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Chapter: 658

Who Came Up With This Question Isn t It Too Difficult

"Why not…?"

Compared to the female student’s irritable attitude, Zi Yi looked so calm that it made people suspect if she had even thought about it before she spoke a long list of chemical formulas.

While talking, it ended up as a debate in the end.

Of course, Zi Yi was the one talking most of the time and the girl with braids turned a flushed red and was speechless.

With such a big commotion, the reporters from the education stations got the camera operators to film the scene.

"This would definitely be good as a behind-the-scenes clip."

Other than the reporters, even a group of invigilators and members of the International Chemistry Association were attracted by the commotion.

One of the members of the association was shocked when he heard Zi Yi’s debate. "This female student can easily mention so many difficult chemical formulas in such a fluent manner! How did she manage to do that?!"

The others were also shocked.

During the debate, Zi Yi’s body seemed to be glowing brightly. Her strong confidence and wisdom caused everyone to gather their attention and focus it on her.

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In fact, this debate did not last long and it ended after five minutes, at most, had passed by.

The female student with braids stared at Zi Yi with a flushed complexion, looking as if she had suffered a huge blow.

However, Zi Yi still had that indifferent expression on her face. She took another sip of water, stood up, and put the thermos cup back in her backpack before storing it in the locker.

Looking at Zi Yi walking away, a student called Anry walked over to the braided female student. When she saw her ugly expression, she whispered a word of comfort, "Dina, don’t be angry. Perhaps she is only good at theory. Isn’t it that M.Uni students are all good in theory but are lacking in practical experiments?"

Dina, who had been dealt with a hard blow, finally regained confidence after hearing what Anry said.

That’s right. M.Uni students have always been better in theory but are lacking in practical experiments. So what if she can’t beat Zi Yi in theory? The scores for the practical test are higher than the theory and as long as she does not make any mistakes during the practical, she could still defeat Zi Yi.

At the thought of this, she smiled confidently.

9:50 a.m.

The results were published.

Zi Yi got full marks and a few others only got one question wrong.

The majority of the participants had been disqualified.

In the end, there were only fifteen people who proceeded to the next stage (Some people had got the same scores and had the same ranks.)

Zi Yi and Zhang Zhuang entered the next round of competition.

Even though Zhou Xiao had some regrets, she sincerely rooted for Zi Yi and Zhang Zhuang.

"Zi Yi, Zhang Zhuang, good luck!"

At 10 a.m.

Those who entered the second round of competition had been led to a large lab.

Each of them were assigned a table and there were many apparatuses on the table along with three substances.

"You should have seen the three substances on each of your tables." The organizing committee announced the question of this competition. "The question this time around is for you to break down all of the elements within these three substances within an hour and fuse them into another substance with the apparatus on your table."

The moment the question was released, there were many who looked at the fifteen participants with a sympathetic gaze.

"It’s already very troublesome to break down all the elements in those three substances and yet, they still have to fuse them? Most importantly, they only have an hour to work with?"

"I feel that neither of the students will be able to complete this."

"It’s absolutely impossible. It’s considered pretty good that they can manage to finish breaking down all the elements in the three substances."

"Who came up with this question? Isn’t it too difficult?"

Not only were the audience present discussing the question, there was also another discussion happening online.

The fifteen participants had already started by this time.

The majority of them revealed an anxious expression.

Compared to their anxiousness, Zi Yi who was unfamiliar with this backward, experimental apparatus started moving as if she was not in a hurry.

There were many people who were looking at Zi Yi. When they saw how slow she was, some even got anxious on her behalf, while some others started mocking her again.

"As expected of a student from M.Uni who is forever second place. So what if they are good in theory? With how slow she is, I really wonder if she would have any substances broken down by the end of the hour."

"Therefore, that is why it’s best not to be too arrogant. She is shooting herself in the foot rather quickly and even I feel embarrassed for her."

"You shouldn’t talk like this either. Perhaps she’s doing it on purpose but in fact, she will show off her skills later."

"Haha, those supporting Zi Yi must be fans of her appearance, right? Well, it’s sure good to be pretty. Even if I am incapable, there would be people helping me make excuses."

The participants standing near Zi Yi would glance in her direction from time to time. When they saw how slow she was with her movements, all of them shook their heads deep down.

In particular, Dina, who was standing on the right side behind her. At the thought of how she could greatly embarrass Zi Yi later, her lips curved up.

The invigilators seated over in front of them also could not help but make eye contact with each other.

What’s going on? Could it be that Zi Yi from M.Uni did not know how to do practical experiments?

With her speed, she won’t even be able to break down those three elements in an hour, right?

Soon, twenty minutes had passed.

Zi Yi suddenly asked a question, "Can I modify the experimental apparatus?"

Her words caused everyone to look in her direction subconsciously.

After a wave of silence, all the invigilators discussed in a low voice.

Sometime later, a member of the International Chemistry Association said, "In principle, you’re not allowed, but if you are able to modify the apparatus without anything else other than the items on your table, you will be allowed."

After she got a positive answer, Zi Yi started modifying the apparatus.

At the same time, she compared the few substances on the table.

Everyone discovered that after Zi Yi finished modifying the apparatus, she seemed to have changed into another person.

She managed to break down the three substances within five minutes and subsequently proceeded to combine them.

When a new substance appeared before everyone’s eyes, all of them could only be amazed.

Only forty minutes had passed and Zi Yi had spent the first twenty minutes slowly checking out the various apparatus.

After Zi Yi wrote down the chemical formula, she said, "My experiment is done."

All the participants revealed expressions of disbelief.

In particular, Dina. She directly shouted, "Impossible!"

While Dina was shouting, the solution contained in the dropper in her hands had suddenly dripped.

She did not pay attention to it either and continued shouting, "You must have cheated!"

Zi Yi turned around and just so happened to see two substances reacting within the apparatus. She furrowed her brows and said, "You actually combined substances X and Y?"

If the ratio of these two substances was incorrect, it was easy to produce a type of poisonous gas.

Just as Dina was about to say that she had control over her own experiment, she smelled a strong smell.

This smell soon spread around.

"Cough cough…"

Those people nearby her did not have time to cover their mouths and they felt dizzy the moment they inhaled the gas.

Dina was closest to the gas and had already lost consciousness and fallen, while knocking over all her half-done experiments on the table at the same time.

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

"Not good, quickly open the windows for ventilation!"

"Cough cough cough…"

"It’s too late, quick, press the emergency buzzer!"

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