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Chapter: 65

"Est, remember this, you were born to do great things."

"Great things?"

"Yes." the beautiful woman nodded her head as she lovingly brushed the young boy's hair. "That's why, you must become strong. Only by becoming strong will you be able to do great things."

"Then, what if I meet an enemy that is stronger than me?" Est asked. "What must I do then?"

"Run," the woman answered. "Run as fast as you can."

"Then, what if I can't outrun it? What then?"

"Then you just wait." The woman smiled as she stared at the young boy's face.

"Wait?" Est tilted his head. "Wait for what?"

"Wait for a miracle to happen."

"A miracle?"

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"Yes. A miracle," the woman said with a smile. "Est, when the sky falls down. There will always be people who will step up and carry its weight on their shoulders."

"Will I be able to meet such a person?" Est asked. His face was half in doubt and half curious of the possibility of meeting someone who could create a miracle.

"Of course you will," the beautiful woman chuckled. "If it's you, you are destined to meet such a person. Just know that if he really appears in your life, you'd better..."

When the third Mountain Troll appeared, Isaac and Ian immediately grabbed Est and jumped out of the carriage. They were his retainers and their duty was to ensure his safety.

Originally, they thought that the troll would focus on the carriage, but they had underestimated its intelligence.

Not only did it ignore the carriage, it immediately pursued them without batting an eye.

'No good, we can't make it,' Est thought as he gazed at the hulking monster that had already caught up with them.

He could only watch helplessly as the Mountain Troll swung its giant wooden club with the intention to kill. Est knew that, the moment that wooden club hit its target, he, along with the twins, would be turned into meat paste.

Then it happened…

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A two-meter tall Angorian War Ibex jumped over their heads. Its horns and hooves had a silver-blue color that shone like crystals. On its back was a young boy with flaming red hair, carrying a wooden staff.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as the Mountain Troll and the Goat carrying the young boy clashed.

William's confident and powerful voice reverberated in the air as he shouted…

"Magnum Burst!"

Est eyes widened as he saw the Mountain Troll get pushed back during the collision. The Mountain Troll had a confused look on its face as it looked at its weapon and the boy who was riding on top of the goat.

It seemed that it couldn't believe the fact that a boy could fend off its weapon with ease. If Est hadn't seen it first hand, he, too, wouldn't have believed it. However, the evidence was right in front of his eyes and it made his heart beat wildly inside his chest.

"Mama Ella, let's go," William commanded as he jumped off her back.


"Mass Ice Armor."

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"Mass Bestow."

"Leader of the Herd."

The young boy knew that his Mama couldn't fight using her full power if he was to ride her into battle.

Ella was currently in her War Ibex Form and William's buffs made her powerful. However, she was still weaker compared to the Mountain Troll who was at the upper tier of Class B Monsters.

Even so, she wasn't afraid because she was not fighting alone. William and the rest of the herd had already formed their battle formation. Ella was in the lead, with William at the rear. They had already shared an understanding when it came to fighting stronger enemies, so they weren't worried even if the troll was bigger and stronger than them.

"Wild Charge!" William ordered.


Ella charged like a raging bull to take the Mountain Troll head on. Aslan and Chronos led their teams in order to attack the troll from all sides creating a pincer attack.

William watched the battle with a serious expression as he supported his herd from the rear. Everytime the Mountain Troll attacked the goats, he would summon three layers of Ice Wall to block its attack.

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Nana and Herman were relieved when they saw that their Young Master was safe from harm. They then vented their frustration on the two Mountain Trolls that were blocking their way. The two monsters suddenly felt extreme pressure as the two experts unleashed their powerful attacks without holding back.

"Mega Kick!"


Ella's kick connected and the Giant Troll was sent flying a few meters into the air.

"Glacial Lance!" William fired off the strongest attack in his Ice Mage Job Class. The Glacial Lance pierced the Mountain Troll's eye making it scream in pain.

Another Glacial Lance flew in the air and stabbed itself on the Mountain Troll's other eye blinding it completely.

Aslan, Chronos, and the rest of their team impaled the Mountain Troll's body with their horns. Ella, too, didn't miss the opportunity and delivered a Wild Charge at point blank range, piercing the Mountain Troll's chest.

The Mountain Troll could only swing its wooden club blindly in the air, hoping that it could hit something with its frenzied attacks.

Two minutes later, the Mountain Troll gave off a guttural roar and ran away in the opposite direction. Its powerful regeneration had allowed its eyes to recover enough vision to see its surroundings.

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Seeing that it couldn't beat its prey, it decided to retreat. The two other mountain trolls followed behind their leader in haste. The two humans that they had fought were lunatics and they didn't want to engage them any longer.

William watched the Mountain Trolls run away with relief. Although they were able to fight it to a stalemate, it was still a Class B Beast. This made the Mountain Troll very hard to kill. He never thought for a moment that they would be able to defeat it.

The most they could do was to hurt it as much as possible so that it would call it quits.

Of course, the goats didn't think that way. Ella, Chronos, Aslan, and the rest were sure that they could beat the monster if it hadn't run away. After defeating the Hobgoblin Shaman, the goats had regained their confidence and were raring to fight strong opponents.

For them, the Mountain Troll was only an oversized goblin. As long as they could hit it, they could kill it!

"Good job everyone," William said as he motioned for the goats to gather. "Is anyone hurt? Come, let me heal you."


"Aslan, what do you mean it doesn't hurt? Look, your leg is bleeding."


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"Just a scratch? I don't think so. Come here, let me heal you."


"No buts, come here. First Aid! Ok, next!"


"Echo, you are a girl, you should take better care of yourself."

"... Meeeeeh."

"First Aid. Ah! All of you are so stubborn! Fine, have it your way. Mass First Aid!"

William used Mass First Aid three times and healed the injuries of the goats. Although it was wasteful to use so much Mana, he had no choice but to do it. The goats were still under the effect of their Battle Lust and were being very stubborn.

Nana, Herman, Est, Isaac, and Ian, watched as William nagged his goats with a fed up expression. They found this scene quite funny, but none of them were laughing. They were still in a state of shock after witnessing William's unbelievable performance.

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