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Chapter: 637

When This Child Acts Willful She Is Really a Handful

Lu Jingye wrapped her tightly in his arms and said to Elder Hu, "There’s going to be heavy snow tonight, so Elder Hu you can leave later in the day tomorrow."

Elder Hu looked at the couple and nodded his head with a smile. "It just so happens that I still have some notes to sort out."

He suddenly thought of something and asked Zi Yi, "Little Zi, you said that Patriarch Lu’s nerves are damaged by the parasite. Is there any way to repair them?"

Zi Yi pursed her lips, while she acted as if she was unwilling to say the solution.

A few seconds later, she looked toward Lu Jingye.

He just so happened to be looking at her too.

He did not say anything, and he clearly wanted her to decide for herself.

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and said, "Yes, it’s possible."

However, she added. "But I don’t want to treat him."

Elder Hu: "…"

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When this child acts willfully, she really becomes a handful.

Zi Yi said, "But I can tell you the way to treat him, just that it’s none of my business if you manage to treat him or not."

Elder Hu controlled his lips that were curving up as he hastily said, "Don’t tell me right away. It’s best that you write it down or perhaps, you could send me a recording. As you know, when one gets old, our memory will deteriorate. I’m worried that I won’t even remember what you said after I’ve stepped out of the base."

Zi Yi stared at him.

Elder Hu had his hands behind his back and he said in all seriousness, "What’s more, some of the things you will probably mention will also involve knowledge of other fields and I don’t understand them. If I don’t have it written down, I won’t even know how to look those things up when the time comes."

Zi Yi had nothing to say in response.

"Alright then, I’ll write it out for you tonight."

"That’s the right way."

The two of them sent Elder Hu to his accommodation before returning to their courtyard.

Before entering the courtyard, Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, "Yunxiao is at our place."

Zi Yi asked, "Have you two had dinner?"

"Not yet, we were waiting for you."

While chatting they made their way into the courtyard.

It had started snowing heavily and there was already a thick layer of snow accumulated inside the courtyard. As they walked on the snow, their footprints were immediately printed into the snow.

Ziyi suddenly stopped walking when she was halfway inside the courtyard. She took out her head from within Lu Jingye’s embrace and glanced over to the orange tree at the corner of the yard. She then pulled on Lu Jingye’s clothes. "Ah Jing, are there still oranges on the tree?"

Oranges could continue growing on the tree in this season and they would not spoil even if it was snowing heavily.

Lu Jingye tilted his head towards the tree and he had indeed seen several oranges. He then asked her, "Do you want to eat them?"

Zi Yi nodded her head and called out Shadow.

"Go and pluck two oranges."

Shadow leaped into the air and he directly landed on the roof of the tree and plucked two oranges.

Lu Jingye took the oranges from Shadow and only then did they continue making their way inside.

There was a fireplace inside and Zi Yi instantly felt warmer as soon as she pushed open the door and went in.

Zi Yi jumped out from Lu Jingye’s embrace, while Lu Jingye took off the overcoat. He then passed her one of the oranges. After Zi Yi took the orange, Lu Jingye headed toward the kitchen. "I’ll go and serve the dishes."

While Zi Yi was peeling the orange, she turned to look at Lu Yunxiao who was standing there and looking at them.

Zi Yi did not say anything and it was the same with Lu Yunxiao.

It lasted until Zi Yi finished the orange and she asked, "Do you want to eat some oranges?"

Lu Yunxiao replied curtly, "No."

Zi Yi did not act reserved with him at all. Upon hearing that he did not want to eat the orange, she took back her hands and ate what she offered. When she finished everything, she walked over to him and looked up at his cold expression.

Lu Yunxiao kept his gaze forward and there was not the slightest change in his expression. However, he was thinking deep down, "Sister-in-law is weird!"


Just then the sound of footsteps could be heard coming out of the kitchen from behind them.

Lu Jingye looked at the both of them standing face to face and he said with an impending headache, "Yiyi, come over and have dinner."

Zi Yi moved her attention away from Lu Yunxiao’s face and walked past him as she said to Lu Jingye, "I just observed your brother just now. You imitated your brother’s expression well."

Lu Yunxiao who was standing over there: "…"

So the reason why you had been staring at me was because of this…


Lu Jingye glanced at Lu Yunxiao who was standing there expressionlessly. The corner of his lips curved up and he immediately restrained himself and said, "Yunxiao, come over and have dinner."

Only then did Lu Yunxiao make his way over.

The three of them sat down and Lu Jingye scooped a bowl of soup for Zi Yi.

She did not wish to have soup and so, she said, "It’s a little cold tonight. Why don’t we have some alcohol to warm ourselves?"

Having said that, she asked Lu Yunxiao, "Do you know how to drink?"

Before he had the chance to speak, Lu Jingye said, "It’s not suitable for him to drink right now."

Zi Yi’s eyes gleamed and she smiled at him in a flattering manner. "It’s not suitable for him, but it’s suitable for us!"

How could Lu Jingye possibly resist that smile of hers? He ended up saying, "We don’t have any alcohol here.

"That’s easy."

As soon as Zi Yi said that, she called out Shadow and commanded him. "Go to Wang Biao and borrow a jar from him."

She then had a sudden thought. "I feel bad for borrowing from him so often. How about this, tell him that I’ll give him a mechanical arm in a few days. It’ll be easier for him to collect fruits in the mountains next time."

Lu Yunxiao: "…"

After Shadow left, the three of them continued having dinner.

While eating Zi Yi casually asked, "Yunxiao, the laboratory you saw, what does it look like and where is it located?"

Her question caused Lu Yunxiao to turn serious in an instant.

He said, "It’s on an isolated island near Country A. There’s a powerful magnetic field jammer there and I can’t locate its exact coordinates at all."

"This is normal. Then do you know which direction it is from Country A?"

Country A was surrounded by the sea on three sides and it was a peninsula country. At present, it was the country with the most advanced technology and so, they had been unbridled towards other countries many times.

"The East."

Zi Yi thought about it and guessed. "It should be the opposite of eastwards, so westwards."

The two brothers looked at her with an odd look.

Zi Yi said, "You should have heard of space black holes and they are basically always accompanied by magnetic fields…"

She then briefly explained to them some knowledge about the transfer of magnetic fields.

The two brothers fell into deep thought after hearing her explanation.

Zi Yi knew that some of the knowledge she mentioned involved cosmology and they might not necessarily understand it, even if she explained it. "When my future technology lab is built, I’ll make something for you that can shield you from these types of magnetic fields. In the future, if you were to encounter such a situation again, there’s no need to worry about being trapped inside or being unable to get out."

Lu Yunxiao was a descendant of the Lu Family who was skilled in ancient kung fu and his skills were indisputable. However, if he countered this type of advanced technology, he would still be helpless against it.

The way Zi Yi said it sounded too effortless. Lu Yunxiao looked at her with a taut expression as if he did not believe her.

It should be said that no one could possibly believe her if they were in his situation.

Lu Jingye pinched Zi Yi’s hands and motioned to her. "Eat first."

He then said to Lu Yunxiao, "Whatever Yiyi says, she will be able to do it. What you have to focus on now is to recover and get better."

Lu Yunxiao nodded his head.

The three of them continued eating dinner.

Not long later, Shadow had arrived with the jar of alcohol.

Zi Yi asked Shadow, "Did Wang Biao say anything?"

Shadow had unexpectedly imitated Wang Biao’s expressionless face. "If Second Young Madam wishes to drink the next time, you can just come and take it. There’s no need to inform me."

Zi Yi blinked her eyes and asked Lu Jingye, "What does Wang Biao mean by that?"

Lu Jingye was smiling as he said, "He already knows that I’m aware of this, so he’s telling you that there’s no need for you to threaten him anymore."

"Pft! Is he exposing himself because of despair?"


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