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Chapter: 82

Soon the two engaged in close quarter combat.

Kingsley's movement and attacks were graceful and deadly. Clearly, his technique had reached a high level, while William had no technique at all. His battle style was crude and all over the place.

One could easily tell the disparity between the two boys. The members of the Misty Sect started cheering as they saw their senior brother getting the upper hand.

Kingsley executed another killer move that was aimed at William's leg. However, the Parry Skill activated and blocked his attack.

William's strategy was simple. He would hold his ground and defend. If the Parry Skill activated, he would immediately follow up with a counter-attack. Although Kingsley was fast, Ella was faster when she used her Quick Attack.

William was gradually able to follow his opponent's movements and block him at every turn. His Strength stat allowed him to threaten Kingsley from time to time with a powerful blow. The only problem was that none of these blows connected.

After their initial clash, Kingsley discovered that William was a level stronger than him, so he didn't dare to receive his blows and focused on dodging them.

William's Dexterity and Agility Stat coupled with the Parry Skill gave him the ability to swiftly block his opponent's attacks which led to their current situation.

The bruises on William's body were piling up because there were times when Kingsley's sharp attacks grazed him.

'I relied too much on magic and didn't focus on my foundations.' William regretted that he hadn't paid any attention to learning any martial arts. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he got defeated.

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What William didn't know was that Kingsley was starting to feel anxious. His confidence at the beginning was being chipped away by William's uncanny ability to block his deadly strikes.

'This can't go on!' Kingsley thought. 'I will have to resort to that…'

Kingsley took a deep breath as he charged towards William for the umpteenth time.

"First Phase, Phoenix Strike!"

William's staff moved automatically as the Parry Skill activated.

However, instead of backing away like he always did, Kingsley actually took a step forward as the wooden staff and sword collided against each other.

"Ice Bullet!" Kingsley muttered as he fired an Ice Bullet at point blank range.

William's eyes widened because he didn't expect Kingsley to use magic. Eleanor had already mentioned that he wasn't allowed to use his magic in this duel, but Kingsley still used it!

The concentrated bullet that was as large as a baseball ball connected squarely with William's chest.

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William felt that he was hit by a bowling ball that was thrown at full power. The impact took his breath away, which created an opening for Kingsley to unleash a powerful move.

"Second Phase, Phoenix Crossing!"

A loud cracking sound was heard as Kingsley's attack connected with William's chest.

The red-head boy spat a mouthful of blood as he was blown off his feet. Est covered his mouth as he watched William's body crash heavily on the ground.

Kingsley stepped forward to deliver another strike at the fallen boy. He was determined to cripple William and make sure that he wouldn't even think about challenging Rebecca in the future.

It was at that moment when he saw a white blur appear in front of his eyes.


Ella transformed into an Angorian War Ibex and blocked Kingsley's path. Her horns and hooves shone in a blue light and her bloodshot eyes stared at the boy as if she was looking at something that was about to die.

Kingsley's body uncontrollably shuddered the moment he laid his eyes on the beast in front of him. For the first time in his life, he felt the hands of death had firmly wrapped around his body, and had no intention of letting go.

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His breathing became heavy as his instinct screamed for him to run away.

However, there was no time to run away. Ella didn't give him that opportunity. With a shout of fury, Ella activated her Quick Attack. The only thing in her mind was to kill this boy who tried to hurt his baby.

As the horns of death were about to impale the pitiful boy, James finally made his move.

He casually grabbed the boy's collar and tossed him to the side. He then used his free hand to grab Ella's horn and held her in place.

"Let's end it here, Ella," James said as he held the furious goat at bay. "What is more important? Killing that brat or taking William to Owen's place?"

Reason finally returned to the furious goat as she stopped her charge. Ella gave James an annoyed look, and the latter let go of her horn.

"Helen, I'll leave William in your care," James ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Helen wrapped her threads around William and gently lifted him off the ground. Ella nudged her to hurry, and the maid of the Ainsworth Family mounted the War Ibex's back.

As soon as Helen was firmly secured on her back, Ella immediately sprinted towards the house of the Life Magus. She decided to have her baby healed first before she returned to dispose of the brat that dared to harm William.

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Everyone watched the War Ibex go with various expressions on their faces. Eleanor was checking Kingsley for injuries. She was responsible for the safety of the children, and Ella's sudden appearance gave her a scare.

If not for James' timely assistance, the prodigy of the Misty Sect would have been impaled by the War Ibex, and died a dog's death in a small town in the countryside.

"Since when did you raise a War Ibex?" Lawrence asked James who was looking in the direction of Owen's house.

"War Ibex?" James answered with a sidelong glance. "What War Ibex? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Hoh~" Lawrence smiled in understanding.

James sighed as he patted the shoulder of his good friend. "It would be best if you take that boy away from Lont. I'm afraid that Ella will immediately attempt to kill him again once she returns."

"Fine," Lawrence agreed. "I'll come back at a later time to talk more about your grandson."

"Just make sure that you don't bring uninvited pests with you next time." James snorted. "I almost lost control and squashed that boy's head."

"Adults shouldn't interfere in the affairs of the young generation. This is the unwritten rule in our world, no?"

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"It's fine if no one sees." James smiled. "Although this rule exists, you and I know that there are plenty of loopholes that people use to bypass this rule."

"True." Lawrence admitted. He then looked at the members of the Misty Sect and gave out an order. "Return to the carriages in an orderly manner. We will be departing soon."

Although he wanted to know more about William and the War Ibex, Lawrence knew that now was not the time for it. He could only endure his curiosity as he led his entourage to where their carriages were waiting for them.

"So, what do you think?" Lawrence asked his granddaughter who was seated beside him in the carriage.

They had just left Lont five minutes ago and were currently returning to their duties of surveying the destruction caused by the Beast Tide.

"He lacks grace," Rebecca answered.

"That's it? He lacks grace?" Lawrence had a smile on his face as he looked at his beloved granddaughter.

"Grandpa, I don't know what you're thinking, but I don't like him," Rebecca pouted. "I have no intention of marrying him."

Lawrence chuckled but didn't say anything else. He was already looking forward to the duel that would happen seven years in the future.

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