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Chapter: 159

"Thank you for saving me," Wendy said as she enclosed William's hand with her two hands. "If not for Head Prefect William, I might have already been…"

William looked at her with a gentle gaze as he patted her shoulder. "I'm not the only one who came to rescue you, Est and the other students of the academy were there to lend their help. Also, it was your Big Brother, Spencer, who activated the School's emblem to call for help. If you have to thank someone, you should thank him first."

Wendy nodded her head. "I will thank Big Brother later, but it was the Head Prefect who found our location. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please, tell me and I will do my best to meet your expectations.

William wanted to tease the little girl and say "You can repay me with your body", but he immediately changed his mind when he felt four killing intents lock onto his back.

William was sure that if he decided to go ahead with his plan to tease Wendy, Spencer's spear and a few other sharp weapons would pierce his back.

The red-headed boy lightly coughed and put on a righteous expression. "Wendy, you are a student of the Hellan Royal Academy. As fellow students, it is only right and proper that I extend my help. There is no need for a reward.

"However, if you really insist on giving me a reward, the one thing you can do for me is to keep yourself safe. It pains my heart to see someone as beautiful as you suffer. Please, take care of yourself for me, won't you?"

William thought that his award winning performance was enough to pacify the people who had the intention of turning him into a human barbecue. What he didn't expect was that their killing intent only grew stronger as Wendy looked up at him with an infatuated gaze.

"I-I will keep myself safe and pure for Head Prefect," Wendy stuttered as her face turned beet red. "Wendy is willing to wait until the Head Prefect comes of age. When that time comes… I will…"

Wendy said something, but it was too soft and low for William to hear and understand. Even so, William thought that the young lady was only saying her gratitude to him.

"Yes, please keep yourself safe and pure for me." William smiled. "I like Wendy, so I hope that you will grow up to be a strong and beautiful lady that will protect the weak from those who try to oppress them."

"L-Like? Head Prefect likes me?"

"You bet! I really like Wendy a lot."

"I-I like you, too, Head prefect!"

"The feeling is mutual then." William chuckled.

Suddenly, William's sixth sense screamed of danger as all the hairs at the back of his neck stood on end. The shepherd immediately jumped to the side as he evaded the spear, that was thrust at his back, by mere centimeters.

"Big Brother! What are you doing?!" Wendy raised her voice in anger. 'How dare you get in the way of my intimate moment with Head Prefect William!'

"Tsk!" Spencer clicked his tongue because he missed his target. "I'm sorry, Head Prefect. My Spear suddenly moved on its own. I apologize if I scared you."

"Hahaha! Don't worry, I'm not hurt. Just be careful next time." William nodded his head in understanding. 'Fool! What do you mean your spear suddenly moved on its own? Do you think I'm stupid? Hmp! Wait till we return to the academy, I'll make sure to straighten you up!'

William was about to say something else when he felt someone pinch the side of his waist. He almost screamed like a little girl due to the pain. Fortunately, he was able to close his lips in time as he endured the sudden pain that came out of nowhere.

When the pain subsided, the red-headed boy glared at Ian who was standing right next to him.

"What's your problem?!" William asked with a hateful glare.

"Sorry, my hand moved on its own," Ian said with a smile. "Are you hurt, Head Prefect?"

William's lips twitched in anger when he heard the snot-nosed pansy's reply. "Why are you acting like a jealous girlfriend? Are you jealous because I'm more handsome than you? Do you want me to give you some beauty tips?"

The two bickering buddies were about to have a go at each other, like usual, so Est immediately separated the two of them and stood in the middle.

"Alright, settle down," Est said as he pushed both boys away from each other. "The Teleport Gate will activate in ten minutes. Don't make a scene or we might get punished when we return to the academy."



William and Ian snorted at the same time. Est looked at the two of them with a fed-up expression as if he had already given up trying to convince the two boys to get along with each other.

Everyone thought that the situation had finally calmed down, but that thought instantly vanished when the infatuated girl, Wendy, appeared beside William and held his hand like it was a very normal thing for her to do.

"Head Prefect, I forgot to ask. How were you able to find us?" Wendy asked with upturned eyes.

Her eyes were so clear and bright, that William could see his face reflected in them.

'It's good that nothing really happened to you,' William thought.

That was his genuine feelings in regards to Wendy. William felt that it would really be tragic if someone as kind and caring as Wendy were to lose the brilliance in her eyes because of this incident.

"I'm glad we made it in time," William muttered his thoughts out loud.

"Um? Head Prefect?" Wendy tilted her head in a cute manner which gave William a strong urge to pinch her cheeks.

Remembering the girl's question, William cleared his throat to give the excuse he had prepared beforehand.

"The one who found your location was Mama Ella," William answered.

"Meeeeh?" The Angorian goat tilted her head in confusion.

"You see, Mama Ella has a very sensitive nose. She can easily find me, even if we are miles apart."

"Meeeeeeh." Ella nodded her head in acknowledgement. Although William was spouting nonsense about the sensitivity of her nose, it was true that she could find William even if they were miles apart.

"I see, thank you Mama Ella." Wendy bowed her head towards William's mother. "From now on, Can I also call you Mama."


"I was just joking!"

"... Meeeeeeeh."

Wendy hugged Ella with a big smile on her face as she thanked the goat for helping to save her. 'I guess I need to take things slowly. Ella is much smarter than I thought.'

William looked at this touching scene while scratching his cheeks. He felt bad about lying to Wendy, but he couldn't possibly tell her that he had placed a tracker on her and Spencer. He didn't want others to think that he was a stalker!

While the shepherd was thinking of these mundane thoughts, Est, Ian, and Spencer looked at him as if they were looking at a dead person. Inside their minds, they had already butchered him countless times already.

Only the delicate looking Kenneth looked at this scene with a smile on his face.

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