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Chapter: 650

She Is Only Allergic When She Consumes a Variety of Seafood Together

The young man walked to the back of Zi Yi and Nangong Yu’s chairs under everyone’s gaze. One of his hands was placed on the back of Nangong Yu’s chair while his other hand played with the walnuts. The first thing he did was to say hello to Tang Yue. "Department Head Tang, why didn’t you say hello in advance before coming to my place for dinner?"

Without waiting for Tang Yue to respond, his gaze swept past everyone else and fell onto Zi Yi’s side view. The corner of his lips curved up and he asked, "Surely you must be the famous Zi Yi of the M.Uni?"

Zi Yi only slightly tilted her head to glance at him and she did not answer.

The man did not get angry either and the smirk on his face deepened. "It’s rare to see so many M.Uni’s Student Union Department Heads gathered together and not to mention, Zi Yi is also here. How about it, the dinner shall be on me tonight…"

He stood up straight and said to the staff members next to him, "Serve them another plate of our restaurant’s signature seafood platter."

He then said to the table, "Everyone, you can slowly enjoy your food and if it’s not enough, get the staff members to add to it, as it’s all on me."

He gave Zi Yi a meaningful look after that and he turned around as he walked away at a natural and unrestrained pace.

Xu Qingfeng headed to one of the cabins at the back that was not open to the public. He pushed open the door and was met with an eager question. "Did that woman eat yet?"

Xu Qingfeng played around with the walnuts. He looked at that man who had an elegant appearance before him and yet, currently looked rather anxious, and he slowly made his way over without the slightest anxiousness. "What’s the hurry? The food was just served and since she’s here and hadn’t refused those friends of hers, she will definitely eat."

"She would only get an allergic reaction when she consumes a variety of seafood together. If she only eats one type of seafood, then wouldn’t our plan fail?"

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"Don’t worry." Xu Qingfeng went over to a single-seater sofa next to him and sat down with both hands resting on the armrest. He then put up his legs and said, "I’ve told the manager to serve them another platter of seafood. With so many of her classmates persuading her, I don’t believe she would not eat a variety."

He Chao breathed a sigh of relief. "It had better be that she will eat them."


Xu Qingfeng’s legs dangled and he casually asked, "The Second Young Master Lu’s woman is allergic to seafood and now that you’re plotting against her, do you think the Second Young Master Lu would not find that you’re the mastermind if something really happened to her?"

He Chao smiled and a glint flickered in his eyes that were hidden behind his glasses. "Why would he find out that it’s me? You were the one who served them the seafood."

The smile on Xu Qingfeng’s face disappeared and a cold glint flashed past his eyes. The next second, his feet kicked the short table and his expression changed just like that. "You motherf**king tried to set me up?"

He Chao looked at the table that had flown out at least a meter or so. He pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and with a calm expression, he said, "I was only joking with you, why take it so seriously?"

He then added. "Even if Lu Jingye were to investigate, he would not associate the incident with us. It was those students who brought that woman here and she was also the one who wanted to eat on her own accord. What does that have to do with us?"


Only then was Xu Qingfeng satisfied. He turned his face to face him and continued playing with the walnuts as he threatened. "The thing I hate the most is being threatened. You came here today only to have a meal and you better remember this clearly. Also, you had better do what you promised me."

"Don’t worry, my mouth isn’t that loose." He Chao looked at him and suddenly asked, "But I’m pretty surprised that you were willing to cooperate with me. Who isn’t aware that the Third Young Master Xu has a good relationship with Second Young Master Lu?"

"You’re asking too many questions." Xu Qingfeng pointed at the door. "If you’re worried, you can head over to the hall to keep guard. You’re not welcomed here."

He Chao glanced at Xu Qingfeng who had suddenly changed face and he did not get angry either. He stood up and headed outside.

After closing the door, Xu Qingfeng took out his phone leisurely and dialed a number.

When the other party answered the call, he slowly said, "The He Family has taken action against your woman and he came here to ask for cooperation to let her have an allergic reaction."

After a pause he then said to the other person on the phone, "With how calm your tone sounds, I guess that her allergy has been cured long ago?"

The person on the other end responded and Xu Qingfeng said, "Nothing much, I only wanted to ask who would be footing the bill for your woman and her friends?

"Me? On what basis?

"Alright then, don’t forget what you promised me."

After hanging up the phone, Xu Qingfeng stood up with the corners of his lips curved up as he leisurely strolled into the hall.

In the hall.

After Xu Qingfeng left, Yu Meng muttered, "Why do I feel that this boss is a little strange?"

"You aren’t the only one," Chen Yuying said, "This person should have specially come to see Zi Yi.

Everyone shifted their attention to Zi Yi’s face.

Zi Yi gave them a glance and said indifferently, "There are many people who would find an excuse to take a look at me. It just so happens that this person is the boss of this restaurant."

Everyone present: "…"

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her words…

Only then did Tang Yue have the opportunity to tell everyone about the boss’s name and background. "His name is Xu Qingfeng and I heard that he has a strong background. Perhaps he is acquainted with Junior Zi’s husband?"

After Zi Yi got married, everyone knew that her husband was Lu Jingye from the Lu Family in the capital.

Zi Yi did not express an opinion and the others had accepted Tang Yue’s guess.

"Since that’s the case, Boss Xu should just be curious. He didn’t do anything and even treated us to a meal." Tang Zhiyuan picked up his chopsticks and said, "Let’s not waste such a good opportunity for a free meal. Come on, let’s eat whatever we like."

Everyone had started salivating at the sight of the seafood platter on the table. After Tang Zhiyuan said that, all of them immediately started feasting.

Not long after they started eating, another few staff members had served them different types of seafood.

"Dear customers, these seafoods are what our boss has instructed us to serve you. The boss said that you can order whatever you like."

The manager came over and asked enthusiastically, "I wonder if you would like to order any drinks? We have low-alcohol content drinks and cocktails."

"Boss Xu is too generous!" Wu Jiang sighed. "Isn’t Boss Xu worried that we would eat until he goes bankrupt?"

The manager smiled and said, "There’s no need to worry. The seafood and alcohol here are only considered as side cash for the Boss."

"So rich!" A few of the female students became starry-eyed.

Zi Yi picked up the chopsticks and placed one of the shrimps into her bowl. She wore the gloves and peeled off the shell before eating it.

Subsequently, she then grabbed a red tiger crab and placed it on her plate.

Just then, Nangong Yu suddenly asked in a whisper, "Junior Zi, is it alright for you to eat like this?"

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him.

Nangong Yu pointed at the red tiger crab on her plate and kindly suggested. "Why don’t you just eat prawns only?"

Zi Yi lowered her eyes and thought for a second before she suddenly smirked and asked, "How would you know that if I eat different types of seafood I wouldn’t be fine?"

Nangong Yu paused for a moment and said, "Then it’s best that you just stick to shrimps."

"It’s fine."

Zi Yi opened the red tiger crab shell and looked at the crab roe and red flesh, she said, "To be able to eat such delicious seafood at Boss Xu’s shop during this period of time, I will be letting my stomach down if I don’t eat it."

Nangong Yu looked at her expression for a few seconds before nodding his head and turning away as he continued eating.

Zi Yi ate for some time and suddenly, she put down her chopsticks and said to everyone, "I’m going to the washroom."

She left towards the main entrance as soon as she said that and immediately went into the washroom.

Just as she entered the washroom, the voice of someone stopping other customers from entering could be heard. "Sorry, this washroom is closed, please head to the other washroom."


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