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Chapter: 639

You Didn t Come Back Yet and I Couldn t Sleep

After Tian Hongliang talked about Zhang Hanyu’s ending, he even mentioned how he had handled his corpse.

"I was worried that the parasite inside the rat and his body would escape and so I set them on fire. Second Young Madam, would that suffice?"

Zi Yi nodded her head. "It’s ok. The parasite would also die after the death of the host. It would not cause harm to others."

Zi Yi thought about the Gu Master that had remained locked up all this while, and she planned to take care of him too.

After lunch, Zi Yi went to meet with the Gu Master.

There was no need to mention how fearful the Gu Master was when he saw Zi Yi. "Don’t come over! I’ve told you everything you asked me for and I really don’t know anything else!"

Zi Yi’s lips curved up and she said, "I don’t have anything to ask you either."

She snapped her fingers in the air.

When the Gu Master saw the person appearing in front of him, he was so shocked that his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Don’t the both of you resemble each other?" Zi Yi pointed at the robot that looked exactly the same as the Gu Master and said, "He shall be you from now on."

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The Gu Master’s eyes were full of fear. "What do you mean by that?"

"It’s just as you’ve thought. "

"No… No- no! You said that you would let me go if I told you everything about the parasites!"

"What I said was that I would pardon your ancestors and descendants."

After Zi Yi corrected him, she said, "From the moment you harmed my cousin, your fate has already been sealed. Therefore, you shouldn’t have harmed anyone in the first place."

The Gu Master’s expression turned pale in an instant. He then started talking as if throwing caution to the wind. "My body is full of poison and I have cultivated many types of parasites in my body. If you dare to kill me, I’ll take you with me."

"Then do you want to give it a try?"

As soon as she said that, the robot took out a nice-looking porcelain bottle.

When the Gu Master saw the bottle, he gasped in horror as he thought of the parasites that were roasted to death from the poison.

"Please let me go." The Gu Master was really afraid and he only wanted to save his life right now. "As long as you let me off, I can do anything for you."

Zi Yi sneered. "You’re someone who can easily harm others for the sake of money. Do you think I will believe your words?"

After Zi Yi said that, the robot swiftly headed towards the Gu Master and grabbed onto his jaw with one hand. The robot then raised him up as he struggled and it poured the contents that were inside the porcelain bottle into the Gu Master’s mouth.

When it was done, it did not leave right away. Instead, one hand was placed on the Gu Master’s forehead.

The robot was replicating his memories.

The moment the Gu Master was released, he immediately shoved his fingers down his throat in an attempt to vomit out the poison.

However, his efforts were futile. Soon, crackling sounds could be heard coming out of his throat.

Very soon, all the parasites in his body began to riot.


Miserable screams instantly filled the whole room.

Zi Yi looked at the Gu Master who was rolling about on the floor and screaming. Her expression turned colder.

There were good and bad Gu Masters and clearly, this Gu Master and the clan master he mentioned were all rotten to their bones.

Keeping such a person alive was simply a walking disaster.

Zi Yi looked on for a while more before she exited the room.

She stood outside for some time and called out, "Shadow."

Shadow appeared out of thin air. "Master."

"Copy your memories to Shadow IV. Get him to change into the Gu Master’s skin and make a trip to Southern Xinjiang."

Zi Yi originally planned to get Shadow IV to get rid of the clan master. However, she changed her mind and said, "Find out who the person is that is in contact with the Gu Master and replace that person too."


After she finished giving the commands, Zi Yi returned to Dou Xiangling’s ward.

The day passed by very quickly. When it was time for dinner, Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao had yet to return.

However, Lu Jingye gave her a call at around 4 p.m. to inform her of the reason for the delay.

The two brothers made a trip back to the capital today mainly to meet with their family members. Moreover, Lu Yunxiao also got to know what Lu Jingye had done on his behalf while he was unconscious these past few months. At the same time, they deployed their men to find out who the spies were in the capital.

Lu Jingye only returned to the secret base at around 11 p.m. at night.

When he returned, he specially warmed himself up in front of the fireplace in the living room before he entered the bedroom.

He did not expect to make eye contact with Zi Yi’s beautiful eyes the moment he opened the door.

"Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?"

Lu Jingye walked over to the bed and watched the young woman, who was wrapped up in the quilt, while only exposing her head as she kept her gaze at the door. He felt an inexplicable sense of warmth deep down.

Zi Yi stretched out her hand to grab him as she said, "You didn’t come back yet and I couldn’t sleep."

Lu Jingye quickly put back her hand under the covers and said, "Don’t take out your hand, it’s cold."

He then lowered himself and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I will be sure to come back early in the future."

He secretly swore to himself that he would not return so late in the future.

Zi Yi responded with a nod.

Lu Jingye stood up and said, "I’ll go take a shower."

Having said that, he made his way to the bathroom.

He took a quick shower and came to bed.

Zi Yi waited for him to lie down before she burrowed into his embrace.

Lu Jingye hugged her tightly and told her about what he did today.

"Yunxiao and I made a trip to the headquarters of the secret guards."

Both of them had disguised their appearance when they went there and they did not face the others with their real appearances.

"We decided to get the robot to disguise as him for the following period of time. There must be spies in the secret guards and we can make use of this opportunity to identify them."

Zi Yi nodded her head. She also felt that there were spies among the secret guards.

She said, "The other party must be suspicious of the robot. Otherwise, the robot would not have encountered so many assassination attempts either."

The robot had encountered several assassination attempts during this period of them and all of them happened within the capital.

Lu Jingye responded with a nod. "Therefore we plan to identify those people who are lurking among the secret guards first."

In the past, the enemy had always been hidden in the dark and it was now time for them to take the initiative instead.

The two of them conversed for a while more before they fell asleep.

The next day, when Zi Yi finished checking on Dou Xiangling’s heart, she decided to do the operation today.

But before she started the operation, Zi Yi informed Elder Hu about it.

Elder Hu was clearly even more excited than she was. "Little Zi, record the operation and let me see it when you return."

Zi Yi would certainly not record a video and she said, "If you wish to see the operation, I can head to the lab to show you with an experimental body. I won’t record my cousin’s operation."

Dou Xiangling was a girl and the operation she was about to undergo was heart surgery. No matter what, Zi Yi could not possibly record a video.

She was someone who was protective of her own kin and she was afraid that the video might spread around in the future.

Elder Hu seemed to have guessed her thoughts and said in understanding, "All right then, I’ll wait for you to return and demonstrate this operation to me in person."

Following that, he told her about Patriarch Lu’s condition.

"I have already detoxified the parasite poison and I am currently treating his brain nerves."

Speaking of this, Elder Hu suddenly sighed and said, "Little Zi, I have heard many things related to you and I can understand why you are unwilling to treat Patriarch Lu."

In particular, the First Madam had bad-mouthed Zi Yi a lot in front of him. He was so angry that he had directly argued back.

Of course, Elder Hu did not tell Zi Yi about this.

They exchanged a few more words with each other and he hung up the phone.

During lunch, Zi Yi told Lu Jingye about how she was going to insert Dou Xiangling’s heart back into her body.

Zi Yi then started the surgery for Dou Xiangling in the afternoon.

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