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Chapter: 647

Our M.Uni Has Zi Yi She Is the Specialty of M.Uni

When the two of them arrived at the Lu Family’s villa, Mrs. Lu and the rest were currently seated in the living room waiting for them.

"Dad, Mom, Yunxiao."

After greeting each other, Mrs. Lu waved for Zi Yi to come over. "Yiyi, come over and sit down."

When Zi Yi sat down next to her, she took Zi Yi’s hand and the first thing she did was to put a cup of milk tea in her other hand before she said, "I thought you would be coming back late, why are the two of you back so early?"

Zi Yi smiled and said, "It’s not early anymore. It was Grandpa and my Uncles who told us to come back earlier."

Mrs. Lu also smiled. "We should have a meal with both families one day when they’re free. It can also be considered making up for the previous time you went back home in a hurry."

"Alright, I’ll check with them their available dates."

After the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law exchanged a few words, Lu Jianlin spoke up in a serious tone. "The news of your return has already spread around and there will definitely be people coming to look for trouble. Little Zi, you should pay attention to your surroundings when you return to school."

Zi Yi nodded her head. "Alright, I will pay more attention."

Having said that, she lowered her head and drank a mouthful of milk tea.

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Mrs. Lu was still a little worried and she said, "Why don’t we arrange more bodyguards for Yiyi?"

Zi Yi hastily shook her head. "I don’t want bodyguards. I have invisible robots and if something really does happen then, my robots would be able to resolve it."

In fact, Zi Yi did not wish that it would end up as her rescuing the bodyguards.

Speaking of invisible robots, Zi Yi added. "I’ll make a few more invisible robots in the following days and you should bring them along with you. It’s safer this way."

Lu Jingye and Lu Jianlin had witnessed the capabilities of Zi Yi’s invisible robots before and they both were in agreement with her decision.

The four of them chatted until around 10:30 p.m. Lu Jianlin checked the time and said, "Everyone has work to do tomorrow and we should head to bed early."

Having said that, he stood up, and after waiting for Mrs. Lu to get up, the both of them headed upstairs.

Lu Jingye also stood up and he helped Zi Yi up. At the same time, he said to Lu Yunxiao, "Don’t leave too early tomorrow morning, I have something to discuss with you then."

Lu Yunxiao nodded his head. "Alright."

The next day.

When Zi Yi drove her ostentatious racing car into the campus of M.Uni, everyone was dumbfounded.

Someone hastily rubbed their eyes. "Did my eyes just go blurry or what? I just saw the goddess’ racing car driving past earlier?"

"Could it be that what you dream about at night would cause hallucinations in the day? Even in my dreams, I was hoping that the goddess had not gotten into a car accident."

"Perhaps someone else is driving the goddess’ car!"

Even if they did not believe it, the school forum and the campus grounds were filled with people who were discussing this.

The target of their discussion, Zi Yi, had headed to the Archaeology Department of the School of Liberal Arts.

As she entered the gates of the Archaeology Department, everyone seemed to have been rooted to the ground with their eyes wide open.

All the classes had already ended by then and everyone was studying for their exams. When Zi Yi walked to the door of her classroom, she heard someone shouting loudly, "Everyone, quick, take a look. Someone posted on the school forum that they saw Student Zi’s racing car entering M.Uni!"

The whole classroom blew up because of this.

"How is that possible? Didn’t Student Zi get into a car accident?"

"It must be fake."

"Are these people too bored or what? Why are they always using the goddess as a topic of discussion?!"

Zi Yi had walked over to the door at this moment.

The pause button seemed to have been pressed, as the sound within the classroom instantly died.

Zi Yi swept her gaze across everyone and walked over to Li Xia’s side and sat down before she said indifferently, "If you continue looking, your eyes might even drop out any second now."

Li Xia heard a loud chiming sound in her head.

Subsequently, she tried to poke her finger on the back of Zi Yi’s hand.

In the next second, Zi Yi impolitely slapped her finger away.


"Hahahaha… Zi Yi, you’re real! You aren’t dead!"

When she felt the pain in the back of her hand, Li Xia was so excited that she gave Zi Yi a bear hug. She was crying and laughing at the same time like a fool.

The others had also recovered their senses from the moment Zi Yi slapped Li Xia’s finger away. Following that, all of them had also cheered excitedly.

"Ahhhhh… Zi Yi, you’re really alive!"

"That’s great!"

When Zi Yi was surrounded by the whole class, she was thinking deep down as to when she had such a good relationship with all of them, for them to be reacting like this.

However, they did not care about Zi Yi’s thoughts as they happily jumped up and down, and screamed for joy.

Soon, the news that Zi Yi was alive had spread throughout the entirety of M.Uni.

For the entire afternoon, Zi Yi seemed to have become an object that was the purpose of everyone’s visit.

In the end, she could not stand such enthusiasm anymore and simply headed to the laboratory.

However, before she managed to start working on any experiments, she had been called over by the Directors of several schools.

The news of Zi Yi’s return to M.Uni had caused all the teachers and students to be excited.

However, the news that Lu Jingye was alive and kicking, and had returned to the capital was considered a bolt from the blue for many people.

"How is that possible? I’ve seen the video of the car accident that night. It was them inside the car and the others involved in the car accident were all dead. How is it possible that they are still alive?!"

However, some people soon reacted. "Don’t forget how skilled Zi Yi is in robotics."

"Could it be that Zi Yi’s skills in creating robots are already at a point where it’s hard to distinguish the real from the fake?"

"That must be it. The explosion of the serial car accident blew her racing car into pieces and there were many corpses at the scene. However, the higher-ups did not release any autopsy reports and there was no way we can prove that both of them were inside."

"As soon as Lu Jingye returned, he held such a high-profile press conference and issued a warning that he would definitely retaliate. In particular, those that attacked the Song Jewelry, Zi Yi’s bar, and the racing club would receive their due punishment."

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that Lu Jingye would certainly take revenge against many people.

"Ha! Other than the Song Jewelry, Zi Yi’s bar and racing club, he has nothing. What’s more, the Lu Group has already fallen from the global stage and if we want to step on him, isn’t it something that can be done in minutes?"

"However, this person is as cunning as a fox and it’s safer to start with his woman instead."


Zi Yi more or less spent her whole day under the care and sympathy of the directors of various schools and a group of professors.

When finally no more directors or professors called for her, Zi Yi was walking to the laboratory and thinking about her exam schedule. She did not pay attention to the road in front of her and she suddenly heard a sharp female voice that was obviously irritated. "I said that I would get a scholarship this year and I won’t go abroad. M.Uni is not worse than those foreign universities.

"Who says there’s no specialty in M.Uni? Our school has Zi Yi and she is the specialty of our school."

Zi Yi: "…"

When did she become the specialty of M.Uni?

Just as Zi Yi looked over, she just so happened to make eye contact with a female student who was wearing a black down jacket and had short hair.

The female student did not expect to see Zi Yi appearing before her so suddenly and she was a little embarrassed. She hastily said to the other person on the phone. "I’m heading to take the exam, that’ll be it."

She hung up the phone after she said her piece.

Zi Yi stood there and looked at the female student.

The female student was clearly also a proud person at ordinary times. When facing Zi Yi’s gaze, she felt a strange feeling deep down.

The moment she felt awkward, her expression subconsciously became taut and she seemed a little unfriendly. "Did you hear everything?"

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