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Chapter: 629

Chapter 629: The Past Cannot Be Changed, But The Present Belongs To Us

Thunderous drum beats permeated the air.

Towering Giants wielding their weapons of war shouted their war cries.

Beasts of all shapes and sizes roared in defiance. 

And the Spectres of the Undead screamed in the sky as they waited for the Aesirs in the Plains of Asgard. This was the unwritten rule that both parties had agreed upon, and so they formed their ranks and waited for their opponents to arrive.

The Aesirs, the proud defenders of the Tree of Yggdrasil, answered their challenge. The gates of Valhalla opened and millions of human warriors marched towards the greatest battle that would decide the destiny of the entire world.

They were the human warriors who had been slain on the battlefield, and personally ferried by the Valkyries back to Asgard, in order to fight for the long-standing peace of the Nine Realms.

These mighty warriors stepped on the Bi-Frost Bridge and, among them, a silver-haired teenager, wielding a spear, led his contingent to war. All the warriors of Valhalla had mobilized for this moment, and none of them would shy away from this war. 

The God of Trickery, Loki, sneered when he saw these human warriors. When half of the warriors had passed through the bridge, the vengeful god snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the bridge shattered, causing millions of human warriors to fall to their doom. This unexpected turn of events not only surprised the Asgardians, but the Giants who were also allied with Loki. 

Both parties didn’t expect that the God of Tricks had already planned for this for many years, and he was only waiting for an opportunity to use the seed he had planted long ago. 


A loud roar followed by the rumbling of thunder and lightning pierced the sky. 

Thor, the Champion of Asgard, rode his mighty chariot pulled by two Goats. Their names were Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. 

He had never hated Loki as much as he hated him at that moment. Not only did he betray them, he also schemed to exterminate the majority of the Einherjars that Valhalla had raised for thousands of years.

"William!" A valkyrie with golden hair and blue eyes dove towards her Beloved that was about to fall to his doom. 

Several other valkyries rushed to save their champions from certain death.

William reached out his hand and Wendy caught it without fail. She then flapped her mighty wings and flew upwards. Deep inside she wished she could have done more, but there was very little that she could do.

At the very least, she wouldn’t allow her husband to fall to his death due to the scheming of the hateful God, Loki.

Out of the millions of warriors that had fallen off the bridge, only several thousand had been pulled back from the jaws of death.

All of them had already died once, but if they died one more time, there would be no going back. The Goddess of the Dead, Hel, one of Loki’s children, wouldn’t allow these warriors to revive a second time.

Heimdall raised his sword and the bridge was reconstructed. This time, all the remaining warriors that were waiting their turn to cross the rainbow bridge, ran towards it in fury. They had seen how their brothers died without glory or honor.

For these warriors, this was their everything. 

The only thought in their minds right now was to kill as many giants as they could in order to pacify the souls of their dead brethren who had failed to die on the battlefield. They vowed that they would make Loki pay for his underhanded trick that led them to their second demise.

"To war!" Odin shouted as he sat on top of Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, which was also one of Loki’s children. "For Asgard and the Nine Realms!"

""For Asgard and the Nine Realms!""

The Asgardians flew towards the battlefield with their mighty steeds and chariots. 

Loki watched all of this with a sneer. He had long waited for this day. A day where he would personally see the downfall of everything Odin and Thor held dear in their hearts. While he was at it, he would also destroy the World Tree, and end the other worlds that resided within it.

"Death!" Loki shouted as he raised his sword. "Kill the Asgardians! Send them all to Hell!"


The ground trembled as the Giants advanced, Trolls, and Monstrous Beasts advanced. 

The Human Warriors and the Aesirs charged at them fearlessly. When the two forces collided, blood sprayed in the air en masse. Everyone fought against each other, without holding back. 

Roars, war cries, screams, and curses rang out in the bloody battlefield.

It was complete pandemonium, and in the middle of all of this chaos, a silver spear shone brightly. William Pendragon, fought fearlessly as he thrust his spear into the head of a Mountain Troll. 

"Ignite! " William roared. "Flame Tempest!"

Immediately, the head of the Mountain Troll exploded, making its giant body collapse to the ground. Although they had very strong regeneration, they were not invincible. Fire and acid were their weaknesses, and William had been bestowed the power of Ice and Flames after he had received the Right of Purification in order to become an Einherjar.

Suddenly, William jumped to his right side and rolled to the ground. A few seconds later, a corpse of one of the warriors of Valhalla smashed on the place where he stood. The poor warrior almost turned into meat paste after being thrown full-force by a giant that found William an eyesore.

William gritted his teeth as he faced the towering Giant alone. 

The giant smashed his Giant War Axe towards the pesky little man, but the attack was disrupted halfway due to a powerful attack that collided with the Giant’s waist.

"I won’t let you hurt him!"

The Giantess, Chiffon, had seen that William was at a disadvantage and rushed to his rescue. It was because of the silver-haired teenager that she left her homeworld and traveled with him back to Asgard. 

Chiffon didn’t care about the purpose of the war. All she cared about was William. She wasn’t that smart, but she would fight to the teeth to protect the person she loved.

The Giantess’ weapon was a giant spiked club that Wendy had taken from the treasury of Valhalla. It was one of the prizes that Thor had brought back to the battlefield, and it belonged to one of the Giants he had slain in battle.

Since none of the Human Warriors could wield such a weapon, it had remained in the treasury for hundreds of years. Now, it had found its new owner, and its new Master was not afraid to use it to brutally smash her opponents with all of her strength.

William wasn’t being idle either. After Chiffon had made the Giant lose its balance, he imbued the spear in his hand with both Magic and Battle Aura. 

"Frostfire Fury!" William shouted as he threw the spear towards the Giant’s chest. 

The silver spear was covered in red and blue flames that made it transform into a small blazing comet. This was one of William’s strongest attacks and it had enough power to pierce through a Giant’s protective armor, and cause massive damage to its body.

As expected, the Giant roared in pain after receiving William’s deadly attack. However, it was far from dying.

Chiffon jumped high in the air shouting a warcry before smashing her spiked club on the giant’s head. Due to William’s sudden attack, the Giant wasn’t able to defend itself and died a gruesome death from Giantess’ merciless strike.

"Traitor!" one of the Giants who had seen his fallen comrade die under Chiffon’s hands bellowed. "I will kill you!"

Chiffon was unfazed as she stood in front of William. 

The silver-haired warrior raised his hand and the silver spear returned to its rightful owner.

"Chiffon, let’s fight together," William said.

"Yes," Chiffon replied as she smiled happily. "Let’s fight together, Will!"

Not far from them, a Half-Elf with tears streaming down the side of his face, watched helplessly. His heart ached, for what was about to come. He knew, more than anything else, that no matter how fierce the silver-haired warrior and the pink-haired Giantess fought, the outcome would remain the same.

"The end of the world cannot be stopped," William said sadly. "The outcome of this battle has long been set in stone."

William raised his hand and reached out towards the sky.

"The past cannot be changed, but the present belongs to us," William’s voice gained strength. 

"You made a mistake."

"You shouldn’t have shown me this past."

"You shouldn’t have made me angry!"

Optimus had been with William ever since he was a child. It was very easy for it to know what the Shepherd wanted to have happen. 

– Prince of Thunder

– Runemaster

– Ninja

– Elemental Lord

– Gladiator

William eyed the progression bar, and ignored the battle that was happening around him.

Since the past couldn’t be changed, no matter how much he cried, pleaded, and screamed, nothing would change. Right now, the only thing he could do was wait.

Wait for the time when he would break free from his prison.

Wait for the time when he would unleash his fury upon those who touched his reverse scale.

Wait for the time when he would be reunited with the pink-haired girl, who had already found a place inside his heart.

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