use. She thought that she would be able to go all out with the Prince, but the reality didn’t meet her expectations.

Clearly, the Prince had relied way too much on the power of the artifact that he had forgotten to use his own strength to fight Lilith in a fair battle.

"Quite disappointing," Lilith muttered as she returned her weapon inside her storage ring. "Aren’t there any good men around? A man that is worthy of me?"

As soon as Lilith finished her complaint, the referee raised his hand and declared the winner of the match.

"The winner of this match is Princess Lilith!" the referee announced. "She will now proceed to the finals!"

The Amazon Princess gave the Prince who was lying on the ground outside of the arena a side-long glance before heading towards the resting area. The battle had disappointed her greatly, and she hoped that her next opponent would be able to give her the thrill of battle that she was looking for.

High above the arena stands, Princess Sidonie had a wide smile on her face. She wanted to shout out loud and cheer for the Amazon Princess, but because of her position, she refrained from doing so.

Morgana roared with laughter inside their shared mindscape. Clearly, she was very happy with the outcome of the match.

With this, one of their problems was out of the picture. All that remained was the silver-haired pretty boy who was going to fight in the next match.

Princess Sidonie and Morgana hoped that the representation of Justice, Ephemera, would put Kenneth in his place. That way, all the problems that had made her anxious these past few days, would finally disappear.

‘One down, one to go,’ Princess Sidonie thought. 

Although Princess Sidonie agreed with her other half, she still couldn’t rest easy. Kenneth was a mystery to her. She had no idea how strong he was, or whether he was hiding some tricks under his sleeves.

She just hoped that Ephemera wouldn’t put the Seven Virtues name to shame, and be defeated by a delicate looking boy, who was out to break her engagement with William.

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