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Chapter: 655

There s Only One of Him and No One Can Compare

It was clearly a three person group, but yet Zi Yi felt a particularly lively atmosphere as if there were more participants.

The other two started talking about the previous time Zi Yi helped remove the accumulated snow, then about how M.Uni could only come in second place during the competition, and thus, they had received the nickname of forever second.

Zhang Zhuang: [Junior Zi, I think you wouldn’t believe it but I have seen the previous international chemistry competition and we were clearly not lacking compared to the other schools in terms of theory. However, we would always encounter some accidents in the practical section.]

Zhou Xiao added: [I feel that our M.Uni is cursed. Otherwise, how could there be such a strange repeated occurrence each time?]

Zi Yi looked at the messages from the two students who had started talking about how M.Uni was cursed, and after they were more or less done with their discussion, she sent a message.

[I have also seen the chemical experiments of the participants from our school. It’s not because the other party is better than us. It’s because M.Uni has been confined by a set of fixed patterns when doing experiments.]

As soon as Zi Yi sent that message, she continued typing for a few minutes.

By the time she finished typing, she realized that her message had flooded the entire screen and the other two had not sent a single message

Zi Yi: [?]

Zhang Zhuang: [!] [Respect…]

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL.C0M.

Zhou Xiao: [!] [Respect…]

Zhang Zhuang: [Junior Zi, please tell us more. I think what you said is extremely reasonable.]

When ​​Lu Jingye was finished with his work and turned to look at the young lady next to him, he discovered that she was still holding onto her phone and typing.

It might be due to how she had been staring at the screen for quite some time, but her beautiful eyes started blinking at a more frequent rate. However, the corner of her lips was raised and it looked like she was in a good mood.

Zi Yi seemed to be having a heart-to-heart moment and she immediately sensed Lu Jingye’s gaze

He raised his hand to look at the watch before he said, "It’s already 10:30 p.m."

Meaning to say, it was time for her to rest.

Zi Yi nodded her head and sent a message saying: [I’m going to rest.]. Subsequently, she closed the group chat.

The two of them got up from the sofa and headed upstairs together.

Zi Yi told Lu Jingye about the chemistry competition tomorrow morning.

"It’s held at the Imperial University of Technology not far away from M.Uni."

"I’ll fetch you home for lunch after the competition ends."

Zi Yi shook her head. "I’ll directly head back to school for lunch. I’ll strive to finish the exams earlier in the afternoon. I still have to make a device that can detect human clones."

Lu Jingye merely nodded and did not say anything else.

The next day, Zi Yi woke up early in the morning.

She did not expect Lu Jingye to wake up even earlier than her. He had already finished washing up and gotten dressed, and he was clearly ready to head out. When he saw that Zi Yi was awake, he picked up her clothes and passed them to her.

Zi Yi asked, while changing her clothes, "Ah Jing, where are you headed to?"

"I’m headed out for some morning exercises and I’ll have a discussion with Yunxiao about something along the way."

Lu Yunxiao had disguised himself and after secretly investigating other people who were inflicted with parasites and the mastermind in the dark, he had stayed at the other villa in front of theirs last night.

Zi Yi nodded her head and went to wash up, while Lu Jingye left.

As the weather was chilly nowadays, Zi Yi could not be bothered to go out for a morning jog. She came down the stairs and was planning to head over to her underground lab to take a look, when she received Zhou Xiao’s phone call.

Upon her answering, Zhou Xiao asked, "Junior Zi, are you awake yet?"

Zi Yi responded with a ‘yes’.

Zhou Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and said excitedly, "Then Zhang Zhuang and I will be waiting for you at the East Gate at 7:50 a.m. The foreign participants arrived here the day before yesterday. Zhang Zhuang and I visited the Imperial University of Technology yesterday and we can bring you around to take a tour!"

Zi Yi responded and said, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yi took a look at the time.

It was 6 a.m.

She went straight downstairs to the underground lab.

The moment she started working on her experiments, Zi Yi would often forget the time. It was Lu Jingye who called for her after he returned from his morning exercise.

By then, it was already 7:20 a.m.

The two of them came out of the lab, had breakfast, and Lu Jingye specially drove a commercial car to send her to school.

"After fetching your classmates, I’ll send you to the Imperial University of Technology."

Zi Yi was a little surprised. "Aren’t you very busy?"

Lu Jingye smiled. "No matter how busy I am, it’s not as important as sending you to the competition venue."

As long as it was an important occasion that she had to attend, he wished that he could send her to her destination.

Zi Yi was caught off guard at Lu Jingye’s words. Her lips raised up and she felt a sweet feeling deep down inside.

"Are you telling me words of love right now?" She was more straightforward with her questions.

The smile on Lu Jingye’s face remained there and while he was driving seriously, he answered with a ‘yes’.

Zi Yi felt even more sweet deep down inside.

When the car Lu Jingye was driving stopped in front of Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao, who were waiting outside the school gates, Zi Yi said to the both of them, "Get in. We’ll head there straight away."

When Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao saw Lu Jingye who was seated in the driver’s seat, they were so excited that their heartbeats quickened.

Who was Lu Jingye?

He was a legend of M.Uni, the top of the outstanding students of M.Uni, and coupled with the legends he created in the business world, and how he was a special professor of the Finance Department, both of them felt awe for him.

"Hello Professor Lu!"

The both of them suddenly bowed and greeted Lu Jingye. Zi Yi subconsciously turned to look at him.

Lu Jingye calmly nodded his head in their direction and said, "Get in."

"Oh, yes, yes."

The both of them opened the back doors of the car excitedly and like obedient children, they sat prim and properly.

Zi Yi glanced at the two of them through the rearview mirror while trying to suppress a smile.

It took around ten minutes to drive from M.Uni to the Imperial University of Technology.

The car soon stopped outside the gates. Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Just as they were about to alight from the car, they heard Lu Jingye talking to Zi Yi. "The weather is cold today, so wear a scarf and a mask."

Having said that, he took out those two items from the side compartment of the door and personally helped Zi Yi wear them, before handing her the backpack. "There’s warm water and food inside. Don’t eat food just anyhow outside."

Zi Yi obediently nodded her head. "Got that."

She then took her backpack from him, opened the door, and alighted.

After looking at the car leaving, Zi Yi was met by Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao’s burning gazes the moment she looked at them.

Zi Yi looked at them in puzzlement. "Is there a problem?"

The both of them shook their heads

Zhou Xiao lamented. "Professor Lu is too caring. If my future boyfriend is even half of how good he is, I’ll believe I’ll even smile in my dreams."

Zi Yi revealed a smile in her eyes.

However, Zhang Zhuang said, "Professor Lu has placed a huge pressure on us male comrades."

The smile in Zi Yi’s eyes intensified and she said, "There’s only one of him and no one can compare."

The two could not find anything to say to refute her with.

The Imperial University of Technology was also one of the prestigious universities in the capital. However, the feeling it gave off was completely different from M.Uni. The latter had arts and science majors, and its humanities education and the academic atmosphere were much stronger.

M.Uni paid great attention to cultural heritage. It was similar to that of an oriental beauty. The Imperial University of Technology was much rougher, similar to a man from the north.

The three of them arrived an hour in advance, but they didn’t expect to see many foreigners walking in and out of the school.

Zhou Xiao told Zi Yi, "The students from abroad are mostly staying at the hostels of the university or in nearby hotels."

Zi Yi nodded her head and the three of them walked over.

As soon as they reached the gates, they heard two foreign students talking in their mother tongue. "I heard that all three participants from M.Uni are all newcomers. I wonder how their skills are?"

The other student said without a care, "M.Uni’s skills are merely so-so, and even at its best, it can only be forever second."

Both of them laughed after having said that.

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