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Chapter: 638

Zi Yi Said Hubby You re the Best

"Wang Biao is relying on the fact that because Yunxiao has regained consciousness, even if you were to punish him, you would not give him a severe punishment, right?"

Zi Yi felt that that was the case.

Lu Jingye smiled without saying anything as he stood up and headed to the kitchen to grab two bowls.

Lu Yunxiao couldn’t drink alcohol yet and so, Lu Jingye poured only a bowl for himself and Zi Yi.

Zi Yi took a sip and clicked her tongue as she said, "If Wang Biao retires from being a bodyguard, get him to open a winery. With his wine-making skills, his alcohol would certainly sell well. I will visit his shop every day to buy from him."

"If you wish to drink the alcohol he brews, there’s no need for him to open a winery."

Zi Yi suddenly thought of how she asked Wang Biao to brew some plum alcohol during lunch and she started giggling.

Lu Yunxiao who was sitting opposite her looked at both of them.

The heart-warming interaction between the two made him feel warm deep down.

He suddenly had an inkling of why his brother fell in love with Zi Yi.

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Just then, Zi Yi suddenly asked Lu Yunxiao a question, "Yunxiao, what alcohol do you prefer? I’ll get our Wang Biao to brew more when the time comes?"

Lu Yunxiao paused for a moment and opened his mouth. He originally wanted to converse like them by talking more. However, when the words came to his mouth, he only managed to get one word out. "Anything."

As the leader of the secret guards, he did not have much time to drink and so, there was nothing that he was particularly fond of.

Zi Yi was a little unsatisfied with his response and decided to ask Lu Jingye instead, "Ah Jing, what alcohol does Yunxiao like to drink?"

Lu Jingye glanced in Lu Yunxiao’s direction and said, "Oftentimes, Yunxiao has to go out on missions and so he doesn’t have much time to drink."

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment before he added. "But he prefers to drink alcohol that is on the colder side."

Lu Yunxiao looked at Lu Jingye and felt touched.

Sure enough, only his older brother understood him the best.

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment before she said, "Well, it’s indeed unsuitable for you to drink when you go out on missions so often. After you return to the capital, I’ll make some blood lotus alcohol for you. Have some when you are not on a mission, it’s beneficial for your body."

Lu Yunxiao replied in gratitude, "Thank you."

Zi Yi smiled and continued drinking together with Lu Jingye.

After dinner, the three of them sat on the sofa. Lu Jingye and Zi Yi discussed the training plan for Lu Yunxiao.

Zi Yi would occasionally give some advice and soon, it was 10 p.m.

Lu Jingye returned to his own courtyard while Zi Yi and Lu Jingye headed to their bedrooms.

While it was still early, Zi Yi leaned on the bed and contacted Zhou Shiyu after she washed up.

Zhou Shiyu had returned to the capital during their wedding. Before she had the chance to have a conversation with him, she had left the capital together with Lu Jingye.

Following that, the news of them getting into a traffic accident was spread out and the Zhou Family brothers had both panicked.

Zi Yi only contacted Zhou Shiyu two days later. When she contacted him, she could discern the relief from his tone of voice.

When the phone call connected, Zhou Shiyu’s voice could be heard from the other end. "Boss."

Zi Yi asked, "Are you still in the capital now?"

Zhou Shiyu answered, "Yes, I’m still here."

Following that, he added. "I can leave right away."

"No need. If you have something to attend to at home, you can stay there for another day or two. I’ll tell you what you have to do when you return to Country X."

Zi Yi had made arrangements for what he had to do from then on.

After she finished talking, she was about to hang up the call, when just then, Zhou Shiyu stopped her. "Boss, hold on for a moment."

"What’s the matter?"

"Little Jin told me to ask you something. You previously mentioned that next year’s racing competition would be held in [Future] Racing Club and so do your words still count?"

Evidently, Zhou Shijin was right beside Zhou Shiyu right now. However, the proud man did not wish to ask the question himself and so, he got his brother to be the messenger.

Only then did Zi Yi remember this matter. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Of course, it counts. However, tell Zhou Shijin that he has to find the people I want first, before talking about it."

There was a period of silence on Zhou Shiyu’s side and he had clearly covered up the phone’s microphone. At the same time, Zhou Shijin’s muffled voice could be heard. Sometime later, Zhou Shiyu said, "Alright, Little Jin says that he will definitely gather the people you need."

Zi Yi clicked her tongue and told him. "Tell Proud Zhou that those people he finds must have strong psychological qualities and they must neither complain about being tired or stuff like that after a little bit of training."

Zi Yi’s words immediately caused Zhou Shijin to make a dissatisfied comment. "Who is Proud Zhou?!"

Zi Yi hung up the phone to prevent her ears from bursting.

She put away the phone and looked sideways at Lu Jingye, who was seated next to her with a laptop while he did some work.

Lu Jingye sensed her gaze and turned to look in her direction.

Zi Yi leaned her head on his shoulders and asked, "Ah Jing, I wish to apply for next year’s international racing competition."

Lu Jingye thought about it and said, "I know someone from the International Racing Association. Which month are you thinking of? I’ll have a word with him."

Zi Yi stretched out her head to give him a peck on the cheeks as her eyes curved into crescent moons. "Hubby, you’re the best. April will do."

Sure enough, Lu Jingye had his means and there was no need for her to think of a method herself.

Lu Jingye’s lips curved up and he raised his hand to stroke her head. Following that, he continued working on his laptop.

Zi Yi did not bother him either and continued swiping on her tablet.

Elder Hu did not leave until noon the next day.

Before he left, he even specially reminded Zi Yi. "Little Zi, remember to contact me every day in the future. You got it?"

Zi Yi nodded her head and said, "Alright, I got it."

Only then did Elder Hu leave in peace.

After Elder Hu left, Lu Jingye would accompany Lu Yunxiao to train during the day, while Zi Yi stayed cooped up in the lab.

In the evening, they would have dinner together with the managers.

Five days passed by very quickly and Lu Yunxiao’s physical condition was getting better every day.

On the morning of the sixth day, Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, "I will be heading out with Yunxiao today. We will try our best to return at night to have dinner. What do you want? I’ll bring something back for you."

Zi Yi did not have anything she wanted. She thought for a second and said, "Go check up on Grandpa and the rest for me then."

The robot Zi Yi used to pretend to be Dou Xiangling had left for the capital the next day after they left for the secret base. The robot had taken students from M.Uni to tour around and get inspiration. In fact, Zi Yi was actually a little worried about the elderly.

Lu Jingye nodded his head. "Alright."

After breakfast, Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao left the secret base. They had also brought Lu Yi and Wang Biao along with them.

Zi Yi headed to the lab.

After five days, Dou Xiangling’s heart was more or less completely repaired.

Zi Yi checked the various data reports of the heart before she headed off to do other experiments.

When Zi Yi headed to the canteen for lunch, she suddenly recalled something and asked Tian Hongliang, "How is Zhang Hanyu?"

Tian Hongliang said, "He froze to death."


So what had happened was, after Zhang Hanyu chased the rat into the mountains, he managed to locate it through the connected heart pain. He originally planned to leave the mountains because he felt that he would be safe if he managed to make his way out.

However, unexpectedly it started snowing heavily that day and he could only find a cave to shelter in from the snow.

However, the temperature in the mountains was too cold. In addition, Zhang Hanyu felt unwilling and he grew a strong hatred for Zi Yi and her group. The more he thought about them, the more his heart hurt, and the rat in his embrace died from the pain.

Subsequently, he had also died.

When Tian Hongliang and the rest found him, the human and the rat had already been frozen into a popsicle.

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