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Chapter: 628

Chapter 628: Is He A Boy Or A Girl?

Princess Sidonie glared at the sleeping silver-haired Elf on William’s bed. 

If not for the fact that Ashe had told him that Kenneth was holding a message that came from William’s mother, she would have already strangled him in his sleep.

Ashe looked at the Princess who was clenching and unclenching her fist, as if she was waging an inner battle. She could only sigh internally because she understood what Princess Sidonie was going through.

"Tomorrow is the Final Match between him and Lilith," Ashe said in order to draw Princess Sidonie’s attention away from William’s ex-roommate. "Who do you think will win between the two?"

"If it were up to me, this bastard wouldn’t be able to go to the arena tomorrow," Princess Sidonie pinched Kenneth’s cheeks and pulled it hatefully. 

Ashe couldn’t stop herself from chuckling because of the funny scene in front of her. After having her fill of laughter, her expression became serious as she addressed the thing that had been nagging at her mind.

"Earlier, you said that he is the same as you and Chiffon." Ashe looked at the silver-haired teen whose cheeks were now slightly red due to Princess Sidonie’s pinching. "He’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins?"

"Yes," Princess Sidonie replied. "There’s no doubt that he is one of us."

"I thought all the Sins were girls?"

"They are."

Ashe then tilted her head to the side and looked at Princess Sidonie in confusion. 

"He’s a boy, right?" Ashe asked with uncertainty.

Princess Sidonie didn’t answer Ashe’s question and simply pulled down Kenneth’s pants. She was also confused, so she decided to confirm Kenneth’s gender. 

Ashe was lost for words because of Princess Sidonie’s action. She didn’t expect that her friend was bold enough to undress Kenneth while he was asleep. The mermaid hastily averted her gaze because she didn’t want to see any man’s lower half, except for William’s.

Even so, she was still rather curious so she decided to ask the Princess the result of her investigation.

"Well, is he a girl or a boy?"

"A boy."

Princess Sidonie pulled up Kenneth’s pants as a frown appeared on her beautiful face. She was certain that the Seven Sins were all girls. There had been no precedent about a boy being one, so she didn’t know what to feel about Kenneth’s existence.

While she was pondering, the Princess shifted her attention to Ashe who was looking back at her in disbelief.

"How can you suddenly do something like that?" Ashe asked. "You are bolder than you look."

Princess Sidonie snorted, "I am the Sin of Lust. Do you think I will be fazed just by looking at a man’s privates?"

"Well, when you saw Little Will for the first time, you got dazed for a few seconds before regaining your composure," Ashe countered.

Princess Sidonie wasn’t able to retaliate because it was the truth. When William and her had first shared some intimacy with each other, Morgana became naugthy and reached out to touch his…

That was the first time that the beautiful princess had seen a man’s asset, and it caught her completely by surprise. Of course, she got used to it after kissing Little Will a couple of times, but she wouldn’t be able to deny the fact that it was different from what she originally thought.

"I got dazed because it was Will’s," Princess Sidonie replied with a beet red face. She didn’t want to admit that her first time caught her completely by surprise.

While the two girls were arguing, the hand of the sleeping boy twitched. 

After that, his eyelids fluttered before a sigh escaped his lips. 

Ashe and Princess Sidonie immediately shifted their attention to him. 

Half a minute later, Kenneth opened his eyes and looked at the two girls in the room. He was still feeling drowsy, so after seeing that he was not in any immediate danger. He once again closed his eyes to sleep.

Clearly, he didn’t want to move his body. Not even by an inch.

"Oi! Don’t go back to sleep!" Morgana swapped with Princess Sidonie and pinched the Elf’s ears. "You still have some explaining to do. Who are you and what is your relationship with Darling’s mother?"

Kenneth opened his eyes and looked at Morgana with contempt.

"Darling? You call Will, Darling?" Kenneth asked. "Don’t you have any shame?"

Morgana smirked because she could tell that Kenneth didn’t like the way she called William her darling.

"Why should I be ashamed?" Morgana replied. "Darling is already my fiance. Isn’t it right, and proper, to call him my Darling?"

"You think too highly of yourself. Lady Arwen will not appro–"

Kenneth wasn’t able to finish his words because he had a feeling that not only would his Master approve, she would also welcome Princess Sidonie with open arms.

Arwen was already aware of what had transpired in the Southern Continent due to Skyla’s report. The Saintess of the World Tree had also mentioned that she wanted to meet William’s lovers who fought by his side during the war against the Elves.

Also, Arwen was very curious about the Princess of Freesia, who managed to rope William into becoming her fiance by asking her son to put the slave collar on her neck.

When William’s mother first heard this from Skyla, she even laughed out loud and complemented Princess Sidonie for being daring. 

Kenneth was there when Arwen praised the beautiful Princess. For some reason, the method that Princess Sidonie used to trick William to become her partner didn’t sit well with him. 

For him, it was his duty to look after William in his Master’s stead and ensure that he lived a safe and happy life in the Southern Continent. This was also why he volunteered to spy on him and prevent the other Elves from monitoring the boy and disrupting his peaceful life.

"Hah? What were you about to say?" Morgana sneered. "Mother-in-law is not going to accept me? That is not for you to decide. I will personally visit the Silvermoon Continent with William and get her blessing on our marriage!"

Kenneth turned a deaf ear to the babbling princess and decided to resume his sleep. This was the side-effect of tapping onto the power of his Divinity for an extended period of time.

In his earlier battles, he also used the power of his Divinity, but he only used it sparingly. This was why Princess Sidonie, Ephemera, and Lilith weren’t able to sense that he shared the same qualities they had. 

If he wasn’t pushed into a corner, he would have kept his secret for as long as possible. Fortunately, William wasn’t around. With this, Kenneth’s secret would not reach him until he was able to have a proper talk with the Half-Elf.

A talk with just the two of them.

"Oi! I said don’t sleep on me!" Morgana shook the Elf, but the latter had already decided to sleep. If Kenneth wanted to sleep, not even an earthquake would be enough to wake him up from his slumber.

"This hateful person!" Morgana tossed Kenneth back to the bed with a huff. She wasn’t able to get her answers because the Elf had no intention of saying anything. 

"Fine, if you want to play it the hard way then so be it." Morgana placed her hand over Kenneth’s head. "Since you want to sleep so badly, I’ll let you sleep forever!"

Ashe immediately grabbed Morgana’s wrist and pulled it away .

"Don’t do it," Ashe said. "We don’t know his relationship with Will’s mother. If something bad happens to him, our relationship with our mother-in-law might get sour."

Morgana knew that Ashe was right, but she was still feeling angry. In the end, she settled on pulling the cheeks of the hateful Elf until they reddened to oblivion.

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