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Chapter: 631

Chapter 631: Heroes Of Valhalla

– The Einherjars are the Elite Warriors chosen by Odin, and blessed by the Goddess Freya. They are handpicked among the brave warriors that the Valkyries have taken to Valhalla in order to protect the Nine Realms, and fight those who threaten its peace. 

– They are the warriors who stood above others, and were the pinnacle of mankind. Once they received the blessing, their bodies were reformed and strengthened, until they could be born anew as Einherjars. 

– They are the last line of defense against the Prophecy of Ragnarok, where the fate of the Nine Realms will be decided. 

– Prestige Class Unique Skill: Heroes of Valhalla

– Prestige Class Unique Skill: World End Tempest

– Prestige Class Unique Bonus: Receives +100 Enhancement Bonus to all stats

– Unlocked Title: Army of One 

– Unlocked Title: Jack of All Trades (Incomplete Version)

– Unlocked Title: One Who Breaks The Rules

– +50 Enhancement Bonus to all stats

– Receives +150 Enhancement Bonus to all stats

– The Einjerjar can forcefully break the rules of any plane of existence as long as he is willing to pay the price for it. 

– Each time the Einherjar uses this power, he will lose a random memory from his previous life. The more powerful the rule, the more memories will be erased, never to return again. 


Belial snorted in disdain. It had been hundreds of years since someone had dared to challenge him openly. All those who did had already been dealt with, and transformed into one of the monstrosities that were present inside the Devil’s Floor.

For him, William was just one of those stupid mortals who thought that they could challenge the authority of one of the Guardians that ruled a floor in the Tower of Babylon.

In the Hall of Guardians, Xod, Oogwei, Yves, JellyBelle, and the other Guardians from the 1st up to the 50th Floor were watching the events that were unfolding at the 51st Floor.

JellyBelle had planted a miniature piece of itself in William’s body, allowing it to see everything on the mysterious floor that they had no idea about.

They had seen William fight the Yara-ma-yha-whos, and the other Beasts in the maze. 

For the first time in a thousand years, they had seen what the Devil Floor was like and the Guardian that resided on it. 

Even though Xod had grudges with William, he didn’t like the fact that a Guardian had done the taboo. Instead of giving the players a chance to clear his floor, Belial prevented anyone from conquering his domain. The Renegade Guardian even resorted to eating their hearts, which made the other Guardians look at him in contempt.

"So, this is why no one has cleared the 51st Floor in the last thousand years." Oogwei sighed. "This is simply tyranny."

The other Guardians nodded their heads in agreement. They knew full well that no one could beat a Guardian on its own floor, even if the challenger was a Demigod. 

They could only watch the silver-haired teenage boy with pity, because there was no way for him to beat Belial, who was the reigning God of the 51st Floor.

Belial pointed his hand at William and sneered. 

"Kill him," Belial ordered. "I have no need for his heart. All of you can have it!"

The Guardian of the 51st Floor then stared at the Priestess, hinting her to continue the wedding ceremony. 

The old woman wanted to protest because she had already claimed William for herself, but against Belial’s orders, her voice carried little power. She could only sigh in her heart and curse William for being stupid.

‘You should have just allowed yourself to become my toy. At least you will be alive.’ The old woman lamented. ‘Such a waste. I guess I will have to settle for another toy when we are freed from this tower.’

Hundreds of Yara-ma-yha-whos lunged at William with bloodshot eyes. Since their Master had given his order, they would definitely carry it out without fail.

William ignored these little vampires and hurled Soleil towards Belial who had already turned his back on him. After throwing his spear, he raised stormcaller and zapped the living daylights of the obnoxious, creepy vampires that had once scared Chiffon out of her wits.

Soleil flew straight and true, leaving a blazing trail in its wake. However, when it was only a meter away from Belial’s head, it stopped completely as if it had come across an invisible barrier.

"True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons," The Priestess said as she read the book in her hand. "It is the union of two hearts. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day."

Belial laughed internally. He was merely going through the motions of the wedding in order to make Chiffon’s heart bloom fully. He didn’t care about the nonsense of the union of two hearts, he was someone who ate people’s hearts!

He once again glanced at his young bride, and the pink flower whose radiance was steadily increasing. Letting the final wishes of those that had succumbed to the Heart Devil be fulfilled brought out the greatest power in their hearts.

It was the power that Belial wished to acquire, so he was willing to play his part, and become the groom of the pitiful girl, who wished to marry the person she loved.

The Priestess was about to say more, but her words were once again interrupted when Belial’s body was kicked off from the top of the Pyramid by the silver-haired Half-Elf that had materialized behind him.

Belial quickly regained his balance as he floated in the air. He then narrowed his eyes as he looked at William with a serious expression. The Guardian didn’t know how the irritating teenager managed to break through the barrier he had erected.

This barrier was made from the laws of his Domain. No ordinary being would be able to simply ignore the rules that he had set beforehand. Only a Demigod was able to do this, and clearly, the boy in front of him was not one.

William didn’t have time to glance at his status page because of the situation at hand. If he had time, he would be surprised to see his current stats were boosted by his Shepherd Skill, Heroism.

Name: William Von Ainsworth

Race: Half-Elf

Health Points: 365,100 / 365,100

Mana: 396,600 / 396,600

Job Class: Quick Shot Shepherd (Level 30)

Sub Class: Einherjar (Level 20)

Right now, William’s stats had boosted him into the Initial stages of the Saint Rank. This was good news for him because he wasn’t able to use his Heroic Avatar Skill because a week hadn’t passed since he last used it.

"What you’re doing is futile." Belial sneered. "No matter what you do, you won’t win! If you kneel before me, I will show mercy on you and make you one of my generals. This is your final chance to keep your pitiful life, Mongrel."

William ignored the Guardian’s words and stood as straight as a sword. Soleil and Stormcaller floated above his head like bodyguards that were waiting for the order of their Master. With just a thought, the two Sentient Weapons would immediately take action, and raze the surroundings in a rain of fire and lightning.

"Heroes of Valhalla," William said and activated the Einherjar’s unique skill.

Immediately thirteen perfect clones of William appeared behind him. Each of these clones were as strong as William, and was able to use all of the abilities he possessed. 

One of the clones grabbed Stormcaller, and another one held Soleil. 

Rhongomyniad flew out of the gem on William’s Chest and landed in the hands of another clone.

‘Optimus, do it,’ William ordered. ‘I don’t care how much it costs. Just do it!’

The weapons that William had bought all landed in the hands of his clones.

These were the weapons that were part of his Lightning God War Art that he hadn’t used in the past because his strength was not enough to unlock all of them.

However, now it was different. As an Einherjar, he specialized in wielding all kinds of weapons thanks to the Gladiator Class that Optimus had chosen. With this, William’s clones were now able to enact all of his War Arts using the original weapons. 

What did this mean? This meant that there would no longer be a time limit of one minute when the skill was used. As long as his clones were active, they would be able to use their weapons’ respective war art, infinitely.

After they had received their respective weapons, the thirteen clones moved a few meters away from William and Chiffon, with their weapons pointed in thirteen different directions. They were like the members of the Royal Guard that protected their King from any threat that would put his life at harm.

William held Chiffon’s hand and gave it a light squeeze before glancing at the Priestess who was still holding the book in her hands. 

"Resume the ceremony," William said. "I am the one who will be marrying this girl."

William expected that the Priestess would not cooperate, but to his surprise, the latter only nodded her head and continued where she had left off earlier.

"May you always be able to talk things over, to confide in each other, to laugh with each other, to enjoy life together, and to share moments of quiet and peace, when the day is done. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding."

After saying these words, the corner of the lady’s lips curled up into a smile. She had come to fulfill the promise that she had made thousands of years ago. However, she could only do so much.

She hoped that the silver-haired warrior in front of her would be strong enough to protect his young bride. Because if not then the price she had to pay to enter the Tower of Babylon would all be in vain.

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