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Chapter: 640

Chapter 640: The Floor Of Asgard

Only a few hours had passed since they had defeated Belial, and both of them were quite exhausted. William received full authority of the 51st Floor and was able to transform it according to his will.

Soon, the scenery took an amazing change. Belial’s Crimson world, which was filled with despair, and corruption, was erased completely. It was replaced by the beautiful world that William had seen so many times in his dreams.

A world where he stayed after the Valkyrie, Wendy, took him from that bloody battlefield of Midgard. 

Yes. William had transformed the 51st Floor to match his memory of Asgard. After this exhausting task was done, he decided to take Chiffon to the tallest mountain on the Floor of Asgard, where he once bathed with his wife, Wendy, on their first meeting in a dream.

"Big Brother, I love you."

"I love you too, Chiffon."

William and Chiffon were soaking in a spring, overlooking the beautiful views around them. However, the Half-Elf’s young bride didn’t have much interest in the scenery, and busied herself with kissing William’s lips. 

Chiffon was still inexperienced in the art of kissing, but for William, her kisses were very sweet. Her soft pecks, and clumsy attempts to stick her tongue inside his mouth made the Half-Elf’s love for her burn intensely in his chest.

William allowed her to do what she wanted, while keeping the flames of passion under his control. He wanted to do this properly, and give Chiffon some time to get used to their new relationship.

Although their bodies were pressed against each other, William’s hands were firmly planted on Chiffon’s waist, and not wandering around her body.

After a good amount of time had passed, Chiffon finally pulled back as she panted for breath. Her flushed cheeks, adorable face, and teary eyes, that were filled with love for him, made William’s heart melt.

"Big Brother, this is not a dream right?" Chiffon asked with a hint of anxiety. "We really got married, right?"

William nodded his head before planting a kiss on the pink-haired girl’s forehead.

"This is not a dream," William replied as she held Chiffon’s right hand and placed it over the gem on his chest. "We are officially husband and wife."

Perhaps waiting for that moment, the other box that Adephagia had given William, flew out of his storage ring and floated in front of Chiffon.

A few seconds later, the box opened, revealing a golden ring with runic carvings. This was the matching pair to the ring that William had placed on Chiffon’s finger during their wedding.

Chiffon took the ring and reached out for William’s left hand. The Half-Elf had a troubled look on his face, as he allowed Chiffon to place the ring on his finger.

When the pink-haired girl was about to place the ring on William’s ring finger, she noticed that there was already a ring on it. After looking at the ring for a brief moment, Chiffon confidently placed the ring on William’s thumb.

The customs of the Dwarves were very different from Humans. Instead of placing the ring on their partner’s ring finger, they placed it on their thumbs. 

In the Dwarven Culture, a thumb ring symbolized freedom, love, and loyalty. Chiffon’s mother, April, had no rings on any of her fingers, but her father, Luciel, had a thumb ring. The Demon Race was against marriage to other races, especially the Dwarves.

This was also why April and Luciel didn’t marry. Instead, Chiffon’s mother placed a ring on Luciel’s thumb, to express her undying love and loyalty to him.

Chiffon had wanted to do the same, so she wasn’t too bothered by the ring on William’s ring finger.

After the ring fixed its size to fit William’s thumb, a sweet smile appeared on Chiffon’s face. She had been feeling anxious because she thought that she was still inside the Dreamscape of the Heart Devil, which had reminded her of things that she had long buried in her heart.

Chiffon’s smile was like a drug to William. For some stupid reason, he wanted his young bride to only show this smile to him. It was like a treasure that he had fought hard to get, and he didn’t want to share it with others.

Of course, William didn’t voice this opinion out loud. He wanted Chiffon to always be smiling. If he prevented her from doing so, wouldn’t the girl just revert to the gloomy self of her past?

After having her fill of admiring the ring on William’s hand, the ever-eager young bride once again clung to her husband and kissed him passionately.

Chiffon was addicted to kisses, and William was more than happy to volunteer himself to be kissed by the pink-haired girl, who loved him with all of her heart. Deep inside, his heart was at peace. He vowed that no matter what happened in the future, he would cherish Chiffon, as well as his other lovers, until he drew his last breath. 

An hour later, the two finally left the spring and entered the castle of Asgard. 

It was currently empty, since they were the only two existences on the 51st Floor. 

William didn’t regain all of the memories of William Pendragon during his stay in Valhalla. The only thing he remembered were his memories with Wendy, and Chiffon, and the war of Ragnarok–where everything precious to him was razed by the burning flames of destruction.

After walking around the castle for a few minutes, William took Chiffon to the Halls of Valhalla. 

A place where his brother in arms had stayed, and feasted whenever they finished a mission. 

William paused to look at the great seat of honor where Odin, Thor, and the other Gods of Asgard dined. They would usually dine with the warriors from time to time and make toasts to them for the great accomplishments that they had done for the safety of the Nine Realms.

"Big Brother?" Chiffon asked. "What’s wrong? Why are you crying?"

William touched the side of his face and realized that he was crying. He had many memories of this place, and for some reason, he felt that he had finally come home after a ten-thousand year journey.

"Don’t worry," William closed his eyes as he lightly squeezed Chiffon’s hand. "I’m fine. Just… pretend that you didn’t see anything just now."

"Un," Chiffon replied as she squeezed back William’s hand.

William didn’t suppress his tears and allowed them to fall freely. For him, this was not a show of weakness, but a form of acceptance.

Acceptance for the things that had happened in the past, where he, along with his lovers, comrades, and the Aesir, fought with everything they had. And yet, they still failed to prevent the destruction of the world.

Chiffon wasn’t able to continue watching and hugged William. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. The pink-haired girl wanted to share her love, warmth, and companionship with the person she loved.

William, in turn, hugged her back and held her until he no longer had tears to shed. 

There, in the center of the Hall of Valhalla, where the greatest warriors of the world gathered, a lone Einherjar, had finally found his way back home.

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