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Chapter: 649

Seafood Restaurant

Some people were standing by the wall of glass choosing their choice of seafood. Standing beside those people were staff members who were holding onto a notepad and writing down whatever the customers chose.

Nangong Yu asked, "Junior Zi, you can choose whatever seafood you would like to eat here."

"I’m fine with anything."

Since Zi Yi said that, a few of the others stayed behind to choose while the rest followed the staff inside to their seats.

After walking past the long corridor, what appeared before them were large ornaments that were in the shapes of various sea creatures. Coupled with how the interior was surrounded by large glass tanks, it made it seem as if they were in an aquarium.

The interior design of this restaurant was clearly very popular among students and couples. In particular, there were viewing platforms all around the restaurant, and around the platforms were various plants and flowers.

There were many people currently taking photos on the viewing platforms.

"How is it? The place looks nice, right?" Tang Yue grinned happily and asked Zi Yi.

She checked out the restaurant and commented. "It’s not realistic enough."

If it was someone else who said that, everyone would only think that they were talking big and chatting nonsense.

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However, when Zi Yi was the one who said that, it became different. She was able to design such a high-tech place like [Futuristic Bar], and when compared to this place, it was indeed merely so.

However, they did not come here to enjoy the view.

The staff led them to a big round table near the wall to sit and the group immediately chatted easily with one another the moment they sat down.

"Zi Yi, the position of the Marketing Department Head is vacant, do you want to take over the position?"

The Marketing Department Head was Chu Xuan. Other than the two elders in the Chu Family, all the other family members had been arrested some time back.

When they mentioned Chu Xuan, everyone started making a few more comments.

"The Chu Family is too malicious. To think that they had actually dared to poison the medicine of your patients."

"Fortunately you had evidence, otherwise they would have gotten away with it."

"That’s not the only thing they did. I didn’t expect the Chu Family to have evaded so many taxes. Say, Chu Xuan and Chu Xiang usually dress so nicely but then it turned out that their family’s finances came from such underhanded channels."

When a wall is about to collapse, everyone would then start giving it a push. Besides, some of them had the intent of showing kindness to Zi Yi and so, they stood on her side and angrily denounced the Chu Family.

Zi Yi drank the tea the staff served and casually listened to them. When everyone was agitated from talking about it, she tilted her head and asked Nangong Yu, "Chu Xuan was dismissed from the Student Union?"

"Yes." Nangong Yu was also drinking tea. "They went to be disciplined and even received a severe warning. The M.Uni’s Student Union could not possibly let him resume his position. What’s more…"

Speaking of this, Nangong Yu suddenly paused for a moment before he looked at Zi Yi and said, "Chu Xuan and Chu Xiang have excellent grades and have won national scholarships before. Therefore, someone bailed them out and they have both transferred to another university."

There was no change in Zi Yi’s expression even after she heard the story.

The others, on the other hand, were unaware that they had been bailed out and they were all surprised.

"Why didn’t we know about this?"

"Which university did they transfer to? I’ve never heard that there were transfer students in any universities in the university town?"

Aside from other factors, Chu Xuan and Chu Xiang’s appearance were considered outstanding and the M.Uni’s Student Union had connections with all the other Student Unions in the university town. If both of them really transferred over, they would certainly know of it.

"Could it be that they transferred somewhere far away?"

"Or perhaps they were transferred abroad?"

Everyone was looking at Nangong Yu

He nodded his head and said, "They went to Haicheng."

Zi Yi quirked an eyebrow. She seemed to have investigated the relatives of the Chu Family before.

Chu Xuan and Chu Xiang’s grandfather’s family were located there.

However, what she was interested in was who had bailed them out.

She was planning to ask Ah Jing about this when she went home.

Nangong Yu did not say anything else but instead, he changed the topic to the international chemistry competition tomorrow.

Only then did they know that Zi Yi would be participating in the competition.

The Learning Department Head, Liu Junyang pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and said happily, "That’s great. If Zi Yi were to participate in the chemistry competition, our nickname of forever second place can finally be removed!"

A table not far from them had overheard their conversation and one of them suddenly snickered.

"M.Uni has really regarded Zi Yi as someone who is omniscient? I don’t believe that as a liberal arts student, she can compete in a chemistry competition. Besides, this type of international competition is not like those casual experiments you conduct in school."

Seated at the table were two people from China and two other foreigners.

The person who spoke up was one of them.

After he said his piece, he even purposely looked at Zi Yi’s table.

The other two foreigners also turned around and looked in their direction.

Another male student who had a big forehead said, "Zi Yi is also famous in our school. Now that I’ve seen her in person today, sure enough, she’s very pretty."

His words caused the other three at his table to laugh.

One of the male students, Jiang Donghai, teased and said, "Sunny, I believe what Zi Yi is famous for in your school isn’t her appearance, right?"

The male student named Sunny, who believed himself to be handsome, swiped his fringe out of his eyes and said, "What else could it be for?"

The other three were amused by his tone of voice.


When the students of M.Uni entered the restaurant, they were already the focus of attention, and not to mention, they had someone who had a natural halo within their group.

They were not the only table talking about them. There were also many other people talking and sneaking a peek at Zi Yi.

"No wonder she married into a rich family. Second Young Master Lu is surely capable. They got into a car accident and yet, they managed to deceive the whole world and appear as and when they like."

"Sure enough, being pretty is a good thing. Now that she has married into a rich family, she would be a Madam from a rich family. If it were me, I would have already quit school and gone to do whatever I like."


"If it were me, I would rely solely on my appearance to fill my belly."

"Didn’t she rely on that face of hers to marry into a rich family?"

"Zi Yi, is your exam timetable different from ours?"

After the group who was responsible for ordering came back, everyone sat down and chatted as they waited for the food to be served.

Zi Yi casually answered, "Yes."

All of them were extremely curious.

"Do tell us how your examination timetable is arranged. Don’t tell me you will be taking exams for the entirety of next month?"

"No, I only have 10 days for which I have exams."

"Ah? Didn’t you take up 10 majors? Can you finish all the exams in 10 days?"


Zi Yi did not wish to continue on this topic. She looked at the wall that was built like a fish tank and casually asked, "Is the fish tank inside connected to here? With so much water and fish, can the wall withstand it?"

"Oh, I know about this." As the Public Relations Department Head, Tang Yue had gone around to ask for sponsors and so, he had done his research on many places around M.Uni. "Aren’t there three floors in this building? However, when we came in, there was only a single floor. It’s said that the boss is an outstanding graduate of the physics major and he used…"

The more Tang Yue talked, the more excited he got and everyone listened with relish.

After Tang Yue finished his explanation, Nangong Yu suddenly asked Zi Yi, "Junior Zi, you seem to be rather interested in the place?"

"Of course I’m interested." Zi Yi pointed at the sea creatures behind the walls. "It’s my first time seeing a restaurant with such a large variety of fresh seafood."

She then asked Tang Yue, "What’s behind this shop?"

"Oh, I don’t know about that." Who would check out the back unless they had nothing better to do?

Just then, they saw two staff members carrying a large seafood platter over.

Behind the two staff members was a young man wearing tight leather pants and Dr. Marten boots. He was wearing a leopard print shirt while playing around with two walnuts in his hands. That attire of his seemed to be saying: ‘I am very rich’.

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