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Chapter: 661

It Was the Men Lu Jingye Sent Who Killed Him

Second Master He did not expect his elder brother to be so obstinate and he said, "Brother, you’re sick. I have found a doctor for you."

"Who is sick? What doctor?! I’m perfectly fine!" The moment Eldest Master He heard what he said, he struggled to stand up and his eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty glint. "Brother, have you been bought over by Lu Jingye, that’s why you’re doing this to me?!"

"Brother, how could you think like that?"

After Second Master He said that, he turned around and called in the Gu Master he had secretly invited over from Southern Xinjiang.

He did not tell anyone about this, as he only wanted to quietly cure his eldest brother’s illness.

When Eldest Master He saw that Second Master He was really going to call for a doctor, he seemed to have also guessed something and said fiercely, "Brother, if you dare to call for the person you found, don’t blame me for being ruthless!"

Second Master He did not even turn back as he said, "As long as your illness can be cured, you can do whatever you want with me."

Having said that, he had reached the door.

However, a sudden whistle sound aimed for his back.


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A sharp weapon went straight for Second Master He’s heart.

His body staggered and he propped himself on the door with one hand. He struggled to turn back and look at the foreigner standing next to Eldest Master He who had terrifying paint drawn on his face. Second Master He’s eyes were filled with disbelief and fear.

"Brother, you…"


Second Master He did not even manage to get his words out and he collapsed.

A few seconds later, he was dead.

Eldest Master He looked at his younger brother who had died in front of him and his body could not help but tremble. He suddenly turned around and looked at the man standing next to him with red eyes. He felt as if a knife was pierced into his heart and he stared at the foreigner with widened eyes.

"It wasn’t me." The man’s voice was frighteningly cold. "It was the men Lu Jingye sent who killed him."

As soon as the man said that, he walked over and collected the sharp weapon lodged in Second Master He’s back. He then turned to look at Eldest Master He who had an extremely ugly expression on his face. There was an undisguised threat in his voice. "If it was not the men Lu Jingye sent who killed your brother, then you can bear the blame. After all, there are witnesses."

Eldest Master He’s body shivered. He stared at the man before him with red eyes, but the very next second, he was frightened by the chilliness in the foreigner’s eyes and he hastily looked away.

The man added. "Don’t forget that you can only listen to me now. Otherwise, I don’t know who will be the next casualty in your He Family… Your grandson looks adorable…"

"No- he was killed by Lu Jingye! He was killed by Lu Jingye!" Eldest Master He’s brain seemed to have been hit hard by a hammer and he was so frightened that even his voice had changed.

When the news of Second Master He getting killed by the men Lu Jingye sent was released, the whole high society in the capital could not remain calm.

The He Family asked Lu Jingye to pay with his life and they had officially had a falling out with the Lu Family at the same time.

Other than the He Family, something also happened to the Lu Family.

Under Elder Hu’s treatment, the parasite in Patriarch Lu was finally removed. However, as the parasite had harmed Patriarch Lu’s brain nerves, it resulted in his intellect being reduced to that of a child who was only a few years old.

They originally thought that Patriarch Lu would not be too overbearing.

However, they did not expect him to be very overbearing from a young age. Moreover, he was also unreasonable when he was a child and he had tortured the First and the Third family to a miserable state.

The First Madam had been taking care of the old man and even though she did not say anything on the surface, she was becoming increasingly discontent with Patriarch Lu. Coupled with the incident with her son, she would make enigmatic remarks toward Mrs. Lu who would return home to visit Patriarch Lu from time to time.

"My second sister-in-law is surely leisurely. She only has to come back and visit when Father is sick. Right now, I still have to take care of the whole of the main residence and also care for Patriarch Lu and my son."

Speaking of this, she started wiping her tears and wept. "My son has already ended up like that and my heart aches so much when I see him every day. Besides, Father’s temper is even worse than before, and often at times, I wish that I could just die."

The more she spoke, the sadder she got. Slowly, her tone of voice was filled with accusations and complaints. "Jingye and Zi Yi are too much. Their Grandfather is already in such a state and they don’t even bother to return home to visit him. Second sister-in-law, I’m not trying to reprimand you, but no matter how Father had acted in the past, now that he’s in such a condition, how can they still be so cruel and not come and visit? Do you know how the outside world is talking about the Lu Family?"

Mrs. Lu sneered deep down inside.

"Weren’t you the cause of everything that has happened? What rights do you have now to make such accusations?"

She did not make it obvious on the surface and even explained. "Jingye has come back to visit Father. Yiyi has been busy with her exams recently."

"I don’t believe she can’t even spare a short amount of time to visit Father!" The First Madam had been unable to find a chance to get back at Zi Yi for threatening Lu Zhiheng and she was already anxious at that. "Even if she came to visit in the evening, other people would not say that our Lu Family’s daughter-in-law is unfilial!"

Her words made Mrs. Lu unhappy. "At the beginning, none of you had admitted Yiyi as the Lu Family’s daughter-in-law and so why didn’t you say that you were afraid of what the outside world would say? Now that you’re trying to push such accusations onto our Yiyi, it’s really ridiculous."

Each and every word of Mrs. Lu was sharp like a needle. The First Madam was agitated deep down and as they exchanged words like that, they started arguing.

In the end, it was Eldest Master Lu and Second Master Lu who returned home and stopped them.

How could the First Madam feel good when she did not manage to achieve her goal? In addition, she had been angered by Mrs. Lu so much that her liver ached. Thus, she vented her anger and abandoned everything, and went straight back to her room to lie down.

When it was almost time for dinner, no one came to coax her.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Just then, her door was pushed open.

The First Madam thought that it was her daughter-in-law and so, she said grumpily, "Yuelan, don’t call for me. I won’t eat tonight!"

Unexpectedly, there was no response.

The First Madam found it weird and was about to turn around to take a look.

However, her eyes went dark.

Just as she was in a panic, a soothing voice suddenly sounded in her ears. "Don’t worry, you only fell asleep."

The First Madam found it weird and funny at the same time. Was this person treating her as a child?

Just then, the voice sounded again. "If you want Zi Yi to come over, it’s easy. All you have to do is just put this bottle of medicine into Patriarch Lu’s food. When the time comes, Lu Jingye and Zi Yi would have no choice but to return."

The First Madam wanted to talk, but she found herself unable to speak at all.

She got a fright deep down inside.

The voice sounded once again. "This medicine can make people obey you and if you get Patriarch Lu to eat this, he can only do whatever you ask of him."

The First Madam felt a string snapping in her mind.

Even in her dreams, she would dream of Patriarch Lu listening to her words.

At the thought of this, the First Madam shivered and she suddenly opened her eyes.

The next second, she saw the medicine that was put in front of her.

She hastily checked her surroundings to see if there was anyone.

The First Madam rolled over and took a look around. There was not a single soul in her room. She got out of bed and headed over to open the door. Even after checking the vicinity, there was still no one around.

She quickly returned to the bedroom. Looking at the bottle of medicine on her bed, her heartbeat unconsciously sped up.

"Is it really capable of making him obedient?" The First Madam walked over and held the bottle in her palm tightly and raised her lips into a smile. "If the old man takes this medicine, then wouldn’t it mean that everyone in the Lu Family would only listen to me in the future?"

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