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Chapter: 99

William was hunting as usual when two Green Scaled Archaeopteryx attacked him from his left and right side. When their sneak attack missed the two birds of prey circled around the boy using their erratic movements with the intention of confusing him.

The red-headed boy calmly nocked an arrow on his bow and pulled the string as far as he could. He didn't even bother to look at the Archaeopteryx that was about to peck him from behind. Instead, he stepped aside and bent his body in an angle that allowed the beast to pass harmlessly by the right side of his body.

It was then when William released the string and the arrow embedded itself on the Archaeopteryx back. The beast cried out in pain, but it didn't last long because another arrow had embedded itself in its head causing it to fall on the ground, dead.

This time, the boy wasn't using a normal arrow. It was a steel arrow forged from the steel wings of the Winged Panther.

The bow in his hand was also different from the one he used in the past. It was a special bow that Barbatos had made for him while he was busy training his archery skills. The difference between his old weapon and his new one was like comparing a flintlock with an automatic shotgun.

The penetrating power of both ammunition and weapons were miles apart.

The other Archaeopteryx shrieked in anger when it saw that its partner had died. It flapped its wings in a flurry as it shot several wind blades in the boy's direction. William calmly dodged these attacks as he nocked another arrow on his bow.

The boy pulled the string of the bow and grinned evilly. "This is payback for the time the two of you bullied me."

The moment William released the string, the fate of the Archaeopteryx was sealed. The arrow flew straight and true, piercing the beast's head and ending its life. The bird of prey became an easy target because it had lost all reason and attacked the red-headed boy directly due to anger.

"Looks like we're having roasted birds tonight," William muttered as he pressed two fingers over his lips and whistled.

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A shrill screech answered back and Blitz scooped the two corpses off the ground. The Hawk circled one more time and William jumped on its back. Both boy and hawk left the forest and returned to their encampment where John was waiting for them.

"Just seven months and you managed to reach the initial stages of the Gold Rank for archers," John said as he propped his chin with his fingers. "I'm really a good teacher."

"Yes. You are a good teacher, Uncle John." William nodded his head in agreement.

"Oh? This is a surprise. I thought you're going to say that it's not that I am a good teacher, but that you are just a genius."

"No." William shook his head. "I'm not a genius. I'm just handsome. Get your facts straight, Uncle John."

"You and your narcissism," John covered his face with his hand. "Still, your training ended shorter than my initial estimate. Is it due to you being a Half-Elf? I've heard that they were natural archers, but seeing is believing."

"That's a possibility," William agreed.

It also surprised him how easy it was for him to learn how to use the bow in such a short period of time. It was as if he was born to hold a bow.

'Maybe it is due to my Elven Ancestry,' William thought as he added chopped wood to their campfire.

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"In any case, we are going to return to Lont tomorrow." John yawned. "Time for you to meet your next instructor."

William smiled and nodded his head. It was at that moment when a familiar notification sound was heard inside his mind.

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'Um? 2,000 God Points?' William blinked. 'It increased? Well, I'm not going to complain. The more the merrier.'

The young boy sighed as he looked at the 2,000 God Points that he had earned after finishing his Monk and Archer training.

The items in the God Shop were too expensive and William couldn't buy anything of value. He already asked the system for a recommendation and the latter showed him a weapon that made him gulp in anticipation. However, it was priced at 50,000 God Points.

With the 90% coupon that he had received earlier, he would need 3,000 more God Points in order to purchase it from the shop. William was now more pumped than ever to gather enough God Points to buy the weapon that the system had recommended to him.

"Uncle, I don't want any suspense. Just tell me who the next instructor is going to be," William pleaded.

"Don't worry, it is someone you know very well," John replied with a grin. "Even if you ask me a hundred times, I'm not going to spill the beans. It will be best if you just wait and see who your next instructor is going to be."

"Fine." William backed down and just focused on cooking their dinner. No matter who his next instructor would be, he was confident that he would be able to handle anything that was thrown at him.

At least that's what he thought at the time.

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William lightly coughed as he looked at the beautiful lady in front of him. He and John had just arrived in Lont when Ceine appeared in front of him with a smile.

"Long time no see, Master." William gave a dazzling smile that was enough for old women to give him something good to eat.

"Indeed," Celine replied with a sweet smile. "It had been two years since we last saw each other."

"Um, is there anything you need from me, Master?"

"I came here to pick you up."

"Pick me up?" William blinked his eyes in confusion. Suddenly a dreadful realization appeared inside his mind. "M-Master, don't tell me…"

"Mmm, the next stage of your training will commence," Celine lightly caressed the head of her one and only disciple. "Let's go, William."

The beautiful lady didn't even wait for William's reply as she dragged the boy away. John could only wave at the pitiful little shepherd who seemed to have given up all resistance, and allowed Celine to take him back to her residence.

'I knew that the reward of 2,000 God Points was too good to be true,' William thought as he obediently followed his Master, Celine, back to her home.

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The young boy's body shivered as he entered the house that he hadn't visited for more than two years. Everything seemed to be the same. Even Oliver, the Parrot Monkey, was seated on his usual perch and was staring at William as if he had found an interesting new toy that he could play with.

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