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Chapter: 656

Since We re Here to Participate In the Competition We Are Only Aiming For the First Place

Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao did not understand what they said. When they saw Zi Yi suddenly stop walking, they were a little surprised.

"Zi Yi, why did you stop?"

Zi Yi looked at the two foreigners talking to each other as they entered the university and asked, "Are they participants from L University of Country L?"

Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao’s gaze followed where Zi Yi was looking.

"I think so."

In fact, they were not very sure. After all, they could not understand the mother tongue language of the two foreigners.

Zhou Xiao seemed to have discerned something and she asked, "Junior Zi, did they just talk bad about our M.Uni?"

Zi Yi responded with a nod and continued walking inside.

As Zi Yi was wearing a mask and scarf, except for her beautiful eyes that were revealed outside, other prominent parts of her face were hidden. In addition, Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao had ordinary appearances and they did not attract the slightest attention as they walked on the campus of the university.

After walking some distance, Zhou Xiao even made a joke. "I’ve been preparing myself for everyone to pay attention to us. I didn’t expect Professor Lu to have made sure Junior Zi was fully armed… this is pretty good too, as there’s no pressure."

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After entering the Imperial University of Technology, there were signs all around.

In addition to the signs, there were already many foreign students walking around the campus and there were also many enthusiastic students who received them. Therefore, there was no need for Zhou Xiao and Zhang Zhuang to lead the way.

Along the way, everyone had been talking about the competition today and the foreign students were mainly conversing in their mother tongue.

Throughout the whole journey, what Zi Yi heard the most was people teasing M.Uni for being forever second.

Even though Zhou Xiao and Zhang Zhuang could not understand their language, they managed to guess something when they heard the name of their school.

"It’s no wonder the seniors who participated in the chemistry competition before told us to calm ourselves when we came for the competition. Otherwise, we would explode in anger… these people must be speaking ill of us.

Zhou Xiao was a little unhappy. "What’s wrong with being forever second? At least M.Uni can maintain its position as the second place, can those schools even keep that up?"

Zi Yi glanced at Zhou Xiao who looked resentful and said, "Senior Sister, calm down. The ranking of the competition can’t always stay the same. You only have to remember that life is full of ups and downs and no one can always remain the same."

Zi Yi’s voice was very calm and it was to the extent that Zhou Xiao could not help but be influenced by her.

She ended up nodding her head.

The three of them soon entered the competition venue. It was located outside an experiment building.

As there was a competition being held today, a safety perimeter had been set up outside the building. All the students, with the exception of the participants, were not allowed to enter.

The three of them stood beneath a tree a little further away. Looking at the building that was yet to open for entry, Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao said to Zi Yi, "This is our competition venue. I heard that the laboratory of Imperial University of Technology is pretty good and their equipment is also up to standard."

"The competition is divided into two parts. After the written test ends, an AI marking will be conducted and the top ten participants will be selected to enter the practical competition."

Zi Yi looked at the students from various universities standing outside the building and nodded her head.

"Junior Zi, today’s competition will all depend on you."

As soon as Zhang Zhuang said that, a mocking laugh sounded from behind him. "It turns out that students of M.Uni also have a day where they lack confidence."

The sounds of two people laughing soon followed his words.

The three of them turned around at the same time and they saw three foreigners walking in their direction.

The one who mocked them was a male student who had a wide forehead.

When the three of them approached Zi Yi and her group, the wide forehead student checked them out and purposely said, "And here I thought that M.Uni doesn’t dare to participate in the competition anymore. Even until now, the list of your school’s participants has yet to be announced."

The female student standing next to him was scrolling through her phone and added. "It’s not that they haven’t announced it. It’s that we’ve never even heard of these people at all."

While the female student was talking, she read out their names. "Zhang Zhuang, Zhou Xiao, and Zi Yi."

The female student was talking in the international universal language and to them, the capital’s dialect was considered lame. When she was calling out their names, she had mispronounced the intonations in their names.

After the other two had confirmed that there was not a single name they had heard of before, they were even more disdainful towards them.

"I guess the few of you will have to work hard in today’s competition. Don’t end up not even being able to protect your nickname of being forever second."

The student’s words caused his other two friends to laugh in response.

Zhang Zhuang got so angry that he was about to explode.

Zi Yi spoke before anything could happen. "You’re right about something. We don’t want that reputation of forever second. Since we’re here to participate in the competition, we will only be getting the first place."

Zi Yi talked to them using her native country’s dialect.

This caused the wide forehead male student to raise his voice discontentedly. "What did you say? Please talk in the international universal language. Is this how M.Uni’s students treat international schools of friendly relations?"

Zhou Xiao’s expression sank at his words and he was about to translate what Zi Yi said.

However, Zi Yi stopped her and said to the three, "Come discuss with me again how I should be treating you after you win against us first."

After Zi Yi said her piece, she left.

Many people around the vicinity had looked over in their direction and there were those who understood the imperial dialect.

Those people had translated for the three of them.

For a moment, Zi Yi and her group had become the focus of all the attention.

"Those people from M.Uni are too arrogant."

"Do they really think that they can win the first place?"

"Ha! A forever second place dares to be so arrogant? Aren’t they afraid that they can’t even maintain their nickname of forever second?"

Some people started mocking and ridiculing them without any care and there were also some who checked up on M.Uni’s list of participants.

When they saw one of the names was Zi Yi, students from the Imperial University of Technology could not keep their cool anymore.

"Zi Yi from M.Uni is participating in the competition? I’ve always heard that she is very smart, so could it be that she’s really that smart?"

"Why is Zi Yi wearing a mask? I really wish to see if she’s as beautiful as how she looks in the photos."

"She did not even participate in the campus belle competition in M.Uni but ended up being elected as the campus belle. Do you think it’s possible that she isn’t pretty?"

Zi Yi stood in a clearing and took out her phone and started scrolling on it. She did not care about everyone discussing and pointing fingers at her.

However, Zhang Zhuang and Zhou Xiao were a little uncomfortable.

Zi Yi sensed their discomfort. She thought about it for a moment and put away her phone. "I’m going to the washroom."

Zhou Xiao hastily said, "I’ll go with you. I came here yesterday and I know where the washroom is."

Zi Yi pointed at the sign near them and said, "There’s a sign there."

Zhou Xiao opened her mouth and she wanted to say that she was worried about letting her go alone. However, Zi Yi simply headed over to the washrooms before she could say anything.

Zi Yi soon walked away from the crowd. She did not head to the washroom but instead, she stopped at a fork in the road before turning around and walking onto another road. She intended to casually walk around.

The architecture of the Imperial University of Technology was very modern, three-dimensional, and robust-looking. It had quite a different style compared to M.Uni.

Not long after she started walking, she saw a few middle-aged men walking over.

Zi Yi stood by the side with the intention of allowing them to walk past first.

However, just then, she heard one of the middle-aged men speak. "I heard that Zi Yi is one of the contestants from M.Uni. The de-icing agent she made in the past is pretty good. I am feeling optimistic about her."

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