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Chapter: 657

Only Those Who Have No Self Confidence Would Come To Find Fault With Others.

The other party did not have an opinion. "Being able to create the de-icing agent does not necessarily mean she is able to answer the competition questions and excel in the practical test… She’s only a Year 1 student and so don’t you think that M.Uni has placed too much hope on her?"

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at the middle-aged man who was talking. It just so happened that the middle-aged man looked over.

The both of them made eye contact.

Zi Yi looked away and the person continued to speak. "Perhaps Zi Yi is really talented, but regardless of her talents, it requires the accumulation of time. No one is born with this knowledge."

"What Professor Wu said is also reasonable. But for M.Uni to send Zi Yi, I still think that this student must be possessing some extraordinary qualities."

"What extraordinary qualities?" Professor Wu shook his head. "I have heard stories about this student before. She is indeed skilled in robotics and medicine, but it’s said that she’s an arrogant person… I don’t believe that someone who is skilled in two aspects would also be great in chemistry."

In fact, Professor Wu was not the only one with that thought. Another professor had agreed with him. "I have the same thoughts as Professor Wu. I also heard that Student Zi has taken up a lot of different majors… No matter how smart she is, anyone who took up three different majors won’t be able to excel in either."

"That’s right."

This group of people walked further and further away as they conversed with each other.

Zi Yi stood in her original place and glanced at their back views before looking away and continuing walking in front.

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At 9:15 a.m. the building was opened for entry.

The participants of the competition would only be allowed inside after showing their corresponding identification information.

Reporters would definitely be present during such an event. However, the reporters were all from the educational side and they wouldn’t dare act like the paparazzi who would chase people all around to ask them their questions.

When Zi Yi pulled down her mask and scarf to identify herself, everyone was amazed and surprised.

"What a beautiful student!"

"She is surely worthy of her name as the campus belle of M.Uni."

"Is such a pretty girl capable of doing chemistry experiments?"

There were all sorts of voices coming from all directions.

The cameramen even specially gave a close-up shot of more than ten seconds on Zi Yi’s face.

Zi Yi entered the competition venue together with everyone with an indifferent expression.

The first round of competition was held in the lobby of the building. There were currently hundreds of tables placed in the lobby at this moment.

The invigilators were a group of professors that were members of the International Chemistry Association that Zi Yi had encountered earlier.

Before the competition, one of the professors started explaining the rules of the competition.

The rules of the competition were generally similar to the competitions from the previous years, but the professor who was explaining the rules added to them. "Do not look left and right during the competition or it will be deemed as cheating."

The moment this rule was mentioned, those people who were peeking at Zi Yi hastily shifted their gazes away.

It was self-evident as to who this rule was specially created for.

A few members of the International Chemistry Association could not help but whisper among themselves, "That participant from the M.Uni is too pretty and such a rule ought to be added."

"I’m about to suspect if M.Uni had done this on purpose."


"I have heard of this student from M.Uni before. However, she only created a de-icing agent, and to think that she is so vigorously publicized by M.Uni. I am really starting to doubt M.Uni’s motive."

"This female student is too young. I hope that she doesn’t cry when she is unable to answer the questions."

The competition officially started at 9 a.m.

This competition was broadcasted live by the Imperial University of Technology and the International Education Network. Initially, only teachers and students of the chemistry major were watching the broadcast. However, when someone took a screenshot of the broadcast and uploaded it online, there were many people who came flooding in due to Zi Yi’s appearance.

All the present students were the best in chemistry within their respective schools and they did not stop for a moment when they started working on the questions.

When everyone felt that they had been doing well and were working at a fast pace, they heard an invigilator asking Zi Yi halfway through the test, "Student, are you already done with your paper?"

Zi Yi nodded her head.

The invigilator furrowed his brow and reminded her out of kindness. "The questions here are all S-difficulty and it’s best for you to check your answers again."

All the questions in this competition were taken out from the global chemistry database containing extremely difficult questions. Not to mention students, even professors like them had to spend some time inserting the formulas, before they could solve the questions.

Was this student before him treating the competition as child’s play?

The cameraman aimed the camera at Zi Yi and even gave a close-up of her expression.

Within her beautiful eyes, strong confidence could be seen.

"This person is too arrogant."

"Could it be that she thinks she’s invincible just because she’s pretty?"

"It could be that this female student is used to being chased and raised up high on a pedestal, and so has now really started thinking that she’s knowledgeable in everything, right?"

Many teachers and students from abroad had all expressed their doubts about Zi Yi.

Many students from M.Uni’s Chemistry Department did not even bother to attend classes and were watching the live broadcast.

"She sure is worthy of being the goddess of M.Uni. I seem to have seen the image of our M.Uni’s Chemistry Department taking first place."

"Those who dare to scold our goddess, I’d like to see how our goddess hits them back in the face with her skills!"

Other than these two voices, there were also those who remained neutral.

The written test soon ended under different voices of discussion online and there was 20 minutes of waiting time as the AI marked their papers.

During this break, the participants were all arranged to rest together in a room.

"Zi Yi, do you think that today’s questions were difficult?"

Zi Yi took out her bag stored in the locker and found a corner to take a seat. She then took out the thermos cup to drink some water, when she heard Zhou Xiao asking her a question.

There were many people peeking in her direction at that moment. When they heard Zhou Xiao’s question, all of them stretched their ears to hear what she had to say.

Zi Yi tilted her head and thought for a moment before she answered, "It’s a little more complicated than the questions on my exam paper."

Zhou Xiao: "…"

To think that she had used the International Chemistry Competition questions to compare with M.Uni’s end-of-year exams?

Zhou Xiao gained even more respect for Zi Yi. She grabbed a stool and sat next to Zi Yi while she asked her about one of the questions she was not confident about.

Just as Zi Yi was about to speak.

A mocking laugh could be heard from the side.

Zi Yi and Zhou Xiao looked up at the same time.

They were met with a brunette with braids currently looking at them with her arms crossed. There were traces of mockery in her eyes and when Zi Yi and Zhou Xiao looked over, she bluntly said, "Don’t discuss competition questions that everyone has just finished. Otherwise, if you make a mistake, it would be you imperialists who will lose face."

Zhou Xiao was unhappy with her words and refuted her. "Zi Yi would never make a mistake."

Her words immediately attracted several scoffs.

"There’s this old saying in your country about how one blows one’s own trumpet. I believe it’s a fitting description for you, no?" The female student with braids clearly had a good grasp of the imperial dialect.


Zi Yi looked at Zhou Xiao whose cheeks were flushed in anger. After she opened her thermos cup and took a sip, she said in an indifferent tone, "Only people who have no self-confidence would come to find fault with others. There’s no need to pay attention to it."

She then talked to Zhou Xiao about that question.

Zi Yi’s speed of talking was very fast, but her pronunciation was very accurate and those who were nearby in range to hear what she said could hear her clearly.

While she was talking, the others had fallen silent for no reason.

There were many people who secretly compared their answers to this question with hers.

Those who had the same answer suddenly felt more confident.

However, the expressions of the foreign female student turned ugly. How can CuCl2 + 2KOH=Cu(OH)2↓ + 2KCI turn into…"

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