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Chapter: 660

I m Not Pregnant Yet

After getting in the car, Zi Yi tilted her head to the side and looked at Lu Jingye calmly holding the steering wheel. Her eyes were sparkling.

The appearance of when her old-fashioned man got jealous was really cute.

The car soon stopped at a traffic light. While waiting for the green light to come on, Zi Yi grabbed his hand that was holding onto the wheel.

Lu Jingye finally turned around and looked at her.

Zi Yi smiled at him. "Were you jealous just now?"

After the traffic light turned green, Lu Jingye drove the car and at the same time, he responded with a hum.

Zi Yi felt her heart quiver at his hum and was about to pounce on him in the very next second.

Lu Jingye said in a serious tone, "Sit properly."

However, he added another sentence behind what he had just said. "It’s dangerous."

Only then did Zi Yi return to her seat and after the car had been driving for some time, she realized that they were not heading to their home. "We aren’t going home to eat?"

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Lu Jingye’s gaze was fixed on the road in front. "We’ll eat at a restaurant."

He then turned the car in another direction.

Other than the central district, there were many residential areas around the university town. Among those residential areas, there were also various shops and restaurants.

Lu Jingye brought Zi Yi to a private restaurant with a nice environment.

The owner of this private restaurant was a middle-aged woman. Her appearance was not considered too beautiful, but she gave off a temperament that made others feel comfortable. Moreover, she always maintained a smile on her face and at a single glance, it could be seen that she was a woman who had a blissful life.

"Second Young Master, Second Young Madam, please."

The middle-aged woman brought them to one of the tables in the hall to take a seat.

The table was close to the window. This window was considered large for its size and one could see the yard that was full of roses outside.

The middle-aged woman served the both of them tea. Lu Jingye’s cup was Maojian tea while Zi Yi’s cup was fruit tea.

"Dear customers, please wait for a little while. The dishes will be served very soon."

After Lu Jingye nodded his head, the middle-aged woman took her leave.

There were no other customers in the room and the moment the boss lady left, only Zi Yi and Lu Jingye remained.

Zi Yi was a little surprised. "Ah Jing, we aren’t going to order?"

"There’s no need to order at this restaurant." Lu Jingye explained to her. "The dishes are all designed by Boss Mei herself and we only have to inform her of what we can and cannot eat."

Zi Yi understood and did not continue to ask anymore.

She lifted the cup of fruit tea and took a sip before her eyes brightened up. "It’s nice."

Lu Jingye saw her bright gaze and the corner of his lips had also curved up.

He also took another sip of tea before he said, "Boss Mei is good at making desserts and since you like eating desserts, you will definitely like her dishes."

Zi Yi started to feel expectant.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye ended up only waiting for a few minutes before the dishes arrived. The moment the first dish was placed on the table, Zi Yi seemed to have smelled the sweet scent of happiness.

Zi Yi took a piece of sweet and sour pork. Her eyes had even narrowed when eating it.

Lu Jingye liked seeing her appearance when she enjoyed eating something.

After Zi Yi finished the piece, she saw that Lu Jingye had yet to move his chopsticks and so, she picked up a piece of meat and brought it to his mouth. "Ah Jing, try this. The meat isn’t too sweet, it’s a little sour even and it’s very delicious."

Lu Jingye ate what she had offered him.

It had indeed tasted good.

He then scooped a bowl of soup for her and raised his hand to stroke her hair. "The desserts Boss Mei makes are also pretty good. I got her to prepare some desserts for you. You can have them when you’re hungry in the middle of the exams."

Zi Yi looked up and smiled at him. She deliberately used a disgruntled voice and acted willfully. "Are you trying to fatten me up? You’ve been feeding me so much these days."

Lu Jingye withdrew his hand and his lips were raised up. "If I can raise you to become fat and chubby, I will feel a great sense of achievement."

Zi Yi raised her hand discontentedly and slapped his arm. "Big baddie. I don’t want to get fat."

In the next second, Lu Jingye grabbed onto her hand and said, "You aren’t fat. You’re too skinny."

Zi Yi had a voluptuous figure, but she was considered underweight when she went up on the weighing scale. Moreover, she was tall and thus, her height made her seem even skinnier.

Lu Jingye had always been wanting to make her grow to a healthier weight.

Zi Yi’s lips curved up and she withdrew her hand from his. She picked up another dish to have a taste. "After I get pregnant with a baby, I’ll grow fatter."

Lu Jingye’s gaze unconsciously shifted to her abdomen.

As there was heating after they came into the restaurant, Zi Yi took off her outerwear. She was wearing a tight sweater underneath the coat and so, her flat tummy could be seen.

Zi Yi glanced at him and there were slight traces of complaint in her eyes. "I’m not pregnant yet."

Lu Jingye fell into deep thought. He thought he had worked hard enough.

That gaze of hers, was she complaining that he was not hardworking enough?

Zi Yi did not know what was going through Lu Jingye’s mind and she happily ate the dishes on the table. She would specially pick up a piece to feed Lu Jingye from those dishes that she found to be very delicious.

After they finished eating, Lu Jingye sent Zi Yi to M.Uni.

Before leaving the restaurant, Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, "I will be making a trip to the warehouse in the afternoon. If I come home late in the evening, there’s no need to wait for me and you can go ahead and eat first."

Zi Yi nodded her head. She alighted from the car and walked towards today’s exam venue.

In the following consecutive days, Lu Jingye would come over and accompany Zi Yi for lunch in the afternoon. Every meal of theirs was outside and she did not know how Lu Jingye managed to find those restaurants. The restaurants they went to for every meal were different, and the only similarity was that the dishes were all ones that Zi Yi liked.

Other than Lu Jingye, Mrs. Lu would also send her a video call every day, telling her to eat well and rest well during the exam period. In addition, she got the housekeeper to send her some of her favorite desserts and soup.

As Zi Yi’s exam schedule was packed very full, she did not have the spare energy to pay attention to other things.

Therefore, she did not know what kind of huge incident happened in the capital during this period of time.

Meanwhile, at the He residence.

Eldest Master He insisted that Lu Jingye was the culprit that caused the death of his son and he tried every means possible to cause trouble for Lu Jingye. Only to find out that he ended up tying up his hands and feet every single time.

Seeing that the He Family was about to become riddled with holes due to Eldest Master He’s revenge, Second Master He could not take it anymore. After having a discussion with his brother several times, he finally secretly got people to tie him up.

Eldest Master He did not expect that his biological brother would do this to him and his face instantly turned red.

"Second Brother, how dare you do this to me?!"

"Brother, it’s time to stop. Lu Jingye is not as down and out as we thought him to be. Perhaps he is even more powerful now than when he was in the Lu Family."

"The hell with that. He only has a meager Song Jewelry in his hands and so what could he possibly be capable of?"

"Brother, why can’t you understand? Among the two forces in the previous economic war, one of them is definitely him. I have dealt with Lu Jingye often and I can see through his style of doing things."

Eldest Master He did not struggle as much, but his eyes were still red. "No matter how capable he is, the fact that he killed my son is a fact that cannot be changed. The feud of murdering my son must be repaid!"

"It wasn’t Lu Jingye who killed Little Chao!" Second Master He’s eyes had also turned red as he directly shouted, "You’re being too weird these days and do you think I can’t tell? Brother, what happened to you exactly? Are you really intending to land our whole family into deep waters, just to take revenge against Lu Jingye?"

"He killed my son and shouldn’t I get even with him?!" Eldest Master He had also shouted in response.

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