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Chapter: 637

Chapter 637: The Final Match Of The Tournament Of Champions [Part 2]

The moment Kenneth’s blade pierced Lilith’s Chest, a loud cracking sound was heard. 

The body of the Amazon Princess shattered like a vase, and the War Axe that she was holding in her hands fell on the ground, embedding itself on the arena.

Kenneth immediately took a few steps back and scanned his surroundings. His long hair spread out like living snakes, and took a defensive stance around him.

"Now, I know what Sin you bear."

A teasing voice whispered in Kenneth’s Ears, and the latter immediately tried to find where the sound of the voice was coming from.

"I don’t know if you are a sister, or a brother, but it doesn’t matter. I will find out soon enough."

The only one that could hear the voice was Kenneth, and he was finding it hard to pinpoint the location of the voice because Lilith was using telepathy to talk to him.

"Now that I know your Sin, I now know how to beat you." Lilith chuckled.

Kenneth narrowed his eyes as he extended his senses to encompass his surroundings. Right now, he was tapping on the power of his Divinity. He couldn’t keep this state for a long time, so he needed to finish Lilith as soon as possible.

"You know, I can just wait for the power of your Divinity to disappear before I attack you," Lilith commented. "However, that will leave a bad aftertaste. I came here to fight, not to hide."

"Then fight!" Kenneth interjected and shouted in his mind. "Show me what the proud Amazon Princess can do."

"Very well, but let’s agree on a condition first."

"A condition?"

"Yes," Lilith’s playful voice answered. "You are not allowed to stop my time. If you break this condition, I promise you that you will regret it."

Kenneth readily agreed to this condition. The more time that passed, the more difficult it is for him to retain his current level of power. He was already starting to feel drowsy, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he reached his limit.

"I agree to your condition."

"Good. Now, let’s have a good battle!"

As soon as Lilith said those lines, a blue crystal shard, the size of an electric pole jutted out of the ground, aiming at Kenneth’s head. 

The Elf pushed himself backwards using his long silver hair, and successfully dodged Lilith’s surprise attack. 

Suddenly, the arena trembled and more crystal shards jutted out of the ground. These crystals encompassed the entire arena and surrounded Kenneth from all sides.

"Are you ready for this?" A blue crystal that took the form of Lilith appeared in front of Kenneth and winked at him. "Crystal Nova!"

The crystals detonated themselves, sending sharp shrapnels in every direction. Kenneth didn’t move from where he stood, but his hair increased its volume and wrapped Kenneth like a yarn ball. 

The crystal shards bounced off at the giant ball of hair, as if they were hitting reinforced steel. 

These shattered crystals turned into glittering crystal dusts that fell on the ground, coating it with a bluish tint. 

"Now I know your Sin as well," Kenneth said after unwrapping himself from his protective stance. "You’re Greed."

"Yes, but you don’t know me well enough." Lilith giggled. "You should be feeling pain, right about now…"

As soon as Lilith finished saying her words, Kenneth felt a burning sensation in his entire body. He hurriedly tore off the sleeve of his robe, and saw that his skin was starting to turn blue. 

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the blue color was actually the crystal dust that Lily had manipulated to penetrate his skin’s pores. From there, the Amazon Warrior activated her powers and attacked Kenneth in a place that he least expected.

The blue skin was now tainted with red blood as the crystal dusts bore deep inside his body.

"Don’t worry, I’m not planning to kill you," Lilith said with a charming smile. "My sisters will love to have a pretty boy as their plaything. Also, you are one of my kind. They will definitely take that into consideration when they squeeze you dry."

As red blood dyed Kenneth’s clothes, the Elf remained calm and activated the power of his Divinity. 

He gazed at the teasing smile on Lilith’s place before using one of his trump cards.

"Rewind Time."

The image of a clock appeared above Kenneth’s head and its hands were moving counterclockwise. The Battle that Kenneth had just fought against Lilith was now a few minutes in the future.

Because Kenneth couldn’t use his Divinity for long, he had created a checkpoint in time, right after Lilith’s body shattered into pieces, so he could glimpse into the future and know what his opponent was planning to do. 

This took a heavy toll on his body, but this was the only way he could think of to beat one of the Deadly Sins, whose abilities were unknown to him. 


A blue crystal shard, the size of an electric pole jutted out of the ground, aiming at Kenneth’s head. 

Just as he did earlier, the Elf pushed himself backwards using his long silver hair, and successfully dodged Lilith’s surprise attack. 

The arena trembled and more crystal shards jutted out of the ground. These crystals encompassed the entire arena and surrounded Kenneth from all sides.

"Are you ready for this?" A blue crystal that took the form of Lilith appeared in front of Kenneth and winked at him. 

Kenneth once again activated his Divinity as he held the shortsword in his hand. He was now feeling incredibly drowsy, so he needed to make the most of what little time he had left.

"Stretch the Moment," Kenneth said softly.

Immediately, the world around him became as slow as half a snail’s pace. If one weren’t paying attention, they might think that the time inside the entire arena had stopped completely. 

That was only half correct.

What Kenneth did was to slow down the time of the entire Arena, including his own time. 

The only thing that was working faster than normal was his brain, and he used it to calculate the moves that he needed to do in order to defeat Lilith. 

After calculating the exact amount of Divinity that he needed to use to beat the Amazon Princess, Kenneth once again activated another of his Trump Card.

"Time Leap."

The Elf took a step forward, while the world around him was moving at a very slow pace. He didn’t attack the crystal Lilith, but instead, ran towards the War Axe that was embedded in the ground. 

Time Leap has a certain restriction. 

When he uses this ability, only Kenneth’s body was allowed to pass through time and space. 

This meant that he had to leave everything behind, including his clothes. Fortunately, the long that fluttered behind him, wrapped itself around his body, creating a light-weight armor that was as hard as steel. 

The Elf then channeled his physical strength to his right foot and kicked the handle of the War Axe with all of its might.

The War Axe flew in the air, and soon, it transformed into the Amazon Princess, who was in shock because she didn’t know what had happened.


With a burst of speed, Kenneth jumped to the air and delivered a roundhouse kick, hitting Lilith squarely in the chest. 

The force of the blow was strong enough to send Lilth flying towards the edge of the arena. A mouthful of blood sprayed in the air as the Amazon Princess received another devastating blow from her opponent.

‘Why is he so fast?’ Lilith thought as she tried to use all of her strength to resist Kenneth’s follow up attack. ‘Isn’t he supposed to be slow?! What’s happening here?!’

The Amazon Princess knew that it didn’t matter whether she succeeded in defending against Kenneth’s attack or not. She would still be pushed outside of the arena regardless of what she did. 

The only choice she had was whether she would be able to prevent any further injuries on her body, or suffer a lethal blow that might endanger her life.

Gritting her teeth, Lilith chose to block Kenneth’s attack no matter what. Even if she lost this battle, she would still drag the boy back to their Empire in order to exact her vengeance.

Kenneth had arrived in front of Lilith and was about to deliver the coup de grace when, suddenly, his stance faltered in the air. 

The two crashed on the ground, with Lilith almost falling off the arena. Fortunately, she transformed her hands and feet into crystals, and dug them deep to gain a foothold.

Although she looked like a monkey holding at the edge of the arena for dear life, she managed to prevent herself from falling off completely.

The Amazon Princess crawled back at the safety of the arena and glanced at her opponent who was currently laying on the ground. 

His long hair was a mess, but its volume was enough to cover his body.

Lilith carefully approached Kenneth and poked him with her foot. Seeing that the Elf wasn’t reacting to anything, the Amazon gathered up her courage and moved closer.

As the amazon eyed her opponent, she heard a snore, which made her realize that her opponent had actually fallen asleep in the middle of their battle!

Lilith didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry at Kenneth’s current circumstance. 

"Oh well, a win is still a win," Lilith mused as he looked down on the sleeping elf beside her feet. "No hard feelings."

Lilith kicked Kenneth off the battle platform, and the latter offered no form of resistance. She then raised her head in an arrogant manner as she raised her voice to declare her victory. 

"Just as planned," Lilith declared. "Everything I did was just an act. Mother Empress, how were my acting skills?"

Lilith waved her hand and called out to Empress Andraste whose posture almost collapsed because of her daughter’s shameless behavior.

Empress Andraste opened her fan and waved it a little to keep the heat out of her face as her lips twitched, due to her daughter’s shameless boasting.

‘Silly girl, you just made us look bad,’ Empress Andraste thought. She really wanted to pinch her daughter’s waist for doing something unbecoming of an Amazon Warrior. 

Ashe’s and Princess Sidonie’s bodies stiffened because Lilith somehow reminded them of their shameless lover, whom they had lost contact with these past few days.

Lilith glanced at Emperor Leonidas who was seated on the highest seat of honor. Before she came to the Kraetor Empire, she had mulled over the wish that she wanted to be granted.

Now that she had won, she felt like it was perfectly fine for her to claim her just rewards.

"Emperor Leonidas, can I state my wish now?" Lilith asked in a respectful manner. 

Although she could be arrogant at times, she still had been taught the Royal Etiquette of the Royal Bloodline of the Amazon Race. 

The Emperor of the Kraetor Empire nodded his head, and made a gesture for Lilith to say her wish.

Lilith smiled and was about to say what she wanted the most when the resounding tolling of a bell reverberated in the air.

Right after that, a dignified voice filled with authority and Divinity spread across the entire world of Hestia.

"Let it be known to one and all that the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon has been conquered!"

"I repeat, Let it be known to one and all that the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon has been conquered!"

Emperor Leonidas, Empress Andraste, and the other Sovereigns of the major powers in the world of Hestia immediately rose to their feet. 

They couldn’t believe what they heard. Someone had been able to conquer the Devil’s Floor that had been deemed unconquerable, not only by the people of the world of Hestia, but the very Guardians that resided within the Tower itself.

The dignified voice from the heavens didn’t know, nor cared, about the thoughts of the mortals that lived in the World of Hestia. Its only role was to deliver the message it had been assigned to give, and it had done this ever since the Tower of Babylon had appeared in the Central Continent. 

"Let it be known to one and all that the one who conquered the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon is none other than…

"William Von Ainsworth!"

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