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Chapter: 636

Chapter 636: The Final Match Of The Tournament Of Champions [Part 1]

Today, the number of people in the Grand Arena had far exceeded the number of the previous matches.

It was quite understandable because this was the Final Match of the Tournament of Champions. Today, the greatest prodigy of the young generation would be crowned. A day before the match started, all the seats in the Grand Arena had all been sold out.

Business minded individuals had used this opportunity to auction their tickets, so that they could profit from the grand event. 

The rulers had already taken their seats and were looking forward to the outcome of the match. This was the last match of the tournament, so they wanted to see it until the end. 

Empress Andraste had a confident smile on her face. For her, this match held no suspense. She had complete faith in her daughter. Even though her daughter had mentioned in passing that Kenneth might be one of the Deadly Sins, the Amazon Empress wasn’t too bothered.

No matter what it took, the Amazons must show everyone their domineering side. They were a race that recognize the strong. For them, strength was everything!

Almost all races had to admit that the Elves were among the superior races in the world of Hestia.

However, the Amazons didn’t think that way. For them, they were the superior race. Why? Because they would only allow strong men to become their partners, and give birth to their children.

For the Amazons, the genes of an individual was of the utmost priority. The stronger that person was, the more attractive he was to the Amazonian Race. This was also the reason why they joined this tournament.

They were looking for potential seeds that they could invite back to their Empire and let them sire the new generation of Amazons that would make their Empire reach its peak of power. 

Kenneth was one of the seeds that Empress Andraste had her eyes on. However, since her daughter had mentioned that Kenneth was one of the Deadly Sins, he must definitely be a girl.

However, right now, no matter what artifact she used to check Kenneth’s gender, the result was always male.

Of course, Empress Andraste had been present during Kenneth’s last match when his hair grew extraordinarily long. With the Elf’s delicate looking face, and his long hair, everyone would think of him as a girl.

Empress Andraste was not an exception. Regardless, the fact still remained was that Kenneth was a boy right now. Unless he was using a special artifact that changed his gender, the Amazon Empress would still take him with him back to the Amazon Empire, by force if she had to.

Emperor Leonidas stood at the podium as he addressed the audience who was looking forward to the final battle between Kenneth and Lilith. As the host of the tournament, the Kraetor Emperor handled everything flawlessly. He didn’t scrimp on the budget of the event and ensured that everything would run smoothly.

As he looked at the last two finalists who were waiting to climb up the arena, he felt a sense of regret that his grandson, Prince Jason, had been eliminated in his previous battle. If he had won, he would have represented the Kraetor Empire in this battle for supremacy.

"Today is the final day of the tournament." Emperor Leonidas’ charismatic voice spread across the Arena. "Only one name will rise to claim the title of the Strongest Champion of the young generation! "

"I know that all of you are already tired of waiting, so let the final match commence!" Emperor Leonidas declared. 

A thunderous applause answered his declaration. The Emperor returned to his seat and the referee of the final match made a gesture for both combatants to step on the arena.

Lilith walked with confidence, while Kenneth walked in silence. Their presence was different, and the people were leaning towards Lilith more because of her beauty, and confident appearance.

Some of the ladies cheered for Kenneth. They always liked the underdogs, and Kenneth was a delicate-looking teenager that made the girls giggle in their seats.

After the two came face to face in the arena, Lilith smirked as she placed one of her hands on her waist.

"Tell me, are you really one of us?" Lilith asked. "I’ve always thought that I only had sisters. I’m going to be perfectly honest, you’re too girly to be my type. But, some of my friends might take a liking to you. Do you want to visit our Empire? I promise that you will be treated as a VIP by the Amazonian Race."

Kenneth didn’t answer and simply unsheathed his shortsword from its scabbard. He was still feeling sleepy, so he had no strength or time to have a conversation with the talkative Amazon Princess.

Seeing that she was being ignored completely, Lilith clicked her tongue. 

"Fine. I’ll just drag you to our Empire whether you like it or not," Lilith declared. "Although you’re not really my type, my friends will definitely love to have your genes. I guess your children will be decent warriors once they grow up."

Kenneth remained silent and simply waited for the battle to start. He intended to end the battle as fast as he could because he was not in peak condition. 

The referee didn’t want to delay the match either, so he raised his hand and declared the start of the battle.

"Final Match Start!"

Lilith’s expression became serious as he summoned her War Axe. This was the same weapon that he had used during her battle with Prince Jason, but she never had gotten the chance to use it.

Right now, the Amazon Princess wielded the weapon with both hands. 

She was certain that Kenneth was one of the Deadly Sins, which meant that she couldn’t take him lightly. 

Kenneth, on the other hand,  pointed his sword in Lilith’s Direction and chanted.

"Spirits of Time, veil us from the gaze of the Creator," Kenneth said and his silver-gray hair grew until it touched the ground.  "Time Stop!"

Lilith was about to charge at Kenneth, but before she was even able to execute her plan, the Elf had already frozen her in time.

The Amazon Warrior was in the act of running with her War Axe raised high. However, she stayed in that position like a statue, unable to even blink her eyes.

Kenneth walked towards his opponent in a steady pace in order to not break the Time Spell that he had cast. A gust of wind blew inside the arena, making his long silver-gray hair flutter.

Although his gender was still in question, everyone would agree that the delicate looking Elf in his current appearance would easily pass as a beautiful young lady.

Within the safety of the Kraetor Empire VIP Room, Princess Sidonie watched with bated breath, as the person she hated the most, thrust his blade on the Amazon’s Princess chest.

Clearly, Kenneth wanted to end the match as soon as possible. 

He didn’t care for fame and honor. All he cared about was freeing William from the grasp of the Lusty Princess, whom he believed had used underhanded tricks in order to force his Ex-Roommate, and the son of his Master, to become her fiance. 

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