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Chapter: 88

"Okay, so Martial Job Classes get stronger by repetition and cultivation. Can I also become proficient in a Job Class if I train myself like shooting arrows at a target?" William asked.

"Isn't that cheating?"

"It's not cheating, it's called plot progression!"

"Ok, let's go back a bit," William said as he tried to change the subject. "You said Martial Job Classes can get stronger by using Beast Cores. Can I also use them?"


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'T-This is it!' William became excited at the prospect of using Beast Cores to level up his Job Classes. Right now, he had two Millennial-Grade Beast Cores in his possession. If he used it, he could easily raise his Disciple of Thunder to its Max level.

"Can I use any kind of Beast Core?" William was planning to ask his Grandpa to help him find or purchase Beast Cores to level up his Job Classes.

"Tsk, what is this discrimination?" William nagged at the system. "Why are you preventing me from cheating my way to get stronger? Whose side are you on?"

William grumbled, but he still felt happy about the information he received from the system. Now he had more options to increase his Job Levels while waiting for the Five-Year Seal to disappear from his body.

After returning to the goat shed, William meditated in order to clear his mind. He now had two options in front of him.

The first one was to use the Millennial-Grade Beast Cores to upgrade his Prestige Class, Disciple of Thunder.

The second one was to just focus on the Basic Job Classes and become proficient in them through repetition and training. Although the experience points he would gain from the Goblin Crypt was abysmal, it was still a good place to farm experience points.

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'Even a mosquito has meat,' William thought as he looked at his Job Classes. 'If I farmed experience points for a year, I can probably raise one Job Class to level 20.'

The System told William that the Martial Job Classes he had acquired have their own War Techniques that were tailor made to match his proficiency. The good news was that, after learning them, the technique would be embedded in his memory permanently.

The only thing he needed to do was to practice it regularly, or use it to battle to become proficient.

His Swordsman Class had the skill .

His Archer Class had the skill .

His Spearman Class had the skill

His Fighter Class had the skill

His Monk Class had the skill

As William gazed at these Martial Arts, he felt that he was getting closer to becoming a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

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After a brief struggle, William opened his Disciple of Thunder Skill Tree and checked to see if this was a Job Class that heavily relied on Mana.

'As expected, this Job Class relies heavily on magic power,' William sighed as he read all the skills of the Prestige Class. 'Still, the passive skills it possesses are quite interesting.'

William's gaze landed on the four skills that belonged to the Disciple of Thunder that didn't require any Mana.

(Requires 10 Skill Points to Unlock)

-- The Martial Art of the God of Thunder.

-- Very effective against Demons, Spirit Beasts, Elementals, Evil Spirits, Undead, and Devils.

-- Increase Agility Stat +30

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-- The user's reflexes are faster than normal

-- Increase reaction rate by 100%

(Requires 5 Skill Points to Unlock)

-- Able to manipulate Lightning from any source to do your bidding.

(Requires 5 Skill Points to Unlock)

-- The movement Technique of the God of Thunder

If William used his Millennial-Grade Beast Core, he would be able to raise the Disciple of Thunder to its Max Level. Although he wouldn't be able to use the powerful offensive skills of this Job Class, the four passive skills still caught William's interest.

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William was very keen in acquiring the Lightning God War Art and the Heavenly Phantasm Movement Technique. With these two skills in his possession, he would be able to raise their proficiency inside the Goblin Crypt until he mastered them to perfection.

Even if he had to switch to other Job Classes, his mastery of these two skills would remain with him for life.

Also, he could freely assign the skill Lightning Reflexes, and Child of Thunder to his permanent skill slot. These two skills are interchangeable depending on the situation. The cool thing about the Child of Thunder was that William could harness the power of lightning using any source.

What did this mean? It meant that he could manipulate a Lightning Storm and use it to hurl lightning bolts at his enemies. This was a very tempting opportunity for the pitiful William who had lost his magic powers!

Three hours passed before William finalized his decision.

"System, I would like to consume the Millennial-Grade Beast Core of the Terrorhand. Place all experience points in the Disciple of Thunder!"

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"Advance to the next Job Class!" William ordered.

-- You had successfully ascended to Prince of Thunder

-- A Prince that was born to wield the power of thunder and lightning.

-- Lightning Magic effectiveness increased by 50%

-- Host has learned skill: Thunder God's Wrath

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William could immediately feel the effect of his ascension. The sensation felt so good that he couldn't help but close his eyes in order to immerse himself in that euphoric sensation. It was as if all the pain and frustration that were still lingering inside his heart were washed away by his newfound powers.

When William opened his eyes, a lightning bolt flashed briefly inside his pupils. He was like a new person that had been baptized by the power of lightning. William laughed. He laughed out loud.

Ella who was standing by his side, looked at him with a gentle gaze. She could tell that her baby had finally found his path, and pulled himself out of his depression.

William wanted to share the happiness he was feeling at the moment, so he hurriedly gave his Mama a Hug. He then kissed her repeatedly on her cheeks before he ran towards the other goats to shower them with hugs and kisses.

On that day, in the small town of Lont, William's true training was about to begin.

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