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Chapter: 635

Chapter 635: I’m Still Hungry. I Have Room For Desserts

A powerful explosion shook the 51st Floor when its Guardian was blasted away by William’s and Chiffon’s combined attack.

"I-Impossible!" Belial gazed at his chest, where several cracks were spreading at a fast rate. 

He had utilized the laws of the Devil’s Floor to make himself practically untouchable, and invincible. However, for some reason, William had been constantly breaking the rules that he had set to prevent anyone from clearing the 51st Floor.

All the Guardians that saw this scene had a look of disbelief in their faces. They were not aware of the price that William had to pay, each time he broke the rules of the Tower of Babylon.

Belial slowly rose from the ground as the cracks continued to spread across his body.

William’s clones were decimating everything that surrounded them, so no monsters were able to come near their Master, who was on the verge of a complete breakdown.

"Who are you?!" Belial roared in anger. "Just who are you?!"

William sneered at the Guardian who dared to touch one of the most important people in his life.

"Just a Shepherd," William replied. "And the lover of the girl you tried to marry against her will."

Belial laughed. But, he didn’t laugh out of happiness. He laughed out of anger and frustration at his current circumstances.

The Guardian who ruled a floor of the Tower of Babylon was reduced to a sorry state, after eating the hearts of those who challenged his floor for the past thousand years. In truth, Belial had long lost the protection of the Tower of Babylon.

If he were to return to his homeworld, or try to leave the tower, he would immediately disintegrate into nothingness. This was why he had resolved himself to devour as many hearts as he could, until he was able to break free from his self imposed prison, which was the 51st Floor.

"This is not over!" Belial stated as his body crumbled little by little. "This is my Domain! As long as this Domain stands, I am immortal! I will return, and once I do, I will torture you and that little b*tch for eternity!"

"Sorry, but there won’t be a next time," William replied as he looked at the pink-haired girl floating beside him.

"Chiffon, let’s fight together," William said softly. 

Chiffon nodded and moved towards William. She then cupped William’s face and stared straight at his eyes.

"I love you, Big Brother," Chiffon said affectionately. "Let’s end this, and return together."

William wrapped his arms around her and stared back at her eyes filled with fondness. "I love you, too. After this, let’s get back together."

A sweet, and beautiful smile bloomed on Chiffon’s face. This was the first time that William had seen Chiffon smile like this, and it made his heart skip a beat. 

The pink-haired girl then kissed William’s lips as the latter held her tight. A moment later, Chiffon turned into pink particles of light and flew towards the gem embedded in William’s chest.

"Familia… Oversoul." William closed his eyes as Chiffon’s power and divinity merged with his own. 

A golden flame appeared on William’s forehead, just like it had with Chiffon earlier. The flame burned brightly, just like his young bride’s love for him.

Two pairs of blazing wings sprouted behind his back. The Devourer’s Gauntlets also equipped themselves on William’s hand and a powerful aura erupted around him.

William’s clones turned into colorful beams of light and merged with his body. 

The Legendary Weapons floated around William’s body as they gathered their powers to completely obliterate the Guardian that was barely hanging on to dear life.

William gathered the elemental powers in his hand and synchronized with the Legendary weapons around him.

"World End Tempest!"

William unleashed the strongest attack of his Einherjar Job Class. It was an ability that was created when the world was about to end. It was an attack that William had used when he faced the God of Destruction, who had razed the Nine Realms to the ground.

Answering to his call, Rhongomyniad, Gaebolg, Longinus, Khryselakatos, Gungnir, Caliburn, Grail Sword, Galatine, Arondight, and Courechouse unleashed their strongest attacks. 

Their combined attacks disintegrated Belial’s Giant body, creating a world-shattering explosion.

Belial’s hateful scream spread across the Devil’s Floor, but William knew that this was not enough to finish the Guardian. What he did was to simply prevent his opponent from taking material form.

Just as he expected, the crimson clouds in the sky swirled and took on the face of the Guardian that he had destroyed.

"Just you wait!" Belial’s hate-filled words made the entire Domain tremble. "I will be back! This is not over!"

William raised his head to look up at the sky. "No. This is over."

When he had married Chiffon, the pink-haired girl was registered as one of his Familia Members. 

What did this mean?

This meant that William was able to use Chiffon’s Power and Divinity. 


— Chiffon Hal Ainsworth

— Host is able to use Devour-EX (Divine)

— Host has acquired Familia Oversoul Skill

— Increase +30 enhancement bonus to all stats 


Belial was impossible to defeat completely as long as he was the Administrator of the 51st Floor. As long as the Devil’s Floor existed, Belial would be reborn again and again. This was the sole privilege that remained to him after breaking the taboo of the tower.

That same privilege was responsible for making the 51st Floor unconquerable.

Since that was the case, there was only one thing that William could do to ensure that the Guardian would cease to exist, and that was to devour the Devil’s Floor in its entirety!


The silver-haired Half-Elf opened his mouth and a rotating black sphere appeared in front of it. At first, this sphere was only the size of a golf ball, but it didn’t take long before it grew bigger, until it became as big as a basketball.

Belial sneered at William. He didn’t know what the boy was planning, but he was sure that no matter what his adversary did, it would still be useless against him.

It was at that moment when the air around William quivered. A few seconds later, one of the Yara-ma-yha-whos on the ground shrieked as it was pulled into the air by an invisible sucking force.

Soon, more monsters rose in the air, shrieking in panic and fear as a powerful force forced them off the ground.

It didn’t take long before Belial felt that something was terribly wrong. He felt that his connection with his minions were lost the moment they were swallowed by the black rotating sphere that hovered a few inches from William’s mouth.

Soon, the Crimson Clouds where he had taken form was also being pulled by the Sphere that seemed to devour everything in existence.

‘Not good!" Belial finally felt that his very existence was in mortal peril. He decisively used all the power he could muster to escape towards the private domain that he had planned to take Chiffon earlier. 

However, just as he was about to break free from the powerful suction that came from the black rotating sphere, two words reached his ears that made his blood turn cold.


Belial was alarmed when he realized that his current form was not responding to his orders, and thoughts. 

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Belial fired a barrage of spells at William in desperation, to prevent the silver-haired Half-Elf from devouring him.

All of the Guardian’s attacks were sucked up by the rotating Black Sphere, causing no damage whatsoever.


The power of the suction force grew stronger, devouring countless monsters from the ground. If Jekyll was around, he would definitely be surprised because William’s devouring power far exceeded his own.

"I don’t need your recognition," William answered via telepathy. "I want your life!"

Belial struggled with every fiber of his being. He knew that the moment he was sucked by the rotating black sphere, he would cease to exist. Desperate for William’s mercy and forgiveness, the Guardian of the 51st Floor promised him many things.

Promises of great rewards that were only exclusive from the Tower of Babylon, but William wasn’t interested in such things. 

"Curse You!" Belial roared hatefully. "The other Guardians will avenge me! They will avenge me! You will pay for your insolence! They will rip your body apart and torture your soul for eternity!"

William answered Belial’s threat with a chuckle.

"I’d like to see them try," William answered. "I’m still hungry. I have room for a multitude of desserts."

It was not only the Guardians of the first 50 Floors that were paying attention to the battle. Even the Guardians from the 52nd Floor up to the 100th Floor were there to witness everything that had happened from the start.

All of them had been bored out of their minds since no one was able to clear the 51st Floor. This was why William’s appearance made them very happy. However, when they heard Belial’s words, all of them immediately panicked and gave Belial the middle finger.

F*cking bastard! If you’re going to die, just die! Don’t involve others to your doom!

Their bodies unconsciously shuddered as they cursed Belial for involving them in his problem. 

If possible, the Guardians of the Tower of Babylon wanted to drown Belial in spit because his words might have made Wiliam think that they would make things difficult for him as he continued his conquest in the Tower of Babylon. 

They were very afraid that the boy would also devour their entire floors, and end their existences in the most horrifying way possible. 

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