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Chapter: 641

Ah Jing Save Me

The snow that was accumulated on the nearby trees fell down due to the tremor.

Zi Yi made eye contact with Lu Jingye and he tightened his grip on her. "It should be a group of wild animals heading this way. Let’s get out of here first."

The wild animals in the mountains were all protected animals and it was impossible for them to kill them directly.

However, Zi Yi was a little curious about the tremor and she said, "Why don’t we go up the tree and wait? Let’s see what kind of wild animals it is."

Lu Jingye had no means to refuse this young lady who was curious about everything and he ended up agreeing.

Zi Yi put away the snowboard and soon, the both of them climbed up a large tree.

Not long after they climbed up the tree, the movements from afar had arrived.

When she saw a pack of wolves rushing over, just as Zi Yi was about to speak, Lu Jingye whispered in her ear, "Don’t speak. There’s something chasing them from behind."

Lu Jingye had done several tasks on behalf of Lu Yunxiao and so, he was now more sensitive to things like this.

Zi Yi quickly remained quiet and soon, the pack of wolves dashed past the tree they were sitting on. Not long after, the animals who were chasing behind the wolves could be seen.

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When Zi Yi saw a few familiar silhouettes, she cried out in surprise. "Feihu!"


The military dogs who were still chasing the pack of wolves suddenly screeched to a halt and all of them stopped at the same time when they heard Zi Yi’s voice.

Zi Yi was standing on the tree and waving to the military dog who had surrounded the tree. "Hi doggies, long time no see."

Having said that, she and Lu Jingye jumped down.

However, just as Lu Jingye released his hold on Zi Yi, the military dogs immediately pounced on her.


Zi Yi, who had been pushed down, saw stars in her eyes. At the same time, she had to endure a few excited military dogs ‘washing’ her face with their saliva.

She felt like crying.

"Ah Jing, save me~"

Lu Jingye held back his laughter and walked over to separate the military dogs from her and pull her up.

He then patted the snow off her head and body as he asked, "Were you injured?"

It didn’t hurt, but she had gotten a face wash from the military dogs. Her face current felt wet and when the cold wind blew past her face, she started doubting her life.

She looked at the military dogs, who were obviously gloating, in discontentment and said angrily, "You’ve gone too far!"

"Owwu~" Feihu deliberately let out a cry.

Zi Yi coldly snorted. "Do you really think I’m a pushover?"

Having said that, she took out a circular ball from her pockets and threw it towards their foreheads.

The military dogs only managed to react after they felt that the top of their heads were chilly. The next second, Zi Yi started laughing out loud.

She had shaved the heads of the several military dogs who pounced on her earlier.


The dogs were still a little confused as they whined and turned to look at their comrades. It was as if they were asking what happened just moments ago.

When the other military dogs saw that there was a lack of hair on the top of their companions heads, they started telling each other about it.

Following that, she saw a few military dogs turning their heads rapidly towards Zi Yi. At the same time, they bared their teeth and acted as if they were going to pounce on her again.

Zi Yi played around with the circular ball that returned to her hands and said coolly, "If you dare to pounce on me again, I’ll continue shaving your heads and make you into bald dogs!"


The military dogs took a step back together.

Zi Yi scoffed at them. "I feel that you will look handsome if you become bald dogs. Do you want to give it a try?"

A few of the military dogs glanced at each other and barked twice at her before they turned and ran away.

The other military dogs had also followed along.

Looking at the group of military dogs who disappeared without a trace, Zi Yi said, "What are they doing in such a far away place?"

Lu Jingye thought about it and said, "You can try contacting Leader Zhang to ask about the situation."

Zi Yi threw out the circular ball in her hand to track those military dogs while she took out her phone and phoned Leader Zhang.

Inside the training camp.

Leader Zhang who was in the control room was pacing back and forth anxiously. "What’s going on this year? This is the fifth time our training camp has been attacked by wild animals. I wonder if the military dogs can find anything after going out to chase them."

One of his subordinates said, "It’s possible that because it’s snowing most of the time within this mountain this year, and those wild animals have no food, they are attacking the camp."

Another subordinate added on. "Thankfully we had the robots that Zi Yi had gifted us previously, or else even our granary would have been ransacked."

At the mention of Zi Yi, the group of people turned silent at the same time.

Sometime later, Leader Zhang sighed. "Such a capable girl like this is gone just like that… Sigh…"

Speaking of this, Leader Zhang felt sad deep down and he ruffled his hair.

Just then, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Leader Zhang originally thought that his subordinates had called him and he did not even bother to check the caller and answered the phone as soon as he took out his phone. "Hello!… Little Zi!"

When Leader Zhang heard her voice, he directly shouted loudly.

His shout caused everyone in the control room to turn and look in his direction.

After Leader Zhang confirmed that Zi Yi was still alive, he almost jumped around in joy.

"You two aren’t dead? It’s really great!

"Good, it’s good here. The robots you have sent to our training camp have been a great help during this period of time.

"Really? Those group of brats had actually chased so far?

"Eh? Wait a minute, why are you and Little Lu in the mountains?

"Oh, okay. Then send me the location and I’ll bring some people to fetch them.

"Of course, isn’t it New Year’s Day today? Let’s celebrate it together.

"Sure. I’ll come and fetch you right away!"

Leader Zhang hung up the phone while full of smiles. He then said to his deputy. "Quick, go and gather some men. We’ll immediately set off to fetch Little Lu and Little Zi."

The deputy revealed a surprised expression and asked, "Mr. Lu and Student Zi are in the mountains? What are they doing there?"

"Why are you asking so much? They must have something to attend to that’s why they’re there."

Leader Zhang promised Zi Yi that he would not inquire further and he was staying true to his promise.

"In any case, it’s good that they are still alive."

When the time comes, he can continue looking for Zi Yi to ask for those high-tech gadgets.


The deputy soon gathered the men and the control room had also received the coordinates Zi Yi sent over.

After Zi Yi sent the coordinates, she asked Lu Jingye, "Do you want to call Yunxiao along?"

Lu Jingye nodded his head. "Yunxiao is acquainted with Leader Zhang too, it’s fine if he tags along."

Zi Yi contacted Lu Yunxiao.

By the time Leader Zhang led his men and located Zi Yi, Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao, one hour had already passed.

Looking at the three people standing there and the group of military dogs who were called over by Zi Yi, Leader Zhang’s expression was that of surprise and full of delight.

The first thing he did when he came over was to pat Lu Jingye on his shoulders. "It’s good that you two are alright!"

He then turned to Zi Yi and said with a smile, "Little Zi, I knew that you would definitely be fine with how capable you are!"

Zi Yi also returned a smile and said, "That’s right."

Leader Zhang did not ask them how they managed to fool everyone into thinking they got into an accident and why they came here instead.

He then shifted his attention to Lu Yunxiao.

When facing the expressionless Lu Yunxiao, Leader Zhang had also put away his smile and became more serious. "Third Young Master, long time no see."

Lu Yunxiao nodded in response.

Clearly, Lu Yunxiao was famous for his cold attitude and Leader Zhang did not mind it either. He then said enthusiastically, "Let’s go, it’s a holiday today so we can celebrate it together."

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