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Chapter: 641

Chapter 641: Honeymoon in Valhalla [Part 1]

After all of his tears had dried up, William led Chiffon to the room that was granted to him after he had become one of the Commanders of the Einherjars. 

It was a very spacious room, and luxuriously decorated, matching his status as one of the elites in Valhalla.

Right now, William was feeling very tired, so he unconsciously led Chiffon to the place where he stayed whenever he was not out on a mission.

Chiffon, on the other hand, looked at the room with great curiosity. Her heart was beating wildly inside her chest as a thought crossed her mind.

‘Mama said that after I get married, My husband and I need to consummate our marriage,’ Chiffon thought with great expectations. ‘By doing so, I will be able to give birth to Big Brother’s babies. But, how are babies made?’

The pink-haired girl glanced at the ring on William’s ring finger with a serious expression. Chiffon was not completely oblivious to the meaning behind a ring. Her mother, April, had told her about the human’s customs and what it meant to have a ring on someone’s ring finger.

While she was busy pondering several things in her innocent little head, William opened the door that led to his bedroom. Chiffon gazed at the giant bed that could easily fit a dozen people, and wondered if it would be just as comfortable as the beds in Princess Sidonie’s room.

"Let’s sleep together, Chiffon," William said as he led his young bride to the big bed.

He made Chiffon sit on top of the bed as he gently removed the shoes that she was wearing. After removing her shoes, William playfully tickled the soles of her feet, which made the latter laugh uncontrollably.

"Big Brother, stop bullying me," Chiffon said with a pout. She was still heaving pretty deeply after experiencing William’s tickling attack that caught her completely by surprise.

The Half-Elf chuckled as he planted a kiss on her adorable cheeks, which made the latter’s pouting face disappear.

William laid on the bed, with his arms spread wide. The soft cushion felt so comfortable that he almost fell asleep. If not for the fact that a pair of soft lips had once again started pecking his own lips, he might have really fallen asleep without a care in the world.

"You really love to kiss, don’t you, Chiffon?"

"Un. I love kissing Big Brother’s lips."

William smiled and lightly pinched Chiffon’s nose.

"You still call me Big Brother?" William asked. "Shouldn’t you change your way of addressing your husband?"

Chiffon stared at William and cupped his face.



"I will call you Will in front of the others," Chiffon said. "But when the two of us are alone, I will call you Big Brother."

"Um?" William arched an eyebrow because he didn’t understand why Chiffon insisted on calling him Big Brother. "Why?"

Chiffon looked straight into his eyes as she said her reason for insisting to call William as her Big Brother.

"Because, I’ve always wanted to have one," Chiffon replied. "I do have older brothers and sisters, but…"

A sad expression spread across Chiffon’s face when she remembered her half-siblings, especially Felix, who was the oldest among them all. 

William had already seen how Chiffon was treated by her family inside the Dreamscape. He had already made a vow that when he saw Chiffon’s father, Luciel, and Big Brother Felix, in the flesh, he would give them both a taste of Ruyi Jingu Bang.

"It’s fine," William said as he caressed Chiffon’s cheek. "You can call me Big Brother when we are alone."

Chiffon happily nodded her head when she heard William’s permission. "Un!"

After another round of kissing, Chiffon gathered her courage and asked William the question that had been weighing on her heart since she saw the ring on his finger.

"Big Brother, am I your first wife?" Chiffon asked.

William looked straight at Chiffon’s innocent eyes that demanded the truth. What the pink-haired girl didn’t know was that William had already decided to be honest with her before they took that next step in their relationship.

"No," William replied. "Actually, you are my third wife." 

"Third wife? Who is the first?" Chiffon inquired. "Is it Ashe, or Princess Sidonie?"

Chiffon already knew that William had several lovers. In truth, she didn’t really care how many lovers William had, as long as she was one of them. Her own father, Luciel, had many lovers, his Mother was among them.

For the pink-haired girl, a man of great status would always have many lovers by his side. She just wanted to know her position, and where she stood among William’s other lovers.

"The name of my first wife is Wendy," William said as he showed Chiffon the ring on his ring finger that was made from Mithril. "The two of us got married in secret before I left the Southern Continent."

William could still remember that fateful day when Wendy took him to the Temple to get married. The two of them had no other witness, except Ashe, who had secretly followed them to the temple.

Since half of William’s heart used to belong to Ashe, she was able to find his location, wherever he was on the continent. 

Wendy knew that William would travel to the Central Continent, so she decided to take the initiative and took matters in her own hands. She knew too well that many girls would be infatuated with her lover’s good-looks and there was nothing she could do about it.

Since that was the case, it was better to secure her position as his first wife, before it was taken by another thieving cat!

Her mother, Diana, was very supportive of her and decided to look for a pair of rings inside their treasure vault. There, she found a pair of mithril rings that were said to have mysterious powers. 

Diana didn’t know what kind of power the rings had. However, she was certain of one thing. The rings were an heirloom that was passed down by the founder of the Armstrong Duchy. It was said that if these rings were used to bind two people in marriage, their true powers would activate.

After receiving the rings from her mother, Wendy looked for William and forcefully kidnapped him, with the help of Thor. 

The blond beauty traveled until they had reached the Temple of the God that was near their family’s Duchy. 

William didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at his lover’s daring action. Even so, Wendy’s feelings reached him, and he agreed to marry her on the spot.

Under the blessings of the High Priestess of the Temple of the Gods, the two were wed successfully. 

Ashe, who had followed their trail riding Ragnar, had arrived just in time to see William kissing Wendy’s lips to seal their vow of marriage. William’s mermaid lover could only look at the two with a pout because they had secretly wed each other without notifying anyone, including her and Est, who were also William’s lovers.

In order to pacify the pouting mermaid, William and Wendy decided to hold another marriage, this time, it was Ashe’s turn to marry William.

The High-Priestess didn’t have any objections because it was perfectly fine for a man to have many wives in their world. Also, William was no ordinary man. 

He was the one that had prevented the Elves from conquering the Hellan Kingdom, and all the adults that had turned into statues had been told about his legendary exploits. Because of this, the High-Priestess was honored to be chosen as the one to conduct the marriage ceremonies for the Hero that had saved the realm.

"Ashe is my second wife," William continued his explanation. "If you are wondering where our wedding rings are, they are not in our fingers, but in our hearts. William took off his upper clothes and pressed his hand over his chest.

"If Ashe hadn’t given me half of her heart, I would have died long ago," William said softly. 

Chiffon moved closer and kissed the gem on William’s chest. The gem glowed brightly, as if responding to Chiffon’s gesture of love.

"Aside from Princess Sidonie, do you have other lovers?" Chiffon asked. 

William nodded his head and wrapped Chiffon in a loving embrace. "You still haven’t met her, but the name of my other lover is Est. Actually, the reason why I came to the Kraetor Empire was to break the curse on her, Ashe’s, and Isaac’s bodies."

The Half-Elf then narrated his true reason for coming to the Kraetor Empire. He didn’t hide anything from Chiffon and told her that their reason for coming to the Tower of Babylon was due to the quest that the Patron God of the Kraetor Empire, Aamon, had given him.

"Aside from Est, there is also my Master," William stated. Although Celine hadn’t confirmed what their current relationship was, William had already decided that his Master was already one of his women, and as such, he added her to the list of his lovers, regardless of what Celine would say about it in the future.

"Your Master is very beautiful," Chiffon said with a sad expression. "I can’t beat her."

The pink-haired girl looked down on her chest, and felt depressed. 

"Silly girl," William lightly pinched Chiffon’s ears. "You’re fine as you are. There’s no need to compare yourself to my master. Besides, you’re not small at all. At the very least, you are a B cup."

"B C-Cup?"

"Yes. It means your size is perfect."

Chiffon was still half in doubt, but William didn’t stop there, and continued to praise her good qualities, which made the pink-haired girl forget about her insecurities.

"Aside from your Master, is there anyone else?" Chiffon continued her interrogation.

William paused before nodding his head. 

"I have forgotten a bit about her, but I do have one more lover," William replied with a complicated expression on his face. "I know that I love her, but I can’t remember when the two of us first met. Chiffon, there might come a time that I will completely forget about her, but for my sake, please, remember her name."

Chiffon waited patiently as William tried to recall the name of his first love. After the battle with Belial, the memories of his past life were in shambles, so it took him a while to gather his thoughts and piece his remaining memories together."

"Her name is Belle," William said with reservation. "I think her name is Belle. No. I am certain her name is Belle."

"Belle." Chiffon nodded. "I will remember her name for you, Big Brother. Do you have any other lovers aside from her, Big Brother?"



Chiffon rested her head on William’s chest. The Half-Elf kissed her forehead before patting her head. 

William thought that Chiffon was done with her questions, and decided to rest for the night. However, before he could put this plan into motion, the young bride in her arms raised her head, and said a few words to him that made his heart skip a beat.

"Big Brother, please, make love to me," Chiffon stared at her husband with eyes filled with love and tenderness. 

Her Patron God, Adephagia, had whispered some words in her ears a while ago. The Goddess had guaranteed that if she said these words to William, he would shower her with his love and affection and stay with her forever.

For Chiffon, staying with William forever was akin to magic words. She was willing to do anything to make this happen, so she repeated the words that Adephagia had told her, word for word. 

"Make me your woman," Chiffon said with embarrassment. "Fill me to the brim with your love."

Chiffon only understood half of the meaning of these words, but she didn’t care. As long as Wiliam would shower her with his love and affection, she was willing to say such embarrassing words as many times as she needed to.

The Goddess Adephagia gave her daughter a thumbs up in her heart. The Goddess of Gluttony was sure that William wouldn’t be able to resist her darling daughter’s advances. Because of this, she decisively used her Divinity and wrapped the entirety of William’s room with it. 

This was to ensure that no one would get in the way of her daughter’s special night.

Not even the owner of the Tower of Babylon, who could see everything that happened within his Domain.

Soon, the rustling of clothes could be heard inside the room. William laid his young bride on the bed and admired her beauty.

A beauty that belonged only to him.

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