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Chapter: 636

I Wrote a Tonic Prescription for You and Your Brother

Zi Yi did quite a lot of preparatory work before the mechanical heart was delivered.

Elder Hu originally wanted to stay by her side and act as an assistant, only to realize that this operation, which Zi Yi intended to do, had far exceeded his range of knowledge. In the end, he grabbed a notebook and pen as he followed Zi Yi around. He would raise questions whenever he encountered something he did not know.

His attitude was so serious as if he was a student.

When Zi Yi mentioned technical terms he did not quite understand, he would write them down first and then make a marking next to them, as he planned to look them up after he leaves the secret base.

One was a girl who had just turned eighteen a few months back and the other was an old man that was about to reach his sixtieth year. Originally, the scene should be the younger one tagging behind the elder one to learn, but their positions were reversed.


"How can you block all the blood vessels at the same time?"

"Would the patient’s body reject the mechanical heart when it is placed inside?"

"How can the mechanical heart connect to so many blood vessels at the same time?"

Zi Yi answered every single one of his questions without the slightest irritation.

In the end, Elder Hu wished that he could acknowledge Zi Yi as his teacher instead.

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A few hours passed just like that and the robot had finally delivered the mechanical heart Zi Yi asked for.

The one who brought the heart in was Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye glanced at the two new additional medical equipments inside the room, then at Dou Xiangling who was submerged inside the nutrient solution. He then reminded the two of them, who seemed to have lost track of time. "It’s already afternoon, it’s time to have lunch."

Elder Hu was not in the mood to eat at all and he said to Zi Yi, "Little Zi, you can head over to have lunch. I wish to take a look at this mechanical heart."

The mechanical heart was packed in a special container and it resembled the form of a real heart. It was pulsating and the blood vessels were exactly the same as a real heart.

"This is really a mechanical heart?" Elder Hu could not believe it despite seeing it with his eyes.

Zi Yi answered affirmatively, "Yes."

She then pressed on the container and the mechanical heart soon opened. There were many intricate tiny parts inside that would make one dizzy from just looking at it.

Elder Hu’s eyes widened with shock.

Sometime later, he asked Zi Yi, "Little Zi, is there anything you don’t know how to do?"

Zi Yi tilted her head and thought for a moment. She then turned to look at Lu Jingye and she said with a smile, "I can’t cook."

Lu Jingye thought of her laziness in that aspect and he could not help but reach out his hand to pinch her cheeks.

Zi Yi giggled in response.

Elder Hu looked at the two young people and there was a smile in his eyes.

He said, "It’s good that you can’t cook. If you were good at everything, there wouldn’t be any space left for others in the world."

Zi Yi disagreed with him. "No way. I am only knowledgeable about many things on a superficial level. Compared to those who specialize in a certain skill, I am much lacking."

Elder Hu found what she said reasonable and he changed the topic. "Since the mechanical heart has been delivered, will you be able to operate on Little Dou shortly?"


Lu Jingye who was standing next to them saw that they were about to start another round of discussion and he hastily said, "Go and have lunch first, or else you will be hungry in the evening."

Having said that, he even specially added. "Yiyi nearly fainted from hunger the previous time."

How could Elder Hu still insist on holding ​Zi Yi back to start the operation after hearing his words? He hastily said, "Alright, let’s go and have lunch first."

Zi Yi glanced at Lu Jingye who was making things up with a straight face and the corner of her lips curved up.

The three of them arrived at the canteen.

At this time, Lu Yunxiao and the few managers were all present.

As Lu Yunxiao sat there, he would unconsciously exude a strong and chilly aura. Lu Yi, who was his subordinate, was giving off a similar aura.

Thus, it made it hard on the other managers present.

During ordinary days, the four of them would still converse when they were in the canteen. However, they sat there in silence today.

When the three of them came in, the few managers had unconsciously breathed out a sigh of relief.

Just then, Lu Yunxiao greeted Zi Yi. "Sister-in-law."

Zi Yi nodded her head in response and headed over together with Lu Jingye to take a seat at his table.

Elder Hu headed over to sit together with the managers.

The managers clearly had questions to ask and before the chef served the dishes, a few of them winked at each other. In the end, Wang Biao was the one who spoke up. "Second Young Master, now that Third Young Master is awake, will we be leaving the secret base soon?"

It was a lie to say that they were not excited. They had been isolated from the outside world for half a year and they missed the days when they completed their tasks freely with their partners.

Lu Jingye swept his gaze over them and said, "This place will be changed into a bodyguard base in the future. There will subsequently be people sent over and so there’s no need for you to leave."


In fact, it did not matter to them whether they left or not. What they missed was the previous atmosphere of mingling with everyone.

"Yes. This place will be transformed into an S-class training camp and it will be under my name."

The managers were all excited.

An S-class training camp was equivalent to the highest tier of training camp within the Lu Family and not to mention, it would only belong to the Second Young Master. This meant that they would become a group of bodyguards that surpassed the Lu Family’s elite bodyguards.

Zi Yi glanced at the managers who were excited as if they were going to fly up in the skies in the next second. She then said with a smile, "We will be able to openly drink alcohol in the future."

Her words caused Wang Biao to be stunned for a moment.

The next second, he seemed to have thought of something and he looked at Zi Yi warily.

Zi Yi said in a casual tone, "I heard that plum alcohol brewed with snow water is especially fragrant."

Wang Biao: "…"

Second Young Madam, please do not mention anything else! I’ll brew alcohol for you!

Wang Biao took a peek at Lu Jingye out of guilt.

When he saw Lu Jingye having a word with Lu Yunxiao, he calmed down a little.

Zi Yi turned away and the corner of her lips curved up as she continued eating lunch.

Lu Jingye turned his head and picked up some food for her as he said in a low voice, "Don’t be naughty."


Zi Yi wrinkled her nose at him and started eating. At the same time, she raised her eyebrow and said, "I wrote a tonic prescription for you and your brother respectively. Get someone to boil the medicine for you later."

Lu Jingye nodded his head. "Alright."

Lu Yunxiao who was seated next to them: "…"

After lunch, Zi Yi and Elder Hu returned to the lab.

This time around, the both of them stayed there until 8 p.m before they finally came out.

There was an unconcealed excitement on Elder Hu’s face. His footsteps were light, as he was in a happy mood. "If this technology can be widely used in the field, heart diseases can be completely treated!"

When they came out, they saw Lu Jingye standing in the hall waiting for them.

Lu Jingye asked at the sight of them coming out, "Is your cousin’s operation done now?"

"Yep." Zi Yi nodded her head.

Lu Jingye looked toward Elder Hu and said, "If that’s the case, I’ll have to trouble Elder Hu to leave the base tomorrow and head over to the capital."

Elder Hu was fine with it, but he still felt a little reluctant. "Little Zi, you have to tell me the reaction of the patient every day. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure I won’t even be able to fall asleep."


The three of them headed out together.

The wind at night time was very strong. Coupled with how it had been snowing during this period of time, Zi Yi shivered due to the chilly wind.

The next second, Lu Jingye engulfed her in his arms.

Lu Jingye clearly knew she was adverse to the cold, so he specially wore a knee-length overcoat when he came to pick her up.

A familiar heat had instantly surrounded her and Zi Yi looked up at him.

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